Natural History Museum Berlin – tickets, prices, what to expect

Natural History Museum Berlin

The Museum of Natural History in Berlin is locally known as Museum für Naturkunde. At the Museum, you immerse yourself in the natural world, follow the development of life, and discover how different forms of life evolve.  This journey of discovery starts with Alexander von Humboldt and Charles Darwin and ends with modern-day explorers of … Read more

Things to do in Budapest

Tourist attractions in Budapest

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Even though the people have lived in Budapest since time immemorial, the city itself was born in 1872 with the amalgamation of three previously independent towns—Old Buda (Óbuda), Buda, and Pest. The Hungarian capital has an illustrious history that has resulted in stunning historical sights, … Read more

Things to do in Prague

Tourist attractions in Prague

Prague is the Czech Republic’s capital and is nicknamed ‘city of a thousand spires’ because of the numerous domed churches and old towers dotting its skyline. The city has some of the world’s finest structures with splendid examples of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, and Art Nouveau architectural gems. Prague has one of the best-preserved historic … Read more

Best beer drinking festivals of Germany

Beer festivals in Germany

German beer festivals are considered the best by most beer aficionados. One can’t discuss beer festivals without mentioning Germany; a trip to Germany is incomplete without attending at least one such festival. Germany is one of the largest beer brewers, and there are brands and tastes to suit all kinds of beer lovers. It is … Read more

360 Chicago or Skydeck Chicago – which is better?

360 Chicago or Skydeck Chicago

Chicago has two world-class observation decks – 360 Chicago and Skydeck Chicago – making it difficult for a visitor to choose. Since both are excellent modern observatories, visitors are confused – from where should they see the city’s skyline? In this article, we compare 360 Chicago and Skydeck Chicago so that you can make an … Read more

Gatorland Orlando – tickets, prices, what to expect

Alligator at Gatorland Orlando

Gatorland Alligator Park in Orlando, Florida, is also known as the ‘The Alligator Capital of the World.’ The center of Gatorland Orlando is the Breeding Marsh, a natural Cypress swamp, where most of the alligators live. At this family attraction, visitors can see alligators and crocodiles of all sizes, from babies, also known as grunts, … Read more

Legoland Discovery Center Istanbul

Toddler at Legoland Discovery Center Istanbul

Legoland Discovery Center Istanbul is the ultimate Lego indoor playground for kids and adults.  The family-friendly attraction has many stations and play spaces where kids can marvel, participate and try. The attraction is aimed at children aged three to 10 years, and adults must bring a child to gain entry. This article shares everything you … Read more

Inside Sagrada Familia – interiors of Gaudi’s Barcelona Church

Inside Sagrada Familia

Some of the five million-plus tourists who visit Sagrada Familia every year go back without getting inside Gaudi’s church in Barcelona. The more thoughtful tourists go inside Sagrada Familia and enjoy the interiors of Gaudi’s masterpiece. The interior of Sagrada Familia is a stunning blend of art and architecture. Many tourists ask, “Is it worth … Read more

Medieval Times Georgia – tickets, prices, dinner menu, best seats

Medieval Times Georgia

Medieval Times Georgia is an exciting, family-friendly dinner attraction inspired by medieval times, the 11th-century, to be precise. During the two-hour experience, visitors witness authentic swords fights, jousting, and pure Spanish horses as you feast upon a four-course meal fit for the Royals. In this article, we share everything you must know before you buy … Read more

Margaret Mitchell House – tickets, prices, timings

Margaret Mitchell House

On this tour of Margaret Mitchell House, you explore the history of the Deep South and follow in the footsteps of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Margaret Mitchell who wrote ‘Gone with the Wind.’ During this three-hour private walking tour with a knowledgeable Georgian guide, you will visit the famous American author’s house. You also visit Inman … Read more