Best time to visit Louvre Museum in Paris

Visit Louvre Museum

Louvre museum in Paris, France is open on all days except Tuesday.

The World’s best art museum opens its doors to the first visitor at 9 am and stays open until 6 pm.

On Wednesdays and Fridays, the closing time is pushed to 9.45 pm giving the visitors extra hours to enjoy the 35,000 plus artifacts. Louvre Opening hours on different days

This is perhaps the most visited tourist attraction in Paris.

“What is the best time to visit Louvre Museum?” is a question asked by most tourists holidaying in Paris.

There are three reasons why tourists want to know the best time to visit Louvre –

1) With almost 25,000 tourists visiting Louvre Museum every day, the ticketing counters have long lines. Visitors want to know the best time to visit Louvre because they want to avoid the queue.

2) With large numbers entering the Louvre Museum, there is a long wait at the security check as well. The tourists want to avoid waiting here too.

3) The same crowd also jostle for space and create a lot of noise as they move between the different rooms of the Museum – something an art-lover wouldn’t during his Louvre Museum tour.

Our short answer:

The best time to visit Louvre Museum is after 3 pm because the crowds are all gone and only the die-hard art fans are left. After 3 pm, even the large tourist groups such as school kids etc don’t come.

For a more detailed answer, continue reading.

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Best season to visit Louvre Museum

The best season to visit Louvre Museum (and Paris) is during the early months of spring.

The months of February, March, & April make up early spring in Paris. During this period the city is beautiful and so is the weather.

In early spring, everybody is busy accumulating leaves for the summer months so you can have the Louvre to yourself.

Once the spring ends and the summer begins, the crowd starts coming into Paris and to Louvre.

The months of June, August and September are busy months for the 2000 employees of Louvre.

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Best time to visit Louvre Museum to avoid the crowd

Most guidebooks and websites recommend users to land up as early as possible to avoid the crowd at Louvre Museum. As a result, everybody lands up for their tour of Louvre in the morning itself.

There are two lines you are forced to wait in – at the Pyramid entrance for security checks and then again at the indoor ticketing counters. However, you can buy online Louvre Museum tickets and skip the lines.

As the day progresses, the lines trickle away.

This is why you should wait until 3 pm or even later and visit the Louvre Museum. However, be aware that this gives you only a 3-hour window to enjoy the artifacts on display.

If you want more hours to roam around, the best time to visit Louvre Museum is around 3 pm on Wednesday or Friday.

Since the Museum closes at 9.45 pm on Wednesdays and Fridays you get six plus hours.


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When NOT to go to Louvre Museum

If you can avoid, we recommend not visiting Musee Du Louvre on Mondays.

Orsay Museum is just 1.5 KMs (.9 Miles) from Louvre Museum and displays French art dating from 1848 to 1914. It gets more than 8000 tourists every day.

This Museum is closed on Mondays thus diverting all the traffic towards the Louvre Museum.

The additional tourists mean, longer waiting lines and bigger crowds.

We also don’t recommend visiting Louvre Museum on weekends.

Parisians love visiting Museums. So much so that 30% of all tourists visiting Louvre Museum are French. More such Louvre Museum facts.

And since they are working on weekdays, a lot of Parisians land up at Louvre Museum on weekends crowding it further.

Best time to visit Louvre Museum for photography

Crowd in Louvre Museum
Mona Lisa in Louvre Museum is seen by more than twenty thousand tourists every day. Free-Photos /

The best time for Louvre Museum photography depends on what you want to do. Do you want to photograph artworks inside the museum? Or do you want to photograph the glass pyramid and the Louvre Museum building?

Best time for photography inside Louvre Museum

You can carry cameras inside Louvre Museum and take as many photographs as you want as long as you don’t use flash. However, this rule applies only to the permanent exhibits.

At regular intervals, there are temporary exhibitions conducted in Louvre, where you can’t take photographs.

As for the best time for photography inside Louvre Museum – since all the artifacts are well lit, any time is good as long as it isn’t crowded.

Best time for photography outside Louvre Museum

The best time to visit Louvre Museum for photography is Tuesday.

The Museum is closed on Tuesdays, but the Pyramids are open. However, tourists prefer to visit both the museum and the pyramid on the same day and hence get busy with other Paris attractions on Tuesdays.

That’s why Tuesday is the perfect day to take photos outside the Louvre Museum without any tourists.

Important: Most photographers obsess themselves with the glass pyramid at Louvre and forget that there are other amazing photo opportunities. We recommend you try the western wing of the Carré Cour, which is the oldest remaining facade of the Louvre. All around the Louvre you also will find corridors, arches, and doorways which make for great photographs.


Buy TicketsTickets for Louvre Museum. Buy now!

These ‘Skip The Line’ tickets will be emailed to you in less than 10 minutes.


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