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Valentine’s Day 2024 in New Orleans – Romantic things to do

If you love fairy tale romance and believe in it, you will love celebrating Valentine’s Day 2024 in New Orleans.

Hometown of jazz and home to some of the most romantic places in the USA, New Orleans is one of the most romantic cities globally.

No wonder folks like you want to spend 14 February 2024 in the city known for a local saying, “Every day is Valentine’s Day in New Orleans.”

If you love your partner (and we don’t doubt that!), you will love to give them all New Orleans’s surprises for young romantic couples.

Check out our suggestion for the most romantic itinerary in New Orleans for Valentine’s Day.

Plan ahead because many loved couples will head to New Orleans for their Valentine’s Day celebration.

Romantic things to do in New Orleans

New Orleans wears the proud title of “One of the most romantic cities in the world,” so there are plenty of romantic things for young couples to do.

All you must do is bring your partner along.

Hold hands at the City Park

Valentine's day at City park New Orleans
Image: Wikipedia.org

City Park is one of New Orleans’ green diamonds, three miles long and one mile wide.

It is larger than Central Park in New York.

Line after line of oaks, planned waterways, bridges, lush green lawns, and museums make it one of the must-visit places in New Orleans.

If you and your partner are interested in art and nature, you will love a stroll in City Park on 14 February 2024.

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Get romantic at Jackson Square

Valentine's Day at Jackson Square New Orleans
Image: Wikipedia.org

Heart of the French Quarter, Jackson Square is a must-see in New Orleans.

Free music, fortune tellers, and many more activities make it a lively place for celebrations of all kinds.

You will see many sketch artists at the Square, and it’s pretty romantic to have a sketch of you two together in one frame.

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Take cooking classes together

During a fun and educational New Orleans cooking demonstration class, get the entire Louisiana eating experience.

Sit in a renovated 19th-century molasses warehouse with fellow foodies and prepare to learn and consume.

Learn the fundamentals of making famous Creole foods like gumbo, jambalaya, and pralines from a dynamic local cook.

Then, tuck into delectable samples with a local beer or a refreshing iced tea.

If you prefer the Chef to focus more on you while teaching you New Orleanian cuisine, check out the small-group, 3-hour cooking class.

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Stroll around in the French Quarter

Valentine's day stroll on French Quarter, New Orleans
The French Quarter of New Orleans is as lively and cheerful as the people of New Orleans. Besides, this area has the best pubs and bars in New Orleans. F11photo / Shutterstock.com

The French Quarter is one of the most prominent landmarks of New Orleans.

This picturesque place has art galleries, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, shops, and museums.

You can go here with your partner for shopping, dining, or just a stroll – you will surely find it charming all day.

The French Quarter is so fantastic that you won’t mind spending Valentine’s Day here.

No wonder “A Streetcar Named Desire,” written by Tennessee Williams, is set in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

French Quarter tours Cost
Walking Food Tour of the French Quarter $77
French Quarter & Marigny Carriage Ride $72
Small-Group French Quarter Food Tour $81
Cocktail History Tour in French Quarter $77
French Quarter and Garden District Bike Tour $56
French Quarter Cocktail and Foodie Crawl $118
New Orleans French Quarter Photo Shoot $61

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Hop onto a Streetcar in New Orleans

Valentine's Day in New Orleans Streetcars
Streetcars in New Orleans are a romantic getaway. Image: Bestneworleanshotels.com

Buy a ticket for less than two dollars and enter the world’s oldest street railway system.

For decades, lovers have held hands and sat together in these colorful streetcars to explore the most romantic city in the world.

And if you are lucky, the streetcar operator will act as an informal tour guide, pointing out important landmarks.

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Book a cruise on Mississippi

Steamboat Natchez cruise is one of the most romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day 2024 in New Orleans.

This cruise departs from the French Quarter and will charm you and your lover with its romantic atmosphere.

You can choose from many cruise options to savor the romance while cruising along the Mississippi River. We recommend the one with live jazz and a buffet dinner.

Cruises Cost
Only Sightseeing Cruise $43
Cruise with Brunch $43
Cruise with Jazz & Regular Dinner $56
Jazz Cruise with Dinner & Open Bar $178
Evening Cruise with Jazz $55

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Get Spooky on the Haunted Tour

Experience the perfect blend of romance and mystery this Valentine’s Day with a French Quarter Haunted Walking Tour in New Orleans.

As you and your husband or wife wander the historic streets, you’ll learn about the city’s ghostly history and hear chilling stories from the guide.

See famous haunted places like LaLaurie Mansion and St. Germaine House while uncovering the real-life inspiration behind Kathy Bates’ character from American Horror Story: Coven.

It’s a thrilling adventure to do together on a special day.

Roam around aimlessly with your love

Take a hop-on, hop-off bus tour of New Orleans that highlights centuries of history. 

Depending on how long you want to stretch your Valentine’s Day week, you can choose from 1-day or 3-day tickets.

This tour is ideal for spending time with your loved one because of the flexibility – you decide when you board and when to get off.

