Tower of London – tickets, prices, hours, guided tours

The phrase “Send him to the tower” struck terror in Englishmen centuries ago.

With centuries of ghastly stories about execution and imprisonment, the Tower of London offers insights into London’s rich yet complex history.

The land and the building of The Tower of London have played many roles.

The Tower, built as a Royal residence, has been a political prison, a royal mint, a royal menagerie and most importantly, a place of execution.

Today, The Tower serves as home to the Crown Jewels of England.

In this article, we try and share everything you need to know before visiting the Tower of London. The topics covered are –

1. How to reach
2. Tower of London hours
3. Best time to visit Tower of London
4. Duration of tour
5. Tower of London tickets
6. Guided tours at the Tower
7. Combo tours
8. Audio Guide
9. Map of Tower of London
10. Visiting Tower with London Pass
11. FAQs about Tower of London

Tower of London location

The Tower of London is officially known as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London.

As the name suggests, The Tower of London is in London on the North bank of the River Thames.

The Tower is located right next to the very famous Tower Bridge.

Tower of London connectivity

The tower of London is well connected by multiple transportation systems.

Closest tube to Tower of London

The tube station or underground station nearest to the Tower of London is Tower Hill. The Tower is connected to the station with a well-constructed concrete underpass.

However, you must keep in mind that the station becomes extremely busy during the rush hours.

Nearest Overground Station

You can reach the Tower of London by taking an Overground as well. You can take the Overground up to Fenchurch Street and walk for 5 minutes.

Another way to reach the Tower of London is to take the Overground to London Bridge and enjoy a 15 minutes walk.

Bus connectivity

The Tower is also well connected by the bus routes from around the London. Bus routes 15, 42, 78, 100, RV1 will bring you to your destination.

Apart from this, the Tower of London is always a destination on the route of major sightseeing buses.

Apart from the regular mode of transportation, the Tower of London can also be reached by boat and bicycle.

The nearest river boat access point to The Tower is the Tower Pier.

While traveling to the Tower, you must remember that Tower Hill is a car-free zone. Hence, there are no parking spots available.

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Tower of London opening hours

The Tower of London opens its doors daily to the public except from 24th to 26th December and on 01 January.

Tower of London hours vary with season.

Tower hours in summer

During Summer (01 March-31 October), the Tower of London remains open for one extra hour.

Tuesday to Saturday: 9 am to 5.30 pm
Sunday to Monday: 10 am to 5.30 pm

The last entry is at 5 pm.

Tower hours in winter

During the Winter session (01 November-28 February) because of the shorter days, the visitors get one hour less to explore this London attraction.

Tuesday to Saturday: 9 am to 4.30 pm
Sunday to Monday: 10 am to 4.30 pm

During winters, the last admission into Tower of London happens at 4 pm.

Best time to visit the Tower of London

The best time to visit The Tower of London is early on a ‘dip’ day. With the weekenders filtered away, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are ‘dip’ days.

Reaching early before 9 am on a ‘dip’ day will confirm you have a relaxed trip around the fortress.

An early trip will also give you a chance to witness the Opening Ceremony at The Tower of London.

During the ceremony, you get a chance to witness the Yeoman carrying Queen’s keys accompanied by the guards.

You can also admire the Crown Jewel before the crowds arrive.

Another added advantage of planning an early visit is the splendid views the Tower of London has to offer.

Even if your visit doesn’t coincide with the best time to visit the Tower of London, we recommend you don’t take it off your itinerary. After all, Trip advisor rates Tower of London as a top ten attraction.


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Duration of Tower of London tour?

The Tower offers a unique insight into English history. Hence, there is no recommended time limit for the visit.

But, an unrushed 3-hour trip will ensure you make the most out of your visit.

However, you can also go through the site quickly in 2 hours or take an in-depth tour and spend 4 hours in The Tower.

Another way to quickly visit the Tower is with a Yeoman Warders group. Such groups begin their tour after every 30 minutes at the entrance.

These tours will not only save you time but will also help you go through the site without missing anything.

Tower of London tickets

The Tower of London permits free entry to children below the age of 4 years.

All other visitors must buy tickets to enter the London attraction.

These Tower of London tickets can also be canceled 24 hours before your planned visit.

Tower of London ticket inclusions

Your ticket to The Tower of London gives you access to all the public areas of the Tower.

The price of the tickets includes entry to the Crown Jewels display, Line of Kings display and the iconic Yeoman Warder guided tours.

You can join a Yeoman Warder guides tour at the entrance gate. These tours last 30-45 minutes and start every 30 minutes. These tours ensure that you don’t miss the complex history associated with The Tower.

With the Yeoman tour, you also get an assured entry into the St. John’s Chapel in The Tower of London.

The ticket cost also includes all the children’s activities and trails. However, a child must be accompanied by an adult.

The ticket also allows admission to the White Tower, Bloody Tower, and battlements.

London Pass

Tower of London prices

The tickets of The Tower of London have varied prices.

The cost of the tickets also depends on how and where you buy them.

