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Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2018 in Paris

Valentine's day 2016 in Paris

What better city to spend your Valentine’s Day 2018 than the romantic city of Paris, France. So love birds, brace up for this Valentine’s day! Couples from across the world will be dying to spend Valentine’s Day 2018 in Paris. Paris has always been known for its beauty, art, culture and iconic monuments. It isn’t without reason that Paris is called the city of love – millions of people come here to spend romantic time with their loved ones.

This Valentine Day 2018, find yourself strolling hand-in-hand with your lover through the streets of Paris, kissing them in the shadows of Eiffel tower, and getting to know why Paris is called the city of love.

Things to do in Paris on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Agenda #1 Put a Love Padlock: Some things never go out of fashion no matter how clichéd it sounds. Putting a love padlock at Pont des l’Archevêché (Archbishops Bridge) is one of them. On this Valentine’s Day buy a padlock and, write your name on it with your valentine, lock it up to the railing and throw the keys in the river. Sometimes these small, romantic gestures mean a lot.

Valentine’s Day Agenda #2 Rent your Dream Car: Valentine’s Day is the day of make your partner feel special…very special. One sure way is taking your valentine for a drive in Rolls Royce or any other super luxury car. The beauty of Paris is that you can rent any luxury car with driver for a day or two in order to make your Valentine’s Day 2018 super romantic. Some may find it bit showy but one can’t beat the ultimate pleasure of stepping out from a sparkling new Corvette Chevrolet.

Valentine’s Day Agenda #3 See Paris from Above: Paris is an extremely beautiful city and if you really want to see something adorable you should hop onto one of the long running Ballon de Paris balloons and check out Paris from the sky. Though you can’t book/reserve an air balloon for the couple but the experience will be nothing less than romantic.

Valentine’s Day Agenda #4 Visit “I Love You: the wall”: Situated in the romantic garden at Square Jean Rictus Place, I Love You wall is not an ordinary wall. This wall has written “I Love You” Over it in more than 311 languages and dialects. Go to this wall to check or show off your language skills…it will be fun and Valentine’s Day is all about having fun all day with your valentine. Isn’t it?

Valentine’s Day Agenda #5 Romantic Picnic: One more romantic thing that you guys could do while celebrating your lovely Valentine’s Day 2018 in Paris is going for picnic or just for a stroll in one of many beautiful parks in Paris. This romantic idea is more suitable for people who are yet to be couples or couples who are not sure about when to take the next step in their relationship. A romantic picnic will help you in open up in front of each other.

Valentine’s Day Agenda #6 Opera Garnier: Going out for a night show has always been a very romantic way to spend the Valentine’s Day evening and nothing beats Opera Garnier in this matter. Opera Garnier is one of the most beautiful buildings of Paris. So it’s kind of double treat for the couples, they will get to see a high-class performance in one of the most iconic buildings of the city.

Valentine’s Day Agenda #7 Cabaret at Crazy Horse: This place is perfect for all the showbiz couples out there. Who love moves and grooves in a performance and want to spend their Valentine’s Day 2018 evening watching something while they hold hands. Cabaret performance in Crazy Horse is full of glamour, sensation and beauty. The stage and the performance will blow your mind.

Valentine’s Day Agenda #8 Couple Massage: After spending almost a week in planning and making it happen on Valentine’s Day 2018 you deserve a message and spa treatment. There are a lot of nice places in Paris where you could get a relaxing couple message.

Valentine’s Day Agenda #9 Valentine’s Day Dinner Cruise: If you really want to make your valentine to consider herself the luckiest girl alive on the earth then you could treat her with a dinner cruise on the River Seine. There are some very classy dinner cruises in Paris. Book for two in advance and enjoy delicious gourmet dinner while cruising along the River Seine and admire the beauty of magnificently lit Paris city.

Valentine’s Day Agenda #10 Sleep Under the Stars: After spending Valentine’s Day in sheer romance all you need is a romantic night. To have such a night you could head for an open hotel Les Piaules, which offers a double bedroom under the stars with spectacular view of Paris. Believe me there can be no better way to end your Valentine’s Day and there could be no better way to make out on in the year 2018.

