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Camp Nou Experience Tickets – price, discounts, free entry

Camp Nou Tour Tickets

More than 30 million tourists come to Barcelona every year, and out of that close to 2 million book the Camp Nou Experience tour.

That means one in every 15 tourists visits Camp Nou and the Barcelona FC Museum.

Maybe that’s why Barcelona FC Museum in Camp Nou is the most visited Museum in the whole of Europe. More such Camp Nou facts.

If you love FC Barcelona or Barca as its also known as you must try the Camp Nou Experience tour. This is a self-guided tour of the Camp Nou stadium and its museum.

What does Camp Nou tour include

As part of the Camp Nou tour, you get to see:

– A 3D presentation on Barcelona FC and Camp Nou stadium
– The away team’s dressing room
– FC Barcelona’s chapel
– Players tunnel
– The Dugout
– Barcelona FC Museum
– Press Box at Camp Nou
– The Messi Zone

Camp Nou Experience tickets

You can either buy Camp Nou experience tickets online or you can go to Gate No. 9 at the stadium and buy them from the ticketing window.

Considering that this is the second most popular attraction in Barcelona after Sagrada Familia, the price of the ticket seems affordable. More Camp Nou facts.

However, the cost of Camp Nou tickets for stadium tour differs depending on where you buy them from.

Camp Nou tickets price online are cheaper than they are at the stadium.

Camp Nou tour tickets price at the stadium

Camp Nou Tour Ticket
When you buy the Camp Nou Experience tour tickets from the venue you get a physical ticket as shown in the pic. Just show this at the entrance, and gain entry into the Mecca of football. Image:

If you buy your Camp Nou Experience tour tickets at the stadium, you will end up paying 2.5 Euros extra for every ticket. This is the ticket handling cost, which is also known as the ‘window surcharge.’

Because of this handling charge, at the venue, the price of the ticket for an adult is 27.5 Euros. Where an adult is defined as tourists 14 years and above.

Kids between the age of 6 and 13 years, who get a 20% discount on the adults’ tickets, end up paying 22.5 Euros per head.

Children above 13 years can avail Camp Nou tickets student discount and get the reduced price of 24.5 Euros per head. But they need to carry and show their student ID cards.

Senior citizens above the age of 70 years can get their Camp Nou tour tickets at a discounted price of 22.5 Euros per head.

It is free entry for visitors who are five years and less. However, the kid’s attendant must carry a valid ID proof and age proof with them.

Anybody claiming a child, student or senior citizen discount must validate their claim at the entrance using a valid ID card.

Note: Ticket sale at the ticketing window is stopped 45 minutes before closing time.

Camp Nou tour tickets are cheaper online

Camp Nou Tour Museum

When you buy Camp Nou Experience tour tickets online, every ticket is 2.5 Euros cheaper.

The price of a single Camp Nou tour ticket for an adult comes down to 25 Euros from 27.5 Euros.

Kids between the age of 6 and 13 years end up paying only 20 Euros per head instead of 22.5 Euros.

While buying the tickets online, children above 13 years with student ID cards only pay 22 Euros as compared to 24.5 Euros at the venue.

Senior citizens above the age of 70 years get to save twice when they buy their ticket online – the senior citizen discount of 2.5 Euros and the online ticketing discount of 2.5 Euros. Thus, their tickets cost only 20 Euros.

Unfortunately, as of now differently abled don’t get Camp Nou tickets discount. However, the Barcelona FC Museum visit is adapted to the needs of the disabled. And the Club is working on making the Camp Nou Experience Tour also accessible to persons with reduced mobility.

The other major advantage of buying your Camp Nou tickets online is that you don’t have to wait in the queue at the ticketing office. Depending on the season and the time of the day, you can spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours waiting in the queue.

Buy Camp Nou Experience tickets
If you book this ticket online, you save 2.5 Euros per ticket because you don’t pay ticket handling charge. The ticket will be emailed to you.

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