For instance, you can buy a ticket online at a much cheaper price than from the ticket office.

If you buy your Tower of London tickets online, you save 15% of your ticket cost.

Adult ticket (16-59 years): 26.80 Pounds

Senior ticket (60+ years): 20.90 Pounds

Student ticket (16-26 years, with ID): 20.90 Pounds

Children ticket (5-15 years): 12.70 Pounds

*Family ticket (two adults & up to 3 kids): 68.10 Pounds

*You will find the option to book the Tower of London Family ticket, on the ticket booking page.

Buy TicketsTower of London ticket with Crown Jewels Exhibition

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Tower of London guided tours

Guided tours of the Tower of London guarantee that while walking in the corridors of the Fortress you also understand the Tower’s significance.

We highly recommend that you take a guided tour to absorb the elaborate history and stories surrounding the Tower.

All the guided tour tickets are smartphone tickets. Meaning, you don’t need to print them.

Immediately after purchase, the tickets get emailed to you and on the day of your visit, you can show the ticket on your smartphone and walk in.

1. Tower of London small group guided tour

This guided tour of the Tower of London is a unique way to enjoy your visit.

To start with, you skip the long lines at the entrance of the Tower of London and see the Crown Jewels without anybody rushing you.

You get a chance to enjoy your tour in a small group accompanied by an expert tour guide – one of the legendary Beefeater guardsmen.

The duration of this tour is 1 hour after which you can hang around in the Tower for as long as you want.

Ticket Price

Adult Ticket (15+ years): 57 Pounds

Child Ticket (4-15 years): 52 Pounds

Infant Ticket (0-3 years): Free Entry

Buy TicketsTower of London Small Group Tour with a Beefeater

2. Tower of London private guided tour

With this tour, you get a chance to explore the iconic Tower of London at your own pace. Like a King and Queen.

The 2-3-hour private tour ensures that you absorb every minor detail about the Tower of London.

From learning about the exotic animals kept in the Royal Menagerie to the secrets behind the oldest parts of the castle, this tour covers everything.

The tour also ensures that you learn about the infamous tortures and beheadings that took place at this attraction.

This private tour is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian.

On the booking page, you will find the option to book a 2-hour or a 3-hour private guided tour.

Ticket Price

2-hour tour for 2 tourists: 145 Pounds

3-hour tour for 3 tourists: 150 Pounds

Buy TicketsTower of London private guided tour

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Tower of London combo tours

Tower of London combo tours offers you a chance to experience not just the Tower but also other attractions that the city of London offers.

Experience London and its life on a walking tour, cruise down the Thames River and hop on classic Double-decker Bus around the London – do whatever you want with these combo tickets.

1. Tower of London and Tower Bridge tour

The tour helps you experience the Tower of London and Tower Bridge at the same time.

On this 3-hour guided tour, you also witness the official opening ceremony of the Tower.

This is a VIP, early access tour. That’s why with a Skip The Line ticket in hand, you will skip the queues and enter the Tower.

You also get to admire the Crown Jewels before the crowds arrive.

The live guide ensures your trip is not only about exploring the Tower of London but also learning about it.

Ticket Price

Adult Ticket (16+ years): 85 Pounds

Child Ticket (4-15 years): 74 Pounds

Infant Ticket (0-3 years): Free Entry

Buy TicketsTower of London and Tower Bridge VIP early-access tour

2. Tower of London and London walking tour

This extra-special tour offers you a one-time experience of royal landmarks on a 4-hour walking tour.

You discover special, hidden sites only known to the locals and experience London in a way regular tourists don’t.

Starting with an early visit to the Tower of London to witness the complicated and dark history of London. In the Tower of London, see the famous ‘Beefeaters’ and iconic ravens.

Not to mention the Opening Ceremony, which you witness from up close.

Later, be amused by the cruise down the River Thames towards the Buckingham Palace. At the Palace, you witness the Change of Guard ceremony.

Your guide enhances your Guard of Ceremony experience by guiding you to a prime spot and giving you a colorful commentary as the ceremony unfolds.

Ticket Price

Adult Ticket (16+ years): 74 Pounds

Child Ticket (4-15 years): 69.50 Pounds

Infant Ticket (0-3 years): Free Entry

Buy TicketsTower of London, Royal Walking Tour & Cruise tickets

3. London HOHO Bus tour + London Bridge tour

Merge the classical London Sightseeing Bus tour with discounted admission to the Tower of London.

Walk through the historic dark castle called Tower of London with a guide, to explain everything.

The guide also narrates the stories of execution and Tower’s ravens.

At the Tower, you also meet the famous ‘Beefeaters’ and see the Crown Jewels.

Once you are done with the Tower of London, go around the city on the legendary Double-decker bus. Hop on and hop off the bus as often as you wish and get the city sights in.

The special tour is also wheelchair accessible with no further charges.

Ticket Price

Adult Ticket (16+ years): 52.50 Pounds

Child Ticket (4-15 years): 25.50 Pounds

Infant Ticket (0-3 years): Free Entry

Buy TicketsLondon HOHO Bus tour and Tower of London ticket

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Tower of London with London Pass

As a tourist in London, you must know about the London Pass.