Here are three more ways to explore the city –

Tours Cost
Three Hour City Tour of New Orleans $41
New Orleans Helicopter Tour $113
VIP Helicopter Tour of New Orleans $202

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Go on an Airboat swamp adventure

Nothing compares to spending time with the person you love on this 4-hour adventure trip on an airboat.

Gliding past protected swamps, marshes, and rivers outside New Orleans, you will also get many selfie opportunities.

Besides seeing many gators, birds, and critters, you will also see the albino alligator during your Airboat adventure.

A visit to the fishing community of 19th-century French pirate Jean Lafitte is also included in this trip.

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Visit the National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans stands as a living testament to the bravery and sacrifice of those who served in World War II.

This remarkable institution offers a captivating journey through one of the most pivotal moments in history.

With immersive exhibits, authentic artifacts, and powerful narratives, visitors are transported back in time to experience the war’s impact on the home front and the battlefield.

This museum is a must-visit destination for you and your partner if you both are interested in history.

Most romantic restaurants

Visit Cafe Du Monde on Valentines Day
This Valentine’s Day, have a breakfast of coffee and beignets at the famous and iconic Cafe Du Monde, in the French Quarter. Page Light Studios / Shutterstock.com

Valentine’s Day 2024 in New Orleans will be incomplete without savoring the fantastic food in one of the city’s most romantic restaurants.

Visit any of these romantic restaurants and spice up your love.

Commander’s Palace

Since 1880, Commander’s Palace has been New Orleans’ proud landmark.

Its exotic food has won many awards over the centuries.

Situated at 1403 Washington Avenue in the Garden District, Commander’s Palace is a great place to start or end your romantic adventure on Valentine’s Day 2024 in New Orleans.


At 813 Bienville St, New Orleans, Arnaud’s is a classic upscale restaurant & lounge featuring Creole cuisine, cocktails & Dixieland jazz since 1918.

Located steps off of Bourbon Street in the heart of the French Quarter, Arnaud’s offers exemplary service

There is no better way to dine on Valentine’s Day.

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Romantic hotels

Romantic walk around Jackson Square, New Orleans
New Orleans looks like an episode from a fairy tale. This Valentine’s Day, visit Saint Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square, then head out to numerous hotels nearby. F11photo / Shutterstock.com

Only roaming around is not enough; one must need a place to stay, and it must be romantic enough for a Valentine’s Day celebration.

Here is a list of a few romantic hotels for couples who love to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style.

Hotel Le Marais

Situated at 717 Conti Street, New Orleans, Hotel Le Maris is one of the most romantic hotels in New Orleans, with all the world-class amenities.

The hotel’s quiet and comfortable ambiance makes it one of the best stay choices in New Orleans on Valentine’s Day.

Hotel Monteleone

Hotel Monteleone is exquisite and classy, just one block from Bourbon Street.

This romantic hotel can be one of the excellent places to stay with your Valentine in New Orleans on Valentine’s Day.

Hotel Grenoble House

Situated at 323 Dauphine Street, New Orleans, Grenoble House is a cozy hotel with helpful and welcoming staff.

Food is also delicious here; you will love spending Valentine’s Day here, if not the week.

Hotel Mazarin

Hotel Mazarin is a lovely hotel with a gorgeous interior. Once you are here, you will never want to leave this place. That’s how excellent this place is.

It is also known as one of the best hotels in the French Quarter.

Mazarin’s warm and cozy ambiance makes it one of the most romantic hotels in New Orleans.

Hotel Q&C

Hotel Q&C is a beautiful New Orleans hotel just outside the French Quarter.

People who have been there remember this hotel for its helpful and excellent staff and classy interior.

Hotel Q&C is a superb choice for a Valentine’s Day stay in New Orleans.

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Romantic pubs

Food and pub culture is quite hip in New Orleans.

People here don’t drink to get drunk. They drink because it’s their culture.

Check out some of the most romantic pubs in the city and become a fan of New Orleans’ drinking culture.

If you are into pub crawling, check out this haunted pub crawl.

French 75 Bar

French 75 bar is a fantastic place to get dressed and savor a drink or two with your husband or wife (or boyfriend or girlfriend!). 

Don’t forget to try their cocktails. French 75 is one of the oldest bars in New Orleans – it was first custom-built in the late 1800s.

The Bombay Club

A very classy and elegant place, the Bombay Club is the hotel bar for the Prince Conti Hotel.

Make sure you look good before stepping into this pub with your Valentine.

Bar Tonique

Located at the relatively quiet end of the French Quarter, Bar Tonquie is one of the best places to savor the best drinks.

The variety of cocktails is quite impressive.

The Chart Room

If you are the kind of couple who loves crowds, noise, and fun, then The Chart Room is the perfect place.

Erin Rose

Erin Rose will not burn a hole in your pocket while you are celebrating Valentine’s Day in New Orleans.

If you visit Erin Rose, do try out their Irish coffee.

So, how do you and your love plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2024 in New Orleans? 

Plan before your options run out – it is another way to show that you care. 

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