thirteen things to keep in mind when Visiting  legoland california

Duration required

Legoland California has three parts – the Theme Park, the Water Park, and the Sea Life Aquarium. Visitors explore Legoland California over one or two days, depending on their time.

Best time to visit

LEGOLAND California is most crowded during the summer and holidays; arriving before 11 am can avoid the entrance queues. Plan your visit before 11 am or after 3 pm to avoid long lines at the water park.

Water Park

Access to the Water Park is separate from the regular ticket and must be upgraded to include Water Park admission.  The water park is open every day in summer but remains closed depending on the weather.

Legoland app

The Legoland app is a great way to stay updated on the park's attractions, wait times, and show schedules. You can also use it to navigate the park and find your way around.

Cashless Resort

LEGOLAND California only accepts credit or debit cards and offers three Cash-to-Card Kiosks where you can turn cash into a prepaid card that can be used as a VISA card.

Beat the heat

Legoland California, can get quite hot, so bring sunscreen and water to keep yourself hydrated and protected from the sun.

Events & shows

Legoland California offers various live shows and entertainment schedules. Check the programs to include an event on your visit to the park.

Take a break

There are several restaurants, and food stands inside the theme park with different varieties of cuisine. We recommend taking a break and refueling your energy with a drink or food.

Book in advance

Booking the Legoland California tickets online in advance saves time and energy by skipping the long lines at the ticket counter.

1-Day Ticket

This ticket gets access to Legoland California Theme Park for one day with more than 60 LEGO-themed rides, shows, and attractions.

2-Day Ticket

Besides the Legoland California Theme Park, this ticket also gets access to the Sea Life aquarium. Visit the theme park over two days, and the second visit must occur within five days of the first visit.