Valentine’s Day 2021 in New Orleans – Romantic things to do

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If you love fairy tale romance and believe in it, you will love celebrating Valentine’s Day 2021 in New Orleans.

Hometown of jazz and home to some of the most romantic places in USA, New Orleans is one of the most romantic cities in the world.

No wonder folks like want to spend February 14, 2021 in the city of New Orleans.

This American city so romantic that there is a local saying, “Every day is Valentine’s Day in New Orleans.”

This city so mesmerizing that it looks and feels as if you have stepped into fiction land.

If you love your partner (and we don’t doubt that at all!), you will love to give him or her all the surprises New Orleans has for young romantic couples.

Plan something early – for a lot of people in love will be heading to this city for Valentine’s Day in 2021.

Check out our suggestion for the most romantic itinerary in New Orleans for Valentine’s Day.

Do plan ahead for a lot of romantic couples will be heading to New Orleans for their Valentine’s day celebration.

Note: Some of the activities we have recommended below may not be available due to the Covid pandemic.

Romantic things to do in New Orleans on Valentine’s Day

New Orleans wears the proud title of “One of the most romantic cities of world” so there are plenty of romantic things to do for young couples.

All you have is bring your partner along.

1. Visit City Park, New Orleans

Three miles long and one mile wide, City Park is one of the New Orleans’ green diamonds.

Line after line of live oaks, planned waterways, bridges, lush green lawns and museums make it one of the must do thing in New Orleans.

If you and partner are interested in art and nature you will love a stroll on Valentine’s Day in City Park which is larger than Central Park, New York.

2. Visit Jackson Square, New Orleans

Heart of the French Quarter, Jackson Square is a must-see thing in New Orleans.

Free music, fortune tellers, and many more activities make it a lively place for celebration of any kind.

You will see a lot of sketch artists in at the Square and it’s quite romantic to do on Valentine’s Day to have a sketch of you two together in one frame.

3. Go on an Airboat swamp adventure

Nothing compares to spending time with the person you love on this 4 hours adventure trip on an airboat.

As you glide past protected swamps, marshes and rivers outside of New Orleans you will get lots of selfie opportunities too.

Besides seeing a lot of gators, birds and critters, you will also see the albino alligator as you cruise on the water.

A visit to the fishing community of 19th-century French pirate Jean Lafitte is also included in this trip.

4. Stroll around in French Quarter, New Orleans

French Quarter of New Orleans is as lively and cheerful as the people of New Orleans. Besides the best pubs and bars in New Orleans are in this area. F11photo /

French Quarter is one of the most prominent landmarks of New Orleans.

This picturesque place is filled with art galleries, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, shops and museum.

You could go here with your partner for shopping or for some awesome dinning or just for a stroll you will find it charming as ever anyway.

This is such an awesome place that you won’t mind spending your Valentine’s Day here.

5. Hop onto a Streetcar in New Orleans

Street cars in New Orleans are a romantic getaway. Image:

Buy a ticket in less than two dollars and you can get into world’s oldest street railway system.

It survived the hurricanes of 2005 and today it works with the full efficiency.

So that so in recent time it carried more than 3 million passengers a year.

6. Book a dinner cruise on Mississippi

Steamboat Natchez dinner cruise is one of the most romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day 2021 in New Orleans.

This cruise departs from French Quarter and whisk away with sheer charismatic and romantic atmosphere.

Savor the romance while cruising along the Mississippi River with live jazz and buffet dinner and count your blessings.

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Romantic restaurants in New Orleans

This Valentine’s day have a breakfast of coffee and beignets at the famous and iconic Cafe Du Monde, in the French Quarter. Page Light Studios /

Valentine’s Day 2021 in New Orleans will be incomplete without savoring the awesome food in one of the most romantic restaurants of the city.

Visit any of these romantic restaurants and spice up your love.

1. Commander’s Palace, New Orleans

Since 1880, Commander’s Palace has been New Orleans proud landmark.

