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Windsor Castle Gardens – highlights, Jubilee Garden, Moat Garden, East Terrace Garden


Windsor Castle Gardens is a part of the Windsor Castle estate in Windsor, Berkshire, England. 

The gardens of Windsor Castle feature various styles and landscapes, including the famous Long Walk, a straight path extending for about three miles (4 km) from the Castle to the Copper Horse statue of King George III. 

The gardens also include the beautiful Windsor Great Park, which covers about 5,000 acres and features stunning landscapes, woodlands, and lakes.

Visitors to Windsor Castle can explore the gardens as part of their visit, enjoying the scenic views and the rich history surrounding the estate. 

The gardens are open to the public, allowing visitors to experience the grandeur of this historic royal residence.

Highlights of the Windsor Castle Gardens

Highlights of the Windsor Castle Gardens
Image: windsorgreatpark.co.uk

The gardens of Windsor Castle are renowned for their beauty and biodiversity. 

Windsor Great Park features woodlands, gardens, lakes, and open parkland, where visitors can explore the diverse flora and fauna, enjoy leisurely walks, and take in panoramic views of the estate.

The Savill Garden within Windsor Great Park is renowned for its outstanding collection of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants featuring a variety of themed gardens, including the Rose Garden, the New Zealand Garden, and the Summer Woodland Garden. 

Visitors can admire colorful flower displays like rhododendrons, azaleas, magnolias, rare plant species, and tranquil water traits in the Valley Gardens.

Within the castle grounds, formal gardens showcase classic British designs that provide a serene setting for strolls and quiet contemplation. 

You can discover historic features such as statues, monuments, and architectural elements like the Queen Mary’s Doll’s House Garden, the Garter Tower, and the Norman Gate.

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Gardens at Windsor Castle 

Windsor Castle Gardens encompass various areas within the Castle grounds and the Windsor Great Park. 

The three gardens that hold its unique style and history at the Castle are The Jubilee Garden, The Moat Garden, and The East Terrace Garden. 

The Jubilee Garden

The Jubilee Garden
Image: rct.uk

Created to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee in 2002, the Jubilee Garden is a beautifully landscaped area with floral displays, sculptures, and pathways for visitors to enjoy. 

This garden is on the site of the former castle kitchen gardens, and its layout reflects traditional English garden design principles, with symmetrical patterns and well-defined borders. 

The Jubilee Garden, adorned with sculptures, statues, and decorative elements, such as ornamental urns, stone benches, and architectural accents, add to its charm and elegance.

The garden, accessible to visitors exploring Windsor Castle and its surrounding grounds, offers a peaceful retreat within the bustling castle complex.

The Jubilee Garden at Windsor Castle is a delightful addition to the castle’s landscape, offering visitors a tranquil oasis of natural beauty and horticultural splendor amidst the historic setting of one of Britain’s most iconic royal residences. 

The Moat Garden

The Moat Garden
Image: freedfromtime.files.wordpress.com

The Moat Garden is on the south side of Windsor Castle, near the Lower Ward of the castle complex, where the original moat of the castle used to be. 

The garden is where the original medieval moat of Windsor Castle once existed, filled in during the 19th century to create additional garden space. 

Visitors can enjoy a variety of colors, fragrances, and plant species, including flowering shrubs, perennials, and seasonal blooms as they explore the garden paths,

presenting a formal layout with well-manicured lawns, neatly trimmed hedges, and colorful flower beds. 

The garden’s design reflects conventional English garden aesthetics and complements the historic architecture of the castle. 

While the original moat no longer exists, the Moat Garden may incorporate water features such as ponds, fountains, or decorative streams to evoke the atmosphere of the historic castle moat. 

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The East Terrace Garden

The East Terrace Garden
Image: rct.uk

The East Terrace Garden is on the east side of Windsor Castle, overlooking the beautiful landscape of the Home Park and the Great Park beyond.  

The garden includes broad terraces or pathways that provide panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and the castle grounds. 

These terrace walks allow visitors to explore the garden while enjoying the elegance and stunning views of the surrounding landscape. 

East Terrace Garden is adorned with various seasonal flowers and plants, carefully selected and arranged to create colorful and vibrant displays throughout the year. 

Visitors can admire the beauty of blooming flowers and lush greenery as they stroll through the garden, which has been a royal residence for over 900 years.

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