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Disneyland Paris Fast Pass – where to buy, how it works

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Disneyland Paris is a magical wonderland where you would see laughter rising in the air, fun imprinted across the rides, and a wave of happiness flowing all over the park.

The popular attraction receives around 12 million tourists, making it the most visited place in Europe.

This is why long queues at the Disneyland Paris ticket counter and the rides are a regular feature.

The waiting time at rides can exceed an hour (sometimes even 90 minutes!), especially during the peak seasons.

Disneyland Paris Fast Pass is a fantastic option that helps visitors reduce the waiting period for rides and gives you some extra time to explore the park.

This article explains everything you must know before buying Disneyland Paris Fast Pass.

Disneyland Paris Fast Pass

What is Disneyland Paris Fast Pass

Whether it’s kids or adults, everyone just loves Disneyland Paris as one gets to see the Disney cartoons and other characters come alive. 

From the classic ‘It’s a small world’ to the wild ‘Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain’ ride, this theme park has rides for all age groups that promise adventure and entertainment. 

Disneyland Paris has so much to offer, but getting through long queues in front of the rides is not easy. 

However, there is one hack to make your way and jump on to the ride quickly and easily – Disneyland Paris Fast Pass, also known as Disneyland Paris Express tickets. 

Fast Pass Disneyland Paris lets you skip the queues on a number of rides to make the most out of your park visit. 

What are the Disneyland Paris Fast Pass rides?

There are eight Disneyland Paris Fastpass rides, six at Disneyland Park and two at Walt Disney Studios Park. 

At Disneyland Paris, the Fastpass rides are:

– Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, Adventureland 
– Star Wars: Hyperspace Mountain, Discoveryland
– Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Discoveryland
– Big Thunder Mountain, Frontierland 
– Peter Pan’s Flight, Fantasyland 
– Star Tours, Discoveryland

At Walt Disney Studios Park, the Fastpass rides are:

– The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
– Ratatouille: The Adventure

Rides not included in Fast Pass

The Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom Manor (unless you have the Super or Ultimate Fastpass), and Crush’s Coaster does not have Fast Pass. These are often the rides with the longest lines. 

Tickets & PassesCost
Disneyland Paris 1-Day Ticket€56
Disneyland Paris Multi-Day Entrance Ticket€142
Paris: Disneyland Paris 1-Day Flexible Ticket€105
Disneyland® Paris Express Tickets for Train and Parks€139

Still undecided? Read up everything about Disneyland Paris tickets. Find out about ticket prices, discounts, timings, etc before making the purchase.

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How can I get a Fast Pass at Disneyland Paris?

While the Disneyland Paris app is useful, it is not equipped with the Fastpass feature.

Disneyland Paris uses a paper-ticket-based Fastpass system, meaning one needs to be physically present to get the Fast Pass. 

How Express Pass works at the rides?

All rides at Disneyland Paris have a Fast Pass station beside their entrance. 

When you tap to scan your ticket, you’ll get a separate Fast Pass ticket with your allocated time slot.

The time on the ticket has a range of half an hour.

Remember that the Fast Pass stations work on a first-come, first-served basis, and one can hold one ticket at a time. 

You’d find a return window on your Fast Pass ticket, indicating when you’re eligible to request another FastPass ticket from the kiosks. 

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FAQS on Disneyland Paris Fast Pass

Disneyland Paris Fast Pass, which helps skip all the lines, is a great help for those who want to touch every corner of the park. 

Besides helping you experience everything in the park at least once, you can do a lot more with the time you save. 

This section lists some of the most common questions tourists have about this Fast Pass.

Can I have more than one Fast Pass ticket at the same time?

No, you can hold only one Fast Pass at a time.
However, it is possible to hold a Fast Pass Ticket for a Disneyland Park attraction and a Walt Disney Studios Park attraction simultaneously, but for that, you need to hop from one park to another.

Can one person collect Disneyland Fast Pass tickets for the whole group?

Yes, one person can collect the Fast Pass tickets for the entire group. 

What if I arrive late for my Disneyland Fast Pass timeslot?

If you arrive late at the ride, it depends very much on the attending Cast Member whether you’ll still be allowed to ride. 
If the attraction is very busy, your entry may be rejected, but if the footfall of visitors is low, your entry may be overlooked. 
However, whatever they decide is final and unobjectionable. 

What if I arrive early for my Disneyland Fast Pass timeslot?

You may get an early entry if you arrive a few minutes early on the ride.
However, this may not always happen, and it is at the Cast Member’s discretion whether he/she wants to allow you or not.
There is a higher possibility that you’ll be asked to wait outside the Fast Pass entrance area until your timeslot officially begins. 

What if our group ends up with tickets for different times?

The current timeslot changes every few minutes when you retrieve the Fast Pass ticket.
Since the time slot only changes by 5 minutes with each cycle, you don’t have to worry much.
So a timeslot of 11.15 am – 11.45 am will be followed by 11.20 am – 11.50 am – so your group’s tickets will only be five minutes later, and you will be able to coordinate a return at the same time.

What if I don’t get the Disneyland Fast Pass I need?

To experience the rides at Disneyland Paris, Fast Pass is not essential.
You can ride every ride most days without using Fastpass since all the rides are included in your regular Disneyland entry ticket. 

Is there anything else I can do to get more Disneyland Fast Pass tickets?

Yes, there are some paid FAST PASS options to choose from that can enhance your visit to Disneyland Paris.