Its exotic food has won many awards over centuries. Situated at 1403 Washington Avenue in the Garden District, Commander’s Palace is a great place to start or end your romantic adventure on Valentine’s Day 2021 in New Orleans.

2. Café Amelie, New Orleans

Located at 912 Royal Street in French Quarter, Café Amelie is set up in 150-year-old Princess of Monaco Courtyard.

There is something very romantic about sitting in a century-old building with your valentine and experiencing some fabulous food.

There could be no better way to dine on Valentine’s Day.

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Romantic hotels in New Orleans for Valentine’s Day couples

New Orleans looks like a chapter from fairy tales. This Valentine’s day visit Saint Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square and then head out to the numerous hotels nearby. F11photo /

Only roaming around is not enough one must need a place to stay and that place should be romantic enough for Valentine’s Day otherwise it will be no fun.

Here is list of few hotels that you should consider:

1. Hotel Le Marais, New Orleans

Situated at 717 Conti Street, New Orleans, Hotel Le Maris is one of the most romantic hotels of New Orleans with all the world-class amenities.

Hotel’s quiet and comfortable ambiance makes it one of the best choices of stay in New Orleans on Valentine’s Day.

2. Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans

Situated just one block away from Bourbon Street, hotel Monteleone is a very elegant and classy hotel.

This romantic hotel could be one of the awesome places to stay with your Valentine in New Orleans on Valentine’s Day.

3. Hotel Grenoble House, New Orleans

Situated at 323 Dauphine Street, New Orleans, Grenoble House is a cozy hotel which has very helpful and welcoming staff.

Food is also very good here and you will love staying here for your Valentine’s Day celebration in New Orleans.

4. Hotel Mazarin, New Orleans

Hotel Mazarin is a very beautiful hotel with a gorgeous interior. Once you are here you will never want to leave this place that’s how awesome this place is.

It is also known as one of the best hotels in French Quarter.

Mazrine’s warm and cozy ambiance make it one of the most romantic hotels of New Orleans and it could be a charming stay for Valentine’s Day in New Orleans.

5. Hotel Q&C, New Orleans

Hotel Q&C is an amazingly beautiful hotel of New Orleans. It is located just outside the French Quarter.

People who have been there remember this hotel for its helpful and awesome staff and classy interior.

Hotel Q&C is an awesome choice for Valentine’s Day stay in New Orleans.

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Romantic pubs in New Orleans for Valentine’s Day

Food and pub culture is quite a hip in New Orleans.

People here don’t drink to get drunk they drink because it’s their culture.

Check out these some of most romantic pubs of New Orleans and lost in New Orleans’s culture of drinking.

If you are into pub-crawling, check out this haunted pub crawl.

1. French 75 Bar, New Orleans

French 75 bar is an awesome place to get dressed in your best and savor a drink or two with your Valentine.

Don’t forget to try their cocktails. This is one of the oldest bars in New Orleans – it was first custom-built in the late 1800s.

2. The Bombay Club, New Orleans

A very classy and elegant place, Bombay Club is the hotel bar for the Prince Conti Hotel.

Make sure you look good before stepping in this pub with your valentine because…do you really want me to state the obvious?

3. Bar Tonique, New Orleans

Located at rather quite end of French Quarter, Bar Tonquie is one of the best places to savor a lot and lot of drinks.

Variety of cocktails is quite impressive.

4. The Chart Room, New Orleans

If you are kind of couple who love crowd and noise and fun, then The Chart Room is the perfect place for you.

5. Erin Rose, New Orleans

This is the place which will not burn a hole in your pocket while you are celebrating Valentine’s Day in New Orleans.

One thing you must try there is Irish coffee.

Having been said all the things about New Orleans I am sure it is going to be your destination for Valentine’s Day 2021.

Pack your bags and head towards New Orleans.

Love, Laugh and Live in this lively city where the music never stops, and where everyone knows to cook and where nobody says no to dance.

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