thirteen things to keep in mind when Visiting  fly linq zipline

Zipline length

Fly Linq Zipline in Las Vegas is 342 meters (1121 feet) long, and the ride takes approximately 35 to 45 seconds.

Zipline speed

During the 45-second long ride, riders of Fly Linq Zipline hit average speeds of up to 56 kph (35 mph).

Weight limit

Riders must be a minimum weight of 27 Kg (60 lbs) and a maximum weight of 136 Kg (300 lbs) to slide down the Fly Linq Zipline in Vegas.

Height limit

Riders must be a minimum height of 1 meter (3 feet 3 inches) and a maximum height of 2 meters (six feet 8 inches) to slide down the Fly Linq Zipline in Vegas.

Age limit

All kids taller than 1 meter (3 feet 3 inches) and heavier than 27 Kg (60 lbs) can go on the zipline. Yet, kids aged 12 years or under must be accompanied by a rider at least 13 or older.

Night ride

For an even more thrilling experience, consider taking the zipline at night when the Las Vegas Strip is illuminated with lights.

Wear appropriate dress

It is an open-air experience, and you will be high up in the air with many tourists below, so it is better to wear appropriate clothing and must wear footwear at all times.

Secure your belongings

Your loose articles, such as sunglasses, hats, and jewelry, will be in a bag and strapped to you on the zipline.


Fly Linq Zipline offers breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip, so bring your camera or smartphone to capture the experience.

Timed ticket

Fly Linq Zipline tickets are timed, and you can select your preferred time of visit on the ticket booking page. And you must present an ID matching your ticket's name at the entrance.

Book in advance

Book tickets in advance to avoid last-minute disappointment and save time and energy by skipping the lines at the ticket counter.

Standard tickets

These Fast Track Fly Linq Zipline tickets help you skip the lines and soar 114 feet above Las Vegas.