With London Pass in your hand, you get free entry to the Tower of London.

With the London Pass in hand, you skip long queues for the tickets and save yourself from the wait and stress while also saving money.

The pass gives you full access to all that the Tower offers.

Besides the Tower, this London Pass covers over 60 other attractions in and around the city of London.

If you are in the city on 3-days plus holiday, this is a must purchase.

While purchasing the London Pass, you have the option of going from a 1-day Pass to 10-day Pass.

The cost of London Pass depends on the number of days you have opted for. Check out some of the London Pass prices –

1-day London Pass

Adult Pass (16+ years): 69 Pounds

Children Pass (5-15 years): 49 Pounds

5-days London Pass

Adult Pass (16+ years): 135 Pounds

Children Pass (5-15 years): 105 Pounds

10-days London Pass

Adult Pass (16+ years): 179 Pounds

Children Pass (5-15 years): 134 Pounds

Buy TicketsLondon Pass with free entry to 60 attractions

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Tower of London audio guide

Uncover the Tower of London with the audio guide. Choose from the multiple tours present and enjoy the tour at your own personal speed.

You can select the tours that interest you the most and learn about the historical importance of the Tower.

Track down the Tower’s origin, Medieval Palace and true hair-raising stories of imprisonment and execution.

Meet the famous Yeoman Warders and listen to the mystery behind the Ravens of the Tower. Learn more about the Crown Jewels and have a look at the Line of the Kings.

Tower of London audio guide is available in English, Dutch, French. German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Once you have the Tower of London audio guide, you can choose from the tours present below –

Fortress tour

Discover the oldest history related to the Tower and learn about the priceless collection of treasures.

The tour includes the Tower’s beginnings and The Crown Jewels.

Palace Tour

Uncover the ancient royal rooms and learn about the daily life of today’s Tower residents. Also, witness the ancient ceremonies still performed today.

This tour includes the Medieval Palace and glimpses into Life at the Tower.

Prison Tour

Get a load of the true ghastly stories about some of the most famous prisoners and executions.

Learn how the Tower got its infamous image.

This audio tour includes stories about imprisonment and executions. You also learn about the Traitor’s Gate on this audio tour.

Family Tour

The family tour of the Tower familiarizes you about the story of Rocky the Raven and his friends.

You can also make use of a special feature ‘Plan your day’ to make the most out of your visit. This section helps you find out the special activities and events on the day of your visit.

Tower of London map

The Tower of London is a fortress situated in the heart of London.

The Tower is built of three “wards” or enclosures. Within every enclosure, there are many passages. Each one carries its own importance.

With the complex structure, the Tower has a long list of buildings and establishments to be seen.

It is very easy to get lost or miss out when walking through such an intricate piece of architecture.

Without a guide to accompany through the fortress, one can easily miss out on the most important parts of the Tower of London.

Hence, it is strongly advised that you carry a map of the Tower of London on your visit. Click Here for Map.

Or better still, book a guided tour of the Tower of London.

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Tower of London FAQs

Here are some questions often asked by tourists planning a visit to the Tower of London.

Why was Tower of London built?

The Tower is an intricate structure of several towers and structures. It is famous as one of the oldest prisons in the world.

The actual purpose behind the construction was to protect London, the capital of the British Empire.

However, soon enough the Tower of London became famous (or infamous) for other brutal uses.

When was the Tower of London built?

The Tower of London is a 900-year-old castle and fortress.

The foundation of the Tower was laid by the William the Conqueror around 1066 AD.

According to historian Geoffrey Parnell, the Fortress expanded for about 250 years after William the Conqueror’s time. Today, what we see is a series of buildings laid out on over 12 acres of land.

Tower of London Crown Jewels

The Jewel House situated within the Tower of London displays The Crown Jewels. The Crown Jewels is a part of Royal Collection which is still regularly used by the Queen.

The Collection includes the 800-year-old Coronation Spoon and St. Edward’s Crown.

The Crown is worn when the Monarch is crowned at the Westminster Abbey.

The Tower of London is also home to The Imperial State Crown which is actively used by The Queen.

Tower of London Crown Guards

The guards at the Tower of London are known as The Yeoman Warders. At the Tower of London, there are 12 such Yeomen Warders.

Dating back to the time, the actual responsibility of these guards was to look after the prisoners in the Tower of London.

However, today the Yeoman Warders have become tour guides at the Tower of London. Their home is the Tower itself.

These Yeoman Warders are nicknamed ‘Beefeaters’.

Tower of London Ravens

The ravens of the Tower of London are a group of at least six ravens.

The group of six ravens is kept captive at the Tower itself. These Ravens are associated with the Tower and the Crown by a superstition.

The superstition says that “if the Tower of London ravens are lost or they fly away, the Crown will fall and so will Britain with it.”

These ravens are fed by specific Raven Masters.

As of today, the Tower of London plays host to seven Ravens (six as per the superstition and one as back up).


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