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Spanish Riding School – tickets, prices, morning exercise, performances

The Spanish Riding School is one of the oldest and most magnificent institutions to survive time.

Famous for preserving the city’s traditions through the art of horse riding, the Spanish Riding School welcomes thousands of tourists every year.

Tourists get to experience the famous Lipizzan horse acts practiced to perfection.

The Spanish Riding School offers several activities other than splendid architecture.

Spanish Riding School tickets

Spanish Riding School tickets
Spanish Riding School tickets are very much in demand, and it helps to book much in advance. Photo: Srs.at

Visiting Spanish Riding School can be an overwhelming experience for most tourists.

The World’s oldest riding school offers several ticket options, which tend to confuse visitors.

In this section, we explain the four different types of experiences these Spanish Riding School tickets provide.

Kids below three years aren’t allowed inside the Spanish Riding School.

Note: The use of cameras and recording equipment is strictly forbidden as they can scare the horses

Tickets for Morning Training

Tickets for morning Training at Spanish Riding School get you a seat close by even as Europe’s oldest breed of horses – the Lippizan – do their morning workout.

As the horse and its handler do the morning training, classical Viennese music plays in the background, making it a breathtaking experience.

If you are lucky, you may even see the horses indulge in acrobatic jumps and jump kicks.

The morning training starts at 10 am.

Ticket price

Adult ticket (19-64 years): €16
Youth ticket (6 to 18 years): €9
Student ticket (up to 25 years, valid ID card): €11
Senior ticket (65+ years): €11

*Kids three years and younger aren’t allowed to enter. If you are traveling with kids aged 4-6 years you don’t need to buy tickets for them if they can sit on the parents’ lap.

Guided tour of Spanish Riding School

If you love horses and history, you will love the guided tour of the Spanish Riding school.

An equestrian expert guide walks you through the Winter Riding School, the Summer Riding School, and the stables.

This tour of the riding school starts at 1 pm.

This is only a tour of the historic school that started way back in 1735. You don’t get to see the horses perform.

Ticket price

Adult ticket (18+ years): €21
Child ticket (6 to 17 years): €12
Student ticket (up to 27 years, valid ID card): €17
Senior ticket (65+ years): €17

Kids aged 3 to 5 years get in for free.

Spanish Riding School performances

Spanish Riding School performance is a special equestrian show put together by the graceful Lipizzaners, Europe’s oldest breed of horses.

With this ticket, you get to watch horses in all stages of training, from young, boisterous colts to majestic stallions, perform at the baroque Winter Riding School.

The duration of this performance is approximately 70 minutes.

These are ‘standing tickets’ for Spanish Riding School performances. Spectators must stand (as shown in the pic below) for the duration of the performance. However, these tickets are very much in demand, so book early.Spanish Riding School performance tickets

Ticket price

Standing room adult ticket (13+ years): €41
Second gallery ticket (13+ years): €81

Architectural tour of Spanish Riding School

The architectural tour of Spanish Riding School is a guided tour around the stables and buildings of the Vienna attraction.

During this tour, you can’t but marvel at the 450+ years old Baroque architecture.

The tour ends with stunning views of Vienna’s first district from the Spanish Riding School’s wooden attic.

The English tour starts at 1 pm, and the German tour begins at 2.30 pm.

The minimum age for this guided tour is 12 years.

Ticket price

Adult ticket (18 to 64 years): €23

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How to reach Spanish Riding School

The Spanish Riding School is located between Michaelerplatz and Josefsplatz, in Hofburg, in central Vienna.

Michaelerplatz 1, 1010 Wien, Austria, marks the official address of the Spanish Riding School. Get Directions

Its central location brings it closer to the other attractions, making it convenient and easy to fit into your schedule.

Since it is situated in the city center, there are many easy ways to reach Spanish Riding School.

By Tramway

If you opt for the Tramway, you can get down at several stops around the Spanish Riding School.

Depending on where you are starting your journey, you can get onto Tramways 1, 2, D or 62.

Tramway 1, 2 or D will drop you at the Kärtner Ring Oper stop or Burgring stop.

Tramway 62 will drop you at the Kärntner Ring Oper stop.

By Metro

Vienna’s Metro efficiently connects the whole city. It is also a great way to observe the locals go about their life.

The Metro offers you four lines to reach the Spanish Riding School; U1, U2, U3, and U4.

The U1 Line stops at the station Stephansplatz, from where the Spanish Riding School is just 700 meters (half a Mile).

