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Windsor Castle Doll House – highlights, exhibits, condition checking


The Windsor Castle Doll House in Berkshire, England, is a miniature replica of the Windsor  Castle and serves as one of the official residences of the British Royal Family.

Architect Sir Edwin Lutyens designed the Doll House, built between 1921 and 1924 for Queen Mary, consort of King George V. 

Constructed to a meticulous 1:12 scale, Windsor Castle’s Doll House showcases the collaborative efforts of over 1,500 artisans, including renowned artists and designers of its era. 

In 2024, the Castle commemorates the centenary of Queen Mary’s Doll House, honoring a century of its existence and significance. 

Highlights of Windsor Castle Doll House

Queen Mary’s Doll House features precise attention to detail in its miniature rooms, furnishings, and decorations, replicating the grandeur of a royal residence.  

It showcases miniature versions of renowned artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and tapestries, adding to its artistic allure. 

The Doll House includes functional elements such as electricity, running water, and operational lifts, enhancing its realism and charm. 

Within the Doll House, visitors find authentic royal artifacts, including miniature crown jewels, silverware, and other regal treasures. 

The Windsor Castle Doll House’s library contains original works by prominent authors of the time, providing a glimpse into literary culture during the period. 

From the grand saloons to the servants’ quarters, each room boasts lavish interiors, showcasing different aspects of royal life and entertainment. 

Windsor Castle’s Doll House features meticulously manicured gardens and grounds with miniature landscapes, flowers, and outdoor amenities. 

As a gift to Queen Mary, the Doll’s House is a historical and cultural artifact that remains on display at Windsor Castle, where visitors can marvel at its intricacies and craftsmanship.

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Must-see exhibits at the Doll House

Queen Mary’s Doll House provides insight into the luxurious lifestyle of the Royal family. 

With the entry ticket to Windsor Castle, visitors can access many exhibits at the Doll House like the Royal Chambers, the nursery, the dining room, the saloon, the library, the kitchen, and many more.

Royal Chambers

The royal bedroom is adorned with luxurious bedding, intricate drapery, and ornate furnishings. 

A regal canopy bed is a centerpiece, surrounded by delicate bedside tables, elaborately carved wardrobes, and a vanity table with a mirror. 

Find more miniature exhibits from the Royal Chambers at Windsor Castle Doll’s House.

The Nursery

The Windsor Castle Doll House nursery presents a charming and cozy space designed for the care and comfort of royal infants and young children. 

The nursery has a beautifully crafted cradle, an elegant rocking chair, colorful blocks, dolls, and plush creatures.

A wooden toy chest brimming with an assortment of miniature toys and stuffed animals adds a playful touch to the nursery. 

The nursery is adorned with whimsical wall decorations, such as hand-painted murals, decorative mobiles, and framed nursery rhymes.

Explore more exhibits of the nursery at the Doll’s House.

Dining Room and Saloon

Queen Mary’s Doll House Dining Room was designed for grand banquets and formal gatherings. 

A long dining table has miniature silverware, fine china, and crystal glassware.

During periods when dining wasn’t taking place, the Saloon on the floor above served as the venue for formal entertaining. 

Its chairs and sofas, styled after Louis XV, featured intricate petit point embroidery.

Delve into additional displays within the dining room and saloon of the Doll’s House.

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The royal library is a sanctuary of knowledge and refinement. 

Richly upholstered chairs and mahogany bookcases filled with miniature literature, poetry, and historical text volumes line the walls. 

The room is paneled in walnut and offers an ideal gaming, writing, and reading setting. 

Library exhibits are designed in minute detail at the Windsor Castle’s Doll House.

Cellar, Kitchen, and Pantry

The kitchen in the doll’s house is a delightful representation of a culinary workspace, inviting imagination and creativity. 

The kitchen has tiny replicas of stoves, ovens, and ranges, each intricately detailed to resemble their full-sized counterparts. 

Cabinets, shelves, and pantry spaces offer storage for various miniature ingredients, cookware, and utensils, ensuring that everything is neatly organized and within reach.

Visitors can explore the showcased miniature objects at the Castle, prints and paintings, staff rooms, essentials, and the garden and garage.

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Condition checking at the Windsor Castle Doll’s House 

Condition checking at the Windsor Castle Doll House involves thoroughly examining every aspect of the miniature replica to preserve its beauty, historical value, and cultural significance for years to come.

Experts carefully examine the exterior and interior of the Doll House for any signs of damage, wear, or deterioration. 

Special attention is paid to delicate items like miniature furniture, artwork, and decorative objects. 

Functional elements such as lights, elevators, and moving parts are tested to ensure they are in working order. 

Such a proactive approach helps ensure the long-term preservation of Queen Mary’s Doll House for future generations. 

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