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Legoland California – tickets, prices, timings, what to expect

Over 60 million LEGO plastic bricks make up Legoland California, popular with kids and adults.

Visitors can explore miniature Lego cities, scenes from several Star Wars movies, more than 60 rides, two water parks, and a SeaLife aquarium. 

Located in Carlsbad, to the North of San Diego county, this tourist attraction is referred to by many names – Legoland California, Legoland California Resort, Legoland California Theme Park, Legoland Park, etc. 

In addition to the rides and attractions, Legoland California offers several educational experiences and workshops where visitors can learn about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts by building and playing with Legos.

Legoland California is a popular destination for families with children and Lego enthusiasts. It offers a unique and fun-filled experience for visitors of all ages.

This article shares everything you must know before booking your Legoland California tickets. 

What to expect at Legoland California

Legoland California features a variety of rides and attractions designed with Lego themes. These include roller coasters, car rides, boat rides, and interactive attractions suitable for children of different ages.

One of the highlights of Legoland California is Miniland USA, where iconic landmarks and cities are recreated in miniature using Lego bricks. It’s a fascinating display of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The resort includes a separate water park with water slides, a lazy river, and splash areas.

Legoland California’s Sea Life Aquarium offers an underwater adventure with exhibits showcasing various marine creatures.

The park is divided into themed areas, such as Castle Hill, Imagination Zone, and Fun Town. Each area has its unique attractions and activities.

Legoland California provides live entertainment, shows, and character meet-and-greets throughout the day.

Expect plenty of opportunities for hands-on Lego building. There are interactive play areas, workshops, and even designated zones where kids can build and test their creations.

The Legoland Hotel and Legoland Castle Hotel offer immersive Lego-themed accommodations with themed rooms, entertainment, and dining options if you stay overnight.

Most visitors book the LEGOLAND California 1-Day Ticket, the cheapest and the most popular way to get into the theme park.

This ticket makes the most sense since exploring the main park is a full-day activity. 

We recommend the two-day Legoland Hopper ticket if you have time and money.

You can include the Sea Life Aquarium in your day’s itinerary for an additional cost on the booking page.

Legoland California Tickets Ticket Prices
LEGOLAND California 1-Day Ticket US$94 to US$119
Legoland California + Sea Life California 2-Day Ticket US$99

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Where to book tickets

Tickets for Legoland California are available online or at the venue box office.

Online ticket prices tend to be cheaper than tickets at the venue.

When you buy online, you can avoid the long queues at the attraction’s ticket counters.

Because the attraction sells limited tickets, they may sell out during peak days. Booking early helps avoid last-minute disappointments.

How do online tickets work

Once you purchase Legoland California Theme Park tickets, they get delivered to your email address.

There is no need to get printouts of the ticket.

You can show the e-ticket on your smartphone when you visit the attraction.

Legoland California ticket prices

The one-day Legoland California ticket costs between US$94 and US$119 for all visitors aged 2+ years. The ticket prices change based on the season (off-peak, moderate, peak, high, etc.).

The two-day Hopper ticket, which gets you access to the Legoland Theme Park and the Sea Life Aquarium, is priced between US$99 and US$134 for all visitors aged 2+ years. The ticket prices change based on the season, like one-day Legoland tickets.

Whichever ticket you hold, to access the Water Park, you must purchase a US$30 upgrade. 

The Go San Diego pass helps save up to 50% on entry fees on more than 50 of the top San Diego attractions, including LEGOLAND California. The passes are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7-day options.

Most tourists don’t know this, but the Go San Diego card is cheaper than a 1-Day LEGOLAND California ticket

Legoland California tickets

There are two types of Legoland California tickets – one-day and two-day Hopper tickets. 

Both these tickets can be canceled up to 24 hours before to receive a full refund. 

LEGOLAND California 1-Day Ticket

This ticket gets you access to Legoland California Theme Park for one whole day. 

You can enjoy more than 60 LEGO-themed rides, shows, and attractions. 

Inside LEGOLAND, you can enter a world of knights and princesses to conquer the Dragon Coaster. Kids can drive their cars at Driving School.

Remember to meet and greet the character, attend live shows, and 4D movie experiences!

All your favorites, from cheeseburgers to pizza, a wide range of sweet treats, and freshly prepared choices from tasty salads and fried chicken, are available.

Purchase your favorite LEGO® toys, LEGOLAND® California Resort apparel, and more.

Ticket Prices

Regular Ticket (2+ years): US$94 to US$119

Infants 2 years and younger do not require a ticket and can enter for free.


Besides the Legoland California Theme Park, this ticket also gets you access to the Sea Life aquarium. 

At Sea Life, visitors see many underwater creatures such as sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, etc. Don’t miss the opportunity of holding a sea star at the Touch Pool.

