Louvre Museum audio guide – worth it?

Louvre Museum Audio guide

If your question is “Is Louvre Museum audio guide worth it?” then our short answer is, “Yes, go for it!”

To understand why we recommend audio guides while on Louvre Museum tours, you need to understand the scale of this Paris attraction.

Louvre Museum is massive

Louvre has 380,000 pieces of art, out of which it only displays 35,000 works. Check out more such interesting Louvre Museum facts

If you spent eight hours every day in the Louvre museum, to see each of the items on display for only 30 seconds, it will take you 36 days.

These 35,000 artworks are displayed in galleries spread over 652,300 square feet. That is almost 15 acres! More information on Louvre

Louvre’s these galleries are further divided into three wings – the Denon, Richelieu, and Sully wings. Each of these wings has more than 70 rooms.

Now imagine trying to cover this much of Louvre in your one-day trip? It is just not possible.

There are many tourists who visit Louvre multiple times, but most of us can’t.

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Louvre self-guided tours

Depending on the audio guide you plan to use, there are two types of self-guided tours possible at Louvre.

The first kind is when you rent out Louvre-Nintendo 3DS ™ XL Audio Guide at the Museum and explore. This is a paid option.

It is also known as the official Louvre Museum Audio Guide.

The second kind is when you opt for the free Mobile apps which have mapped the Louvre Museum and help tourists explore the Parisian attraction.

This option is also referred to as the Louvre Museum Audio Guide App.

Louvre Museum Audio Guide

Audio Guide counter at Louvre

The official Louvre Audio Guide can be rented at the museum’s ticket desks.

At the ticket desk, you will get a coupon, which you can exchange at the Audio Guide counters. You can also rent them out at the counters itself.

There are four Audio Guide counters – one at the Group Reception Area under the Pyramid, and three at the museum’s main entrances to Denon, Sully, and Richelieu wings. Check out the best Louvre entrance to avoid the crowd

Needless to say, the Louvre-Nintendo 3DS ™ XL Audio Guide was created with the support of Nintendo.

You will be given earphones along with the audio guide. On request, the counter attendants can show you how to use the Audio Guide.

You will have to leave a proof of identity at the counter while renting out the guide.

This Louvre audio guide has 3D photos of the galleries, high-definition photos of the pieces of art, and 3D models to help you identify, understand and appreciate what’s on display.

Louvre audio guide cost

The official Louvre audio guide’s cost is 5 Euros.

For this price, you get to keep the Nintendo audio guide with you for as long as you are inside the Museum.

Note: The Louvre-Nintendo Audio Guide can’t be used outside the museum.

How does Louvre audio guide work?

To get a sense of how this Louvre-Nintendo audio guide works, check out the video here.

Louvre audio guide app

If you would rather try the Louvre audio guide app, take out your smartphone and down the app ‘My Visit to the Louvre.’

It is the Louvre’s official mobile app and can be downloaded for iPhone and Android phones.

Every feature that’s offered by the Nintendo guide is also offered by the mobile app.

The massive museum is modeled in 3D to help visitors find their way.

The Louvre audio guide app comes with comprehensive descriptions and audio commentaries of more than 600 of the artifacts.

Our suggestion: Louvre’s Android and iPhone apps aren’t highly rated. Some of the user feedback on these apps is damning. We suggest you go for the official Nintendo audio guide which costs 5 Euros.

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Free Louvre audio guides

The official ‘My Visit to the Louvre,’ mobile app mentioned above is free.

Like the Louvre’s official mobile app, there are many other non-official Louvre Guides on the app stores.

There are some non-official free audio guides in podcast form as well. Rick Steves’ free audio tour of Louvre, for instance.

However, do your own research before using any of these free audio guides. You don’t want to save 5 Euros and mess up your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Louvre.

Louvre audio guide in English

Louvre Audio Guide in English

Just coz Louvre Museum is in Paris, France, don’t think that these guides will be in French. These Louvre audio guides support English as well.

Both the official and non-official audio guides available have English versions.

The other languages supported by such guides are French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, and Korean.

Is Louvre audio guide worth it?

Here are our five reasons why Louvre Museum audio guide is totally worth it.

Reason 1: With so much to see in Louvre, you can’t afford to waste time roaming around.

The audio guide has a very impressive tracking system which always knows where you are and shows you the nearby attractions.

Reason 2: With more than 35,000 artworks on display you don’t know what to spend time on and what to ignore.

The Louvre audio guide has the Great Masterpieces tour, which you can opt for. This helps you follow a trail of the best pieces of art.

Audio Guide tour options

If you are short on time or don’t prefer to see an item in the masterpieces tour, you can always skip ahead.

Reason 3: What’s the point in standing in front of Mona Lisa, not knowing why the painting is so popular.

The audio guide has a neat audio description for 700 of the best and most popular pieces of art on display. It helps you understand the importance of the artifact.

Reason 4: A good tour of Louvre can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. During this trip, you may need something to eat and drink. Maybe even a visit to the restroom.

The Louvre Museum audio guide can direct you to the nearest toilets and cafes.

Reason 5: If you are the experimental kind and want to explore the Museum at your pace, the audio guide comes in handy.

With an audio guide in hand, you can do either of the following –

Just go through the catalog of artworks in the audio guide, select what you fancy, and seek directions to the spot.

Or walk around the Museum, spot an artwork and enter its unique identifying number in the audio guide and find out everything about it.

You can buy the official audio guide on the day of your visit, inside the Museum. However, you can buy your Louvre tickets in advance and skip the lines. 


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