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Technical Museum Vienna – what to expect, tickets, prices, timings, FAQs

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We owe a lot to modern innovations, science, and technology in this time and age.

If you are curious about the evolution and journey of technology, innovations, and science, the Vienna Technical Museum is the right place.

The Vienna Technical Museum, founded in 1908, is a great place to learn about the evolution of technology and innovation. 

The museum’s exhibits are interactive and engaging, offering a unique approach to the development of modern technology.

The Technical Museum Vienna is a popular destination for families. There are numerous hands-on exhibits that are perfect for children.

This article covers everything you should know before booking tickets for the Technical Museum Vienna.

Technical Museum Vienna

What to expect 

4K Walk through Technisches Museum Wien – Vienna museum of science and technology

Explore the world of technology at Vienna Technical Museum for an extraordinary and hands-on experience. 

There’s plenty to see and do, from self-playing musical instruments to a live steam locomotive. 

Discover the origins of motion pictures and the electric drive system, and learn surprising connections between inventions. 

The museum showcases a mix of historical objects and modern technologies in a Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) setting. 

You can witness captivating demonstrations and let your children engage with interactive exhibits. Uncover a world of knowledge you never knew at Vienna Technical Museum.

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Where to book tickets 

If you are planning to visit the Vienna Technical Museum, you can book your tickets here.

You can also buy your tickets at the attraction, but it is always better to book your tickets online in advance.

We recommend online booking because they help you save time and money.

Online tickets are cheaper than the ones you get at the attraction’s ticket counter.

Do not waste your time waiting in those long annoying queues anymore!

Avoid last-minute delays and disappointments with advance online booking.

How do online tickets work? 

Go to the Technical Museum Vienna booking page, select your preferred date and number of tickets, and buy the tickets right away.

After the purchase, you will receive the tickets in your email. 

There is no requirement to bring any printouts.

You can walk in and show the ticket on your smartphone.

Ticket price

Entrance tickets for Vienna Technical Museum are priced €16 for everyone above 19 years.

Free entry for visitors under 19 years and disabled people (including their care-taker).

Reduced tickets are available for students (19 to 27) and military on-site.

Technical Museum Vienna tickets

Technical Museum Vienna tickets
Image: TechnischesMuseum.at

The Vienna Technical Museum is a captivating destination that showcases the evolution of technology through interactive exhibits and demonstrations.

Explore a diverse collection of historical objects and cutting-edge innovations, from self-playing musical instruments to steam locomotives. 

Engage in a fun and educational experience that unravels the mysteries of motion pictures, electric drives, and daily connections. 

Discover technology’s past, present, and future at this famous museum. Get access to current exhibitions with this ticket.

You can cancel this ticket one day before your visit to get a full refund. 

Rescheduling is not possible for this particular ticket.

Ticket Prices

Adult ticket (19+ years): €16
Ticket (up to 19 years): Free

Combo tickets

Combo tickets offer you access to two attractions near each other.

These tickets also come with great discounts that save you money. 

Here are some combo tickets you can buy with the Familypark entrance ticket.

Vienna Technical Museum + Tiergarten Schönbrunn

Vienna Technical Museum + Tiergarten Schönbrunn
Image: Tiqets.com

Distance: 1.9 km (1.18 miles)

Time Taken: Six minutes by car

Experience the best European wildlife at Tiergarten Schönbrunn with tickets to this UNESCO-rated zoo. 

Get close to various animals, including polar bears, giraffes, giant pandas, Siberian tigers, and koalas. 

Don’t miss the chance to explore the oldest zoo in the world, located within the historic Schönbrunn Palace complex.

Ticket cost: €41

Vienna Technical Museum + Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel

Vienna Technical Museum + Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel
Image: Tiqets.com

Distance: 8.5 km (5.28 miles)

Time Taken: 27 minutes by car

Vienna’s Giant Ferris Wheel is a must-visit attraction that offers an unforgettable experience. 

