Louvre Museum entrance – fee to enter, how to get in without waiting

Pyramid entrance at Louvre

With more than 25,000 tourists visiting Louvre Museum daily, long queues are the norm. More so in the months of June, July and August – the peak tourist season in Paris.

When you visit Musee Du Louvre, there are two lines you wait in. The first line is the security check and the second is at the ticket counter to buy your tickets.

The waiting time in these lines is anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours on bad days.

It is because of this long waiting time that many tourists want to know the best Louvre Museum entrance.

They want to know which Louvre access has the shortest waiting period.

Here is our short answer to the question, “Which is the best Louvre Museum entrance?”

Answer: As long as you have bought Skip the Line Louvre tickets, it doesn’t matter which Louvre entrance you use.

For the long answer detailing all the Louvre Museum entrances, continue reading.

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Entrances of Louvre Museum


Grand Louvre has four entrances which serve different purposes.

They are the Pyramid entrance, the Porte des Lions entrance, the Carrousel entrance, and the Porte de Richelieu entrance.

1. Louvre Pyramid Entrance

This is the main entrance to Louvre. It is also known as Le Pyramide entrance.

This 21-meters high glass pyramid makes for great photographs so most tourists prefer to enter from here.

This pyramid was built by architect IM Pei.

Pei chose glass because he wanted it to be least intrusive and also wanted the light to enter the foyer below.

2. Louvre Carrousel Entrance

If you are reaching the Museum by Metro, this passage is your best choice.

Note: On Line 1 and 7, the Metro stop for Louvre Museum is ‘Palais Royale-Musee du Louvre’ 

The Carrousel du Louvre is an underground shopping complex situated next to The Louvre.

The -2 floor of this shopping complex, has an entrance to the Louvre.

Once you have taken two sets of escalators to go down to the -2 floor, walk past the line of underground shops, and you will spot the inverted pyramid.

Inverted Pyramid at Carrousel Entrance
Image: Dany13 at Flickr

Look around and you can’t miss the Carrousel entrance to Lovre.

Interestingly, this doorway also leads to the same part of Louvre Museum as the Pyramid entrance.

3. Porte De Richelieu entrance

If you are on a group tour or hold an annual membership pass to the Louvre Museum you can use the Porte De Richelieu entrance.

As an individual ticket holder or a group of family members or friends, you can’t use this entry.

This entrance is between the Louvre courtyard (area with the glass pyramid) and Rue de Rivoli street.

4. Porte des Lions Entrance

During your research on Louvre Museum entrances, you may have come across many visitors suggesting Porte des Lions.

Till about mid-2016, this access to Louvre was a great way to beat the crowd. However, now it is closed.

Paris being Paris, this may open again.

If you want to check this entryway, it shouldn’t take you long because it is very near the Pyramid entrance.

Look for the first set of Lions (closest to the glass Pyramid) that mark the entrance to the museum.

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Louvre Museum entrance fee

Whichever Musee du Louvre entrance you choose, you will need an entry ticket. Buy Louvre Museum tickets

The Louvre Museum entrance fee depends on the option you choose.

Option 1: You reach the Louvre without tickets and buy them at the price of 15 Euros per person at the Louvre Museum itself.

This option has a waiting period of 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the time of the day and season.

Option 2: You buy online tickets to the Louvre Museum much before your visit. These smart tickets may be costlier at 18 Euros per head, but you get to skip the line completely.

Note: There is no entrance fee for kids under the age of 18 and EU citizens below the age of 26 years.

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How Louvre’s ‘Skip the Line’ tickets work

Whichever Louvre entrance you walk in from, Skip the line tickets cut down your waiting time drastically.

Let us explain what happens when you decide to buy the tickets at the Museum and when you buy Skip the Line tickets online and then visit Louvre.

When you DON’T HAVE Skip the Line tickets

You must have seen long lines in front of the Glass Pyramid in Louvre.

These lines are NOT for buying the ticket but for security screening.

When you haven’t already bought Skip the Line Louvre tickets, you join this line at the end and wait your turn for the security check.

During peak season, these lines wind all along the Louvre courtyard and the waiting time can even go up to 3 hours.

This waiting period is out in the sun.

Once you clear the security, you are inside the air-conditioned glass pyramid.

Now you have to stand in line at the ticketing counter to buy your Museum ticket. Thankfully, this second line moves fast.

Once you have paid the entrance fee and bought your tickets you can enter the museum.

When you HAVE Skip the Line tickets

When you have already bought tickets online, the best Louvre Museum entrance for you is the access through the glass Pyramid.

This is how it works –

When you reach the Grand Louvre, you will see long lines in front of the Pyramid entrance. Don’t worry.

Crowd at Pyramid entrance
You see the massive crowd waiting to get into Louvre? With a Skip The Line ticket, you can avoid standing in this line…and walk right in! Image:

Ignore the long line and walk straight to the guard at the front of the Pyramid entrance. Look for the sign ‘visitors with tickets.’ In French, this sign should read ‘Avec Billet.’

The guard will check your Louvre ticket and merge you into the security check line inside the glass pyramid.

Thus, you avoid the long line waiting outside of the glass pyramid.

Once your security check is done, you can walk right into the Museum. Since you already have a ticket, you don’t need to wait at the ticketing counter.

Depending on the time of the day and season (June, July, and August are the tourist months in France), buying an online ticket will save you anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Being smartphone tickets you don’t have to print them. Show them on your mobile and walk right in.


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These ‘Skip The Line’ tickets will be emailed to you in less than 10 minutes.

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