– Super Fastpass 
– Ultimate Fastpass
– Disney Hotel FASTPASS

Types of Disneyland Tickets: One-day ticket, two-day ticket and multi-day ticket

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Paid Fast Pass

Super Fastpass and Ultimate Fastpass are two paid Fastpasses at Disneyland Paris. 

These Fast Passes can be purchased online or at Disneyland Paris’ hotels, the park entrances, City Hall in Disneyland Park, and Studio Services in Walt Disney Studios Park.

Since there is a limited number of Fast Passes available at the attraction, and most of them get sold out quickly, we advise you to purchase them online in advance. 

Super Fastpass 

The Super Fastpass is chargeable and grants you access to selected rides, and that too only once. 

This Fast Pass provides one-time access to three family or big thrill rides.

Family Attractions: Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Ratatouille: The Adventure

Big Thrill Attractions: Hyperspace Mountain, Phantom Manor, and Tower of Terror 

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Ultimate Fastpass

The Ultimate Fastpass is chargeable and grants access to all the rides at Disneyland Paris. 

The rides covered under this pass are –

– Big Thunder Mountain
– Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
– Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril
– Peter Pan’s Flight
– Ratatouille: The Adventure
– Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith
– Star Tours: The Adventures Continue
– Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain 
– The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

The Ultimate Fast Pass has two variants – Ultimate Fastpass One Time and Ultimate FastPass Unlimited.

The Ultimate Fastpass One Time allows you to ride once with each of the listed attractions, while the Ultimate Fast Pass Unlimited entitles you to unlimited access. 

Special Fast Pass tickets

Apart from standard free Fast Pass and paid Fast Pass, Disneyland Paris offers other amazing Fast Pass tickets with privileges and added comfort. 

Disney Hotel Fast Pass

Special Disney Paris Hotel Fastpasses are available for guests staying at Disneyland Hotel standard rooms, Disney’s Hotel New York Empire State Club rooms, Disney’s Newport Bay Club Compass Club rooms, and Disney’s Sequoia Lodge Golden Forest Club rooms.

Disney Hotel Fast Pass ticket is valid all day, per guest, and for just one trip. 

VIP Fast Pass

All guests who stay in the Castle Club or the suites in the Disneyland Hotel, in Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, in the Newport Bay Club, or in the suites of the Sequoia Lodge can avail VIP Fast Pass.

Unlike Disney Hotel Fass Pass, VIP Fast Pass provides unlimited access to all Fastpass attractions. 

Free Fast Pass or Paid Fast Pass – which one to pick?

At Disneyland Paris, the Fast Pass is free as it is a part of your entrance ticket. 

That means if you buy an entry ticket for the park, you get an added free benefit of a Fast Pass. 

If budget is not an issue and you’re ready to pour in some money for extra comfort and convenience, then we suggest you go for paid Fast Passes.

Important: Besides the Fast Pass, Disneyland Paris also has PhotoPass and Standby Pass. While the PhotoPass helps you download all photos taken at the attraction, the Standby Pass helps you manage your time better.

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Why should I use Disneyland Fast Pass?

With a Disneyland Paris Fast Pass, you can plan your trip, skip long queues and make the best use of time. 

A Fast Pass offers you convenience and comfort without compromising on fun. 

Once you have your Fast Pass, you can do other things while you wait for your time slot– you can hog onto some lip-smacking food at the Disneyland Paris restaurants or explore the park. 

When it’s your time, return to the ride and go to the designated Fast Pass line.

When do you need Express Pass?

Many locals and tourists wonder if they need to buy Disneyland Paris’ Fast Pass to enjoy their day at the park. 

The answer to that question depends on when you are visiting.

Disneyland Paris is flooded with visitors during peak summer months, weekends, and school holidays, and on these days, the Fast Pass can work like a magic ticket for you. 

The Fast Pass gets you an easy entry without making you wait for long hours. 

You don’t need the Express Pass if you visit on a weekday during the off-season months. 

Don’t leave it for the last

Some tourists consider purchasing a Fast Pass after analyzing the crowd and length of queues in front of rides. 

This strategy is not just wrong but can backfire on you, as you never know when the visitors’ footfall will begin to shoot up. 

Since only a limited number of Fast Passes are available, which get sold out quickly, it is better to buy them online. 

Top Tips 

– Grab your first Fast Pass ticket as early in the day as possible to get your next ticket sooner. 

– There’s no need to arrive early and wait for your timeslot as some guests do; you’ve got a full half-hour to return! Make the most of your time to explore!

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Disneyland Paris Express tickets

If you are keen on avoiding the lines at Disneyland Paris, another option is to buy Disneyland Paris Express tickets.

The Express tickets with Train travel lets you visit Disneyland Paris and/or Walt Disney Studios on a 1-day ticket.

You will travel from Paris by RER A train, and in just 40 minutes get dropped at the gates of the Disneyland parks.

Ticket Prices

For 1 Park

Adult Ticket (12+ years): €139
Child Ticket (3 to 11 years): €129
Infant Ticket (up to 2 years): Free

For 2 Parks

Adult Ticket (12+ years): €159
Child Ticket (3 to 11 years): €149
Infant Ticket (up to 2 years): Free

If the Express tickets are beyond your budget you can opt for the Disneyland Paris Express shuttle ticket, which start from €139 onwards.

For more Disneyland Paris packages, follow the link.

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