Ride on this iconic landmark, towering above the city’s skyline. You can enjoy a spectacular view of Vienna and the beautiful Danube River.

Capture the moment from the red-numbered cabins and soak in the awe-inspiring scenery.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a pro traveler, the Giant Ferris Wheel is a must-do in Vienna, providing a unique and thrilling perspective of the city.

Ticket cost: €29

Vienna Technical Museum + Familypark

Vienna Technical Museum + Familypark
Image: TechnischesMuseum.at

Distance: 63 km (39 miles)

Time Taken: One hour by car

Experience the magic of Familypark Neusiedlersee, where thrilling rides, enchanting themes, and serene landscapes await. 

From the captivating Experience Castle to the exhilarating Adventure Island, this park offers endless fun for all ages. 

Enjoy high-speed roller coasters, interactive games, and picturesque surroundings, creating unforgettable family moments. 

Ticket cost: €45

Save time & money! Buy Vienna Pass and get free admission to Vienna’s top sights including Schönbrunn Palace, Schönbrunn Zoo, Giant Ferris Wheel, Albertina Museum and many more! Enjoy unlimited travel on the hop-on hop-off sightseeing buses with the pass!

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How to reach Technical Museum Vienna

The Technical Museum’s location makes it easier to reach by public transport or on your own. Here is the information about public transportation that you need.

Address: Mariahilfer Str. 212, 1140 Wien, Austria. Get directions.

By Bus

Technical Museum Vienna is only two minutes from Penzinger Straße bus stop.

Bus: N54

Technical Museum Vienna is only five minutes from Linzer Straße, Johnstraße bus stop.

Bus: 10A

By Tram

Technical Museum Vienna is only two minutes from Penzinger Straße tram stop.

Trams: 10, 52, 60.

By Subway

Technical Museum Vienna is only ten minutes from Schönbrunn subway station.

Subway services: U4

By Car

If you’re driving by car, turn on Google Maps and get started!

For information regarding the nearest parking lot, click here.

The nearest parking garage to Technical Museum Vienna is Garage Schlossallee Schönbrunn.


The Vienna Technical Museum stays open from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday.

On Saturdays and Sundays, the place is open from 10 am to 6 pm.

How long does the tour take

How long does the Vienna Technical Museum tour take
Image: TechnischesMuseum.at

On average, visitors spend approximately two to three hours to complete the tour.

However, there are no strict restrictions to this time frame. It may vary depending on individual interests and preferences. 

Stay calm about the time. Just enjoy your day out peacefully at places like this.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the Technical Museum Vienna is early morning, i.e., 9 am when the museum opens or at the end of the day. 

Visiting the museum on weekdays is best to avoid overcrowding and appreciate the art peacefully, as it should be.


Here are some frequently asked questions by many visitors that might help you.

Where can I buy my tickets for Technical Museum Vienna?

You can buy online tickets for the Vienna Technical Museum by clicking here.

Is Technical Museum Vienna worth it?

Everyone, irrespective of age, interested in science, innovation, and technology finds the Technical Museum Vienna fascinating. It offers insights into the evolution of technology, making it a must-visit attraction.

Are there any parking places near the Technical Museum Vienna?

Yes, there are several parking options near the Museum. The nearest one is Garage Schlossallee Schönbrunn garage., which offers a discount for Museum visitors.

What are the timings of the Vienna Technical Museum?

The Museum stays open from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday.

Technical Museum Vienna stays open from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Can I take photographs inside the Museum?

Yes, photography for personal use is allowed inside the Vienna Technical Museum. However, flash photography is not encouraged at the attraction.

How much time does it take to complete the visit to the Vienna Technical Museum?

The recommended Duration for a visit to the Vienna Technical Museum is approximately two to three hours. However, it may vary depending on individual interests and engagement with the exhibits. 

Are there any dining options or cafes within the Museum?

Yes, there are dining options and restaurants available within the Museum. They offer various delicious options to suit different tastes and dietary preferences.

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