You can visit the whole theme park over two days, and the second visit must occur within five days of the first visit.

This ticket gets you access to the new section of LEGOLAND®, Miniland San Diego, featuring LEGO recreations of the city’s landmarks and buildings.

Enjoy all the rides, shows, and attractions, and attend educational talks and feeding demonstrations at SEA LIFE® Aquarium.

Ticket price (2+ years): US$99 to US$134 per person

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How to reach Legoland in California

Legoland California Resort is a theme park located in Carlsbad, California.

Address: One Legoland Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008, United States. Get Directions

You can reach the theme park by car or public transportation.

It is east of the I-5 Freeway, just 30 minutes north of San Diego and one hour south of Anaheim. Exiting the I-5 Freeway at Palomar Airport Road would be best.

By Bus

Board the bus number 444 or 445 and get down at Palomar Airport Rd & Armada Dr. Take a nine minute walk to the theme park.

By Train

Depending on where you are starting from, you must reach either of the three stations by boarding the Coaster train – The Oceanside Amtrak Station, Carlsbad Village Station, or Carlsbad Poinsettia Station.

Oceanside Amtrak Station is 12 km (7.5 miles) from Legoland, California, while Carlsbad Village Station is 7.25 km (4.5 miles), and Carlsbad Poinsettia Station is 5 km (3 miles).

It is best to cover this distance by cab. 

By Car

The best way to drive to the Legoland California Theme Park is to open your Google Maps and get started. 

This section will briefly overview the route you must take to the Legoland California Resort.

From San Diego North County

Take Interstate 5 South to Cannon Road, head East, turn right at LEGOLAND Drive, and follow LEGOLAND signs.

From San Diego North County Inland

Take 15 North or South to 78 West to Interstate 5 South, then take Cannon Road, head East, turn right at LEGOLAND Drive, and follow LEGOLAND signs.

From San Diego’s Coastal Area

Take Interstate 5 North to Cannon Road, head East, turn right at LEGOLAND Drive, and follow signs to Legoland.

From San Diego East County

Take 8 West to Interstate 5 North to Cannon Road, head East, turn right at LEGOLAND Drive, and follow Legoland’s signs.

From Los Angeles and Orange County

Take the 405 South / Interstate 5 South to Cannon Road, head East, turn right at LEGOLAND Drive, and follow Legoland signs.

Car Parking

Legoland Theme Park’s parking rates depend on the vehicles’ size – US$30 for cars, US$30 for motorcycles, and US$35 for motor homes.

VIP parking is available for US$35. 

Buses and bicycles can park for free. 

Accessible parking spaces are available near the Park entrance and are well-marked. 

There are numerous parking garages around the attraction.

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Legoland California opening hours

Legoland California has three parts – the Theme Park, the Water Park, and the Sea Life Aquarium, but their hours could be more consistent. 

The Legoland California Theme Park opens daily at 10 am.

The closing time keeps on changing depending on the season.

However, you can’t go wrong if you plan to reach the attraction by 10 am. 

How long does Legoland California take?

If you plan to visit only the theme park, your visit may take five to eight hours.

This allows time for riding attractions, exploring Miniland, enjoying shows, and taking breaks for meals and rest.

Depending on your time, you can explore Legoland California Theme Park over one or two days.

The LEGOLAND Resort has three attractions – the main park with the rides and other shows, the Water Park, and the SEALIFE Aquarium. 

Exploring the main theme park is a full-day activity, so if you only have a day, it is best to purchase the LEGOLAND California 1-Day Ticket.

You will need two days and a two-day Legoland Hopper ticket to check out the water park and the Sea Life aquarium.

Best time to visit Legoland California

Crowd at Legoland California
With an annual footfall of approximately 2 million visitors, Legoland California is a crowded attraction. Buying your tickets in advance helps save time, energy, and money. Image: Scrippsamg.com

 The best time to visit the theme park is when they open for the day at 10 am.

Reaching early helps you avoid crowd and enjoy your experience.

Moreover, if you want to avoid the crowd, visiting Legoland Park when the kids are in school is best. 

Purchasing LEGOLAND California tickets online helps you skip the long lines at the ticket counters, and arriving before 11 am helps avoid the park entrance queues.

It is best to start in the back of the Park. 

Legoland officials recommend you skip crowd pullers such as Safari Trek, Coastersaurus, Fairy Tale Brook, etc., and return to those rides around 3 pm. 

To avoid long lines at Legoland California’s water park, plan your visit before 11 am or after 3 pm. 

LEGOLAND California is most crowded during the summertime and the holidays.

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Legoland California theme park

LEGOLAND California Theme Park spans 128 acres and offers many exciting rides, shows, activities, and attractions.