Most Romantic Hotels in Paris

If you are visiting Paris to celebrate your Valentine’s Day 2018 and you are planning to stay there for two-three days you surely need a place to stay. Being the city of love, Paris has no shortage of romantic hotels. Here is the list of some of the finest romantic hotels in Paris for all budgets. Choose whatever you think is best for you and will make your Valentine’s Day in Paris a lot more romantic.

Romantic Hotel #1 Maison Souquet, Paris: For a truly luxury and glamorous stay in Paris you need to stay in Maison Souquet. Big, lavish rooms, bar and staff are just extraordinary who will treat you like royalty.
Address: 10 Rue de Bruxelles, 75009 Paris, France
Rating: 5

Romantic Hotel #2 Le Bristol Paris, Paris: Gorgeous rooms and suites, world class cuisine and exceptional cocktails. You will get everything at Le Bristol Paris, which is one of the best luxury hotels in Paris.
Address: 112 rue du Faubourg Saint Honore | 8th Arr., 75008 Paris, France
Rating: 5

Romantic Hotel #3 Hotel La Tamise, Paris: This is a great boutique hotel with all five star amenities and luxury. Service is exceptionally good here.
Address: 4 Rue d’Alger | 1st Arr., 75001 Paris, France
Rating: 5

Romantic Hotel #4 Hotel de Crillon, Paris: Great building, awesome and friendly staff, cozy and spacious rooms. Everything is available at Hotel de Crillon…of course you will have to bring your own spouse. This can be just the perfect place to stay in Paris.
Address: 08 Arrondissement; 10 Place de la Concorde, 75008 Paris, France
Rating: 4.5

Romantic Hotel #5 Ritz Paris, Paris: Located at very gorgeous location, this hotel can be a very nice choice to stay in Paris on Valentine’s Day 2018.
Address: 15, place Vendome, 75001 Paris, France
Rating: 4

Most Romantic Restaurants in Paris

Paris is the place where people really know how to eat. They focus not only on the cooking but on the presentation as well. There are plenty of classy restaurants in Paris where you can go out for fine dining on Valentine’s Day 2018. On Valentine’s Day all the places will be full so make sure to book your place in advance.

Romantic Restaurant #1 Verjus, Paris: One of the top notch restaurants of Paris, Verjus is famous for its exotic food and ambience. Take your sweetie out for the dinner and give her (or him) the best time of their life on Valentine’s Day.
Address: 52 rue de Richelieu, 1e Paris
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7pm-11pm

Romantic Restaurant #2 La Tour d’Argent, Paris: This romantic restaurant serves top 50 dishes in Paris including duck with cherry sauce and many more delicious dishes.
Address: 15 quai de la Tournelle 5e Paris
Opening hours: noon-1pm, 7-9pm Tue-Sat

Romantic Restaurant #3: Le Sergent Recruteur, Paris: Sophisticated and romantic…these two words are enough to describe this restaurant. Gorgeous interior, fabulous ambience and very attentive staff make it one of the best places to dine out on Valentine’s Day.
Address: 41 rue Saint-Louis-en-l’Ile 4e Paris
Opening hours: Tue-Sat, 12mid-2pm, 7pm-10pm

Romantic Restaurant #4 Passage 53, Paris: If you have a deep pockets, this place is for you. Slightly expensive but worth every penny spent. You must check out this restaurant on Valentine’s Day.
Address: 53 passage des Panoramas 9e Paris
Opening hours: Tue-Sat lunch and dinner

Romantic Restaurant #5 Benoit, Paris: When you step in Benoit you’ll feel like you have reached the golden age of Parisian dinning…it’s that classy. Give your fair lady a taste of royalty and take her out for dinner in Benoit this Valentine’s Day.
Address: 20 Rue Saint-Martin, 4e Paris
Opening hours: Daily 12noon-2pm, 7.30pm-10pm

Most romantic places to propose in Paris

If you want to pop up the big question on this Valentine’s Day (while you are in Paris) consider these places:

• Pont des Arts, one of the most beautiful bridges in Paris
• Passage Vivienne, one of the most beautiful covered galleries in Paris
• You can rent a river boat and propose her on the River Seine
• In front of the Eiffel tower, it never goes out of fashion

Most romantic place to kiss in Paris

Paris is the place where you can kiss your valentine wherever you want and no body turns their head. The most romantic place to kiss in Paris on Valentine’s Day is in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower.

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