Inside Sagrada Familia – interiors of Gaudi’s Barcelona Church

Inside Sagrada Familia

Some of the five million-plus tourists who visit Sagrada Familia every year go back without getting inside Gaudi’s church in Barcelona. The more thoughtful tourists go inside Sagrada Familia and enjoy the interiors of Gaudi’s masterpiece. Many tourists ask, “Is it worth buying a ticket and going inside Sagrada Familia?” The short answer is “Yes,” … Read more

Dubai Desert Safari – tour tickets, prices, timings, activities

Desert Safari Dubai

A desert safari is an essential part of a Dubai holiday. Next to visiting Burj Khalifa, Dubai’s most popular tourist activity is going on a desert safari. Depending on which safari you opt for, there is so much to experience – Dune Bashing, Camel Riding, Quad Biking, Sand Boarding, Falconry, Henna Painting, Shisha Smoking, Belly Dancing, … Read more

Blue Man Group Chicago – tickets, prices, what to expect

Blue Man Group show in Chicago

At the Briar Street Theatre, enjoy an outstanding Blue Man Group performance, one of Chicago’s longest-running performances. The Blue Man Group Chicago is a popular multi-sensory experience everyone must see at least once in their lifetime. It is a dynamic combination of art, music, comedy, and technology, which appeals to a broad range of age … Read more

Things to do in Budapest

Tourist attractions in Budapest

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Even though the people have lived in Budapest since time immemorial, the city itself was born in 1872 with the amalgamation of three previously independent towns—Old Buda (Óbuda), Buda, and Pest. The Hungarian capital has an illustrious history that has resulted in stunning historical sights, … Read more

Picasso Museum Paris – tickets, prices, hours, what to expect

Picasso Museum in Paris

Picasso Museum in Paris showcases the paintings, drawings, engravings, and sculptures of the Spanish-born artist Pablo Picasso. Also called Musée National Picasso, the museum exhibits 400 of his best works, and paintings by other artists such as Paul Cézanne, Henri Rousseau, and Henri Matisse, which were part of Picasso’s collection. With around 5000 items on … Read more

Safe places in Asia for solo travelers on a budget

Best solo travel destinations

Wherever you go, you will find welcoming and generous people who make traveling more fun for solo travelers. Asia is no exception. Traveling alone or solo is not a taboo anymore. Some of the best places to travel in the World are in Asia. Southeast Asia in particular. Don’t shy away. Don’t wait for company, … Read more

Best all inclusive resorts and hotels in Cancun, Mexico

All inclusive resorts in Cancun

Cancun is beautiful. Cancun is hectic. If you are planning a holiday in Cancun, you are in for a lot of fun. There are breathtaking white-sand beaches, overwhelming Mayan ruins, great bars and clubs for high-energy nights, and huge shopping malls to spend all the money you can. After all, the 5 million tourists holidaying … Read more

View from One World Observatory – what to expect

Views from One World Observatory

One World Observatory is in One World Trade Center, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. One World Trade Center is 386 meters (1268 feet) tall with 104 floors, and with the spire, it reaches the height of 541 meters (1776 feet). The observatory provides incredible 360-degree views of New York City’s renowned sites, surrounding … Read more

Natural History Museum Berlin – tickets, prices, what to expect

Natural History Museum Berlin

The Museum of Natural History in Berlin is locally known as Museum für Naturkunde. At the Museum, you immerse yourself into the natural world, follow the development of life, and discover how different forms of life evolve.  This journey of discovery starts with Alexander von Humboldt and Charles Darwin and ends with modern-day explorers of … Read more

What to see at Alhambra, Granada – Palaces, Towers, Gardens

Highlights of Alhambra Castle

The Alhambra Palace in Granada is the most visited tourist attraction in Spain. Perched on top of a green plateau in the old Albaicín neighborhood, this massive AD 889 structure is the country’s best example of Islamic architecture. Alhambra is known in Arabic as Medinat al-Hamra, the ‘Red City,’ because of the color of the … Read more