The park has many sections, each of which has its theme. Download map (PDF, 3.1 Mb)

The different sections are – 

  • LEGO Ninjago World
  • Imagination Zone
  • Land of Adventure
  • Castle Hill
  • Pirate Shores
  • Fun Town
  • Explorer Island
  • Miniland USA
  • Sea Life Aquarium
  • LEGO Movie World

Legoland California rides

Coastersaurus at Legoland California
Coastersaurus at Legoland California. Image: Legoland.com

Legoland California has around 60 rides scattered all over the ten different sections of the Park. 

Most of these rides have age and height restrictions.

Some of the most popular rides at the park are – 

  • Adventurer’s Club
  • Beetle Bounce
  • Benny’s Playship
  • BIONICLE Blaster
  • Build Wateva You Wa’na Build
  • Captain Cranky’s Challenge
  • Cargo Ace
  • Coast Cruise
  • Coast Guard Build-A-Boat
  • Cole’s Rock Climb
  • Dig Those Dinos
  • Driving School
  • Coastersaurus
  • Dune Raiders
  • DUPLO Playtown
  • Emmet’s Flying Adventure Ride
  • Emmet’s Super Suite
  • Fun Town Police and Fire Academy
  • Hideaways
  • Jay’s Lighting Drill
  • Junior Driving School
  • Kai’s Spinners
  • Kid Power Tower
  • LEGO City Space
  • LEGO Citi: Deep Sea Adventure
  • LEGO Technic Coaster
  • Deep-Sea Adventure
  • Pirate Reef
  • The Dragon
  • Unikitty’s Disco Drop

Download the age and restrictions chart and map for the complete list of all the rides and restrictions.

The Legoland Theme Park also has numerous shows and meet and greets for younger kids. 

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Legoland Water Park California

Access to the Water Park is not part of the regular Legoland California ticket. 

You must buy the Legoland entry tickets and upgrade them once at the venue for $30, including Water Park admission.

The Legoland water park is seasonal, open every day in summer, but it remains closed depending on the weather. 

The Water Park has three parts – the LEGOLAND water park, the CHIMA water park, and the Surfer’s Cove. 

Together, they have 20 unique aquatic attractions, enthralling kids and adults alike. 

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SeaLife Aquarium

SEA LIFE aquarium at Legoland California is an interactive way to learn about sea life. 

Besides the close encounters with sea creatures such as sharks, octopus rays, etc., one can also listen to educational talks.

Don’t miss the new exhibit, ‘Sea at Night,’ a simulated bioluminescent tide. 

Visitors can stroll in the gentle surf under a starry sky – during the day.

You can purchase the 2-day Legoland ticket, which includes entry to Sea Life aquarium, or buy the 1-day Legoland California ticket and upgrade at the venue for US$25.

This Carlsbad attraction has two hotels – the Legoland Resort Hotel and the Legoland Castle Hotel. Both of them have 250 rooms each. If you plan to purchase the 2-day Legoland California ticket, it is better to stay inside the resort.

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FAQs about Legoland California

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Legoland California:

What is the best age to take a trip to Legoland in California?

The Park is made for children between the ages of two and 12. However, Lego fans of all ages can enjoy the Park! There are so many exciting things to do at LEGOLAND that everyone can appreciate!

Do I need to book tickets to enter the Legoland California Theme Park?

All guests are required to make advanced reservations to visit the Legoland California Theme Park. You can either book 1-day Legoland California ticket or 2-day Legoland ticket.

How can I get the information about the ride time, restaurants, etc?

You can download the app to access ride times, show times, shopping, dining information, and more! Please enable Bluetooth and location settings to receive news, deals, and updates during your visit.

Can I bring my food and drink to the theme park?

Water, small snacks, and items required for medical, religious, or specific dietary purposes are permitted.

What are the items that are prohibited?

Legoland California has many policies and procedures that make the Resort a safe place for the guests and staff; all Guests are subject to bag checks before entry.

List of prohibited items:

No weapons of any kind
Marijuana, alcohol, or any illegal substances
Food or beverages (water, small snacks, and items required for medical or specific dietary purposes are permitted)
No glass containers (baby food containers are permitted)
Coolers larger than 12″ W and 10″ H (coolers with wheels not permitted). Backpacks, Carts, and Similar Items with wheels
Segways, rollerblades, scooters, hoverboards, wheeled shoes, and skateboards
Folding chairs
No Bluetooth Speakers

Is there any baggage storage facility at the theme park?

Only Guests of the LEGOLAND Hotel or Castle Hotel may store their luggage at the Hotel where they are guests while they visit the Park. The Park does not have accommodations to store luggage, so please plan your visit accordingly.

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