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Afternoon tea at Windsor Castle is a quintessentially British experience that offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy delicious tea, sandwiches, pastries, and cakes in the grand setting of one of the most iconic royal residences in the world. 

The Royal afternoon tea at Windsor Castle would include a selection of finely brewed teas served in elegant teapots, accompanied by a variety of finger sandwiches, scones, and an assortment of delicate pastries and cakes. 

The experience of having afternoon tea at Windsor Castle is not only about the food and drink but also about the ambiance and surroundings. 

Visitors can soak in the grandeur of the castle’s historic rooms and enjoy impeccable service in a setting fit for royalty.

History Behind the Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea at Windsor Castle
Image: castlehotelwindsor.com

Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, introduced the afternoon tea in England in 1840. 

Although dinner was scheduled for 8 pm, the Duchess felt hungry around four in the afternoon. 

She asked for a tray of tea, bread, butter, and cake to be delivered to her room during the late afternoon.

This routine soon became a habit, and she began inviting friends to join her.

Today, guests can elevate their afternoon experience with a regal afternoon tea at the Castle Hotel Windsor.

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Castle Hotel Windsor Afternoon Tea Menu

Indulge in a delightful Afternoon Tea experience at The Castle Hotel, where traditional charm meets culinary excellence. 

Guests are invited to savor a selection of fine teas, ranging from classic English Breakfast to soothing Peppermint. 

The experience unfolds with meticulously crafted finger sandwiches featuring classic fillings like ham, cheese, and strawberry jam. 

The hotel offers roast beef and horseradish wholemeal bread, smoked salmon and cream cheese, Royal Coronation chicken wrap, cheddar cheese, and tomato chutney white bread for those seeking a savory twist. 

Prepare your taste buds for the freshly baked scones served with generous dollops of British berry jam and Devonshire clotted cream. These warm, fluffy treats are perfect for your tea selection.

The pastry selection is a sight, with decadent delights like Victoria Sponge Cake, Lemon Drizzle Cake, Eclairs, Red fruit macarons, and chocolate tarts. 

Nestled in the quintessentially English lounge of The Castle Hotel, this Afternoon Tea experience is not just a meal but a journey through time and taste, where each bite tells a story of tradition and refinement. 

Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply treating yourself to a moment of indulgence, Afternoon Tea at The Castle Hotel promises an unforgettable experience.

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Dining Experience

Windsor Castle Afternoon tea
Image: castlehotelwindsor.com

The afternoon tea dining experience at Castle Hotel Windsor is a timeless tradition that celebrates the art of tea and embodies the essence of exemplary British hospitality. 

The hotel’s architecture may reflect its historic surroundings, with elegant facades and traditional design elements that harken back to its storied past. 

Guests may feel a sense of grandeur and sophistication as they step into the hotel’s lobby, adorned with classic furnishings and regal touches. 

The lounge, where afternoon tea is typically served, is adorned with classic furnishings and tasteful decor, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. 

From classic English Breakfast to aromatic Earl Grey and refreshing herbal blends, a tea suits every taste and preference. 

Each item on the menu is expertly crafted and beautifully presented, offering a feast for both the eyes and the palate. 

The attentive and professional service provided by the hotel’s staff ensures that guests feel well taken care of throughout their afternoon tea experience. 

From assisting with tea selection to replenishing plates and refilling teapots, the staff is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable dining experience. 

With its elegant setting, traditional selection of treats, and attentive service, it’s an experience for those seeking a taste of British hospitality at its finest.

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