The U3 Line stops at the station Herrengasse, from where the Spanish Riding School is a brisk 4-minute walk.

The U2 and U4 Lines stop at Station Karlsplatz, and from the Karlsplatz station Spanish Riding School is 1 Km (0.65 Miles) away.

By Bus

If a bus is your preferred mode of public transport, you can choose between three available routes.

Route 1A: The nearest stop to the Spanish Riding School is Herrengasse.

Route 2A: The nearest stop will be Michaelerplatz. We recommend this because the Spanish Riding School is within walking distance.

Route 3A: The nearest stop is Habsburgergasse.

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Spanish Riding School hours

Spanish Riding School is open from 10 am to 6 pm every day, except for Thursday. On Thursdays, the Vienna attraction stays open till 9 pm.

During the lean season of October to May, Spanish Riding School is closed on Mondays.

Visitor Center is open from 9 am to 4 pm all through the week.

For the latest information on the hours, you can call them at +43 1 533 90 31-0 or email them at office@srs.at. Or visit here.

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Morning exercise at Spanish Riding School

Morning Exercise at Spanish Riding School
Some moves like classical school jumps are not performed during the morning exercise, as they are only reserved for the performance acts. Srs.at

The morning exercise at the Spanish Riding School is as essential as the performance of the horses.

It comprises a light training session that displays the effort and determination that goes behind every act.

The exercises are done in the backdrop of light Vietnamese music to bring out the exotic Lippizan experience.

The focus of the morning exercise is to strengthen the muscles of the horses and ease them into different positions.

Regular morning exercises don’t put much strain on the horses, and they can easily mold into the dance.

Some moves like classical school jumps are not performed during the morning exercise, as they are only reserved for the acts.

Visitors must book tickets to watch the morning exercise.

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Best seats at Spanish Riding School

If you’re going to the Spanish Riding School to watch a performance, you need to make sure you’ve got the best view.

Though the theatre’s shape makes it easy to observe the performance from every angle, there are still some seats that offer better views.

Most people prefer the seats in the front row of the Royal Box or the front row of the Parterreloge.

There are three categories of tickets that offer the best views.

Category 1: The front row of the Royal Box Hofloge.

Category 2: The front row of the Parterreloge, the box beneath the Royal box Hofloge.

Category 3: The Upper Short Side, Obere Stirnseite.

Other than these, the seats under Category 5 also have an impeccable view.

Try to get seats near the middle as they are the most comfortable and allow you to see all the beautiful formations.

If you’re looking for the best view, try category one.

But if you’re hoping to get a closer look at the horses, you should go for Category 2.

Important: The above recommendation on the best seats was applicable when visitors watched the performances sitting down. Nowadays, all spectators stand and watch.

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Dress code at Spanish Riding School

There is no official dress code for the Spanish Riding School.

But due to the expensive crowd that ends up near the royal boxes, visitors tend to dress up a little formally.

Dresses for women and suits for men are standard at the Spanish Riding School.

If you want to blend in or don’t want to come off, you can wear a dress.

But if you’re going for entertainment and enjoying the fantastic act prepared with utmost precision, you should visit wearing something comfortable.

Avoid something that will be ruined by horsehair.

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Spanish Riding School with Vienna Pass

Spanish Riding School Performance
A still from the famed Spanish Riding School performance. Photo: Srs.at

The Vienna Pass is an excellent way to save money and time while exploring the city of Vienna.

It provides free entry not just to the Spanish Riding School but 60 of Vienna’s other attractions.

Some of the top tourist attractions where this Pass can help you gain free entry are – Schönbrunn Palace, Giant Ferris Wheel, Vienna Zoo, Albertina Museum, etc.

The best part is that you won’t even have to wait in any lines – you can walk right in.

Vienna Pass is available for one day, two days, three days and six days. The price varies accordingly.

*Visitors 19+ years old are considered adults. Kids aged 6 to 18 years need to buy the child pass. Kids 5 years and below enter for free.

1 Day Pass

Adult Ticket (19+ years): €87
Child Ticket (6 to 18 years): €45

2 Day Pass

Adult Ticket (19+ years): €123
Child Ticket (6 to 18 years): €63

3 Day Pass

Adult Ticket (19+ years): €153
Child Ticket (6 to 18 years): €77

6 Day Pass

Adult Ticket (19+ years): €189
Child Ticket (6 to 18 years): €95


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