Versailles tour from Paris – day trip by train, car, taxi and bus tours

Palace of Versailles tour

Before he moved his residence and court to Palace of Versailles, King Louis XIV used to stay at Louvre Palace in Paris.

More than three centuries later, millions of tourists still follow in Louis XIV’s footsteps – they go on Versailles tour from Paris.

Situated 26 Kms (16 Miles) South-West of Paris, Versailles is on every visiting tourist’s itinerary.

And not without reason.

After all, Palace of Versailles is one of the best Royal Palaces in the whole of Europe. If not the World. More such interesting facts about Palace of Versailles

Paris to Versailles day trip

There are two ways to plan a trip from Paris to Versailles – you can go on a two-day break or do a day trip.

Tourists with time on their hands don’t just stop with the Palace of Versailles. They try out the fabulous restaurants and lively bars in Versailles for a more provincial French experience.

However, most tourists prefer day trips to Versailles.

The distance between Paris and Versailles is covered in approximately one hour.

The tourists spending 5-6 hours at the Versailles Estate and then travel back an hour to reach Paris.

For a Versailles tour from Paris, you have four options. You can take the train or opt for the bus.

If you prefer traveling by a private mode of transport, you can opt for a road trip by car or hire a taxi.


How long from Paris to Versailles?

If you take a train from Paris to Versailles, the traveling time will be around 50 minutes.

And you must walk the last one kilometer from the station, which means the time taken to your destination in Versailles will be one hour.

If you take a bus for your Versailles tour, it will take an hour.

However, if you take a taxi to Versailles you can reach in approximately 45 minutes.

Note: There is ample amount of parking space at the Palace of Versailles.

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Paris to Versailles by train

There are two kinds of trains in Paris. Metro lines, which serve the city of Paris and the RER trains which serves Paris and its suburbs.

The Palace of Versailles being in the suburbs you will need to get the RER.

Even amongst all the RER series, RER C is the easiest train option to go to Versailles.

That’s why most tourists on day trips to Versailles opt for this train.

RER C is also known for serving some of the most beautiful monuments in Paris.

Check out the RER C line’s route map:

RER C Line Map

Here is a step by step guide for a tour to Versailles tour by train –

Step 1: Reach any of the Metro/RER station mentioned on the RER C route map shown above. If you are not sure, fire up your Google Map and identify which station you are closest to.

Step 2: Once you are in the station, look for the Green ticket kiosks, and purchase return tickets to ‘Versailles Château Rive Gauche.’

Ticket machine in Paris

Step 3: For each person, you will get two tickets. Keep the return ticket safely inside your wallet/bag.

Step 4: All trains in Paris are identified by their last stations. You will now need to follow the signs to the RER C platform from where the train to ‘Versailles Château Rive Gauche’ will pass through

Step 5: Once on the right platform, look out for information on the video screen. If your train is the first one being displayed on this video screen, it means it is the next train. While studying the video screen be aware that the destination ‘Versailles Château Rive Gauche’ is sometimes abbreviated as ‘Versailles Château RG’ or ‘Versail. Chat’.

Step 6: Once you arrive at ‘Versailles Château Rive Gauche,’ exit the station. The ticket you used to board the train will be needed to exit the station.

Step 7: Follow the crowd ahead of you, for they will be heading towards the Versailles Palace. Or just open your Google Maps and walk to the Palace of Versailles.

Step 8: Before you walk away, turn back and look at the ‘Versailles Château Rive Gauche’ station for your return journey will start from here. All trains passing through this station go to Paris, so you decide which train station you want to get down at.

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Cost of Paris to Versailles train

A round trip from Paris to Versailles and back by train will cost you 7.1 Euros per person.

At this price, trains are the cheapest way to reach the Palace of Versailles.

While buying your train ticket, be aware that most machines take coins. However, some may take only paper money (notes).

In case you end up buying a single ticket, don’t fret. Buy another single ticket from the other side – two single tickets work the same way as return tickets.

Our recommendation: Financially the train trip makes a lot of sense. You can finish your day trip to Versailles in just 7 Euros.

However, it can lead to a lot of stress if you are unable to navigate your way. One small mistake could mean the wrong train, and landing elsewhere.

This option can also be a little difficult if you are traveling with elders or with kids.

That’s why we don’t recommend this option.

Paris to Versailles by car

All the top car rental companies such as Avis, Hertz, Dollar, Europcar etc are available in Paris.

For approximately 200 Euros you can rent out a mid-sized car for your car trip from Paris to Versailles.

Parking at Versailles Estate is no issue for there are numerous car parks. And access is free for vehicles of visitors with reduced mobility.

If you are driving to the Palace of Versailles, we suggest you park in the car park of Place d’Armes. It is closest to the Palace.

Our recommendation: The idea of taking a scenic route from Paris to Versailles feels good.

However, Paris traffic and the high cost of renting out a car for a day weigh down this option.

We don’t recommend this option.

Paris to Versailles by Uber

If you want the luxury of a private transport to Versailles but don’t want to navigate the traffic yourself, you can hire an Uber.

Traveling the 26 Kms (16 Miles) distance to Versailles in an Uber X will cost you between 40 to 60 Euros. The ride will last 45 minutes or so depending on the time of the day and the traffic.

Once you are done seeing the Palace of Versailles, you must return to Paris.

If you hire an Uber again, your Paris to Versailles day tour’s transportation cost alone will be 80 to 120 Euros.

For more on the Uber fare to Versailles, click here.

Our recommendation: While an Uber does provide you privacy and luxury, it comes at a high cost of 80 to 120 Euros.

We don’t recommend hiring an Uber to Versailles.

Bus tours to Versailles from Paris

Hundreds of buses travel from Paris to Versailles every day carrying thousands of tourists from all over the World.

These bus tours to Versailles come along with a human guide and Skip The Line Versailles tickets – which means, you don’t need to stand in the line at all.

This is important because it will save you a lot of waiting time – sometimes even up to 3 hours.

These bus tours to Versailles start at 8.15 am. You need to be at the departure point by 8 am, meet your group and show them your smartphone ticket.

Address of this bus tour’s departure point is 41, Avenue de la Bourdonnais, 75007, Paris. Get Directions

These buses are luxury coaches with air conditioning, and take you to Versailles in comfort and style.

Your expert guide will help you get into the Palace of Versailles. They will then show you where generations of Kings and Queens lived, loved, and ruled.

We highly recommend touring Palace of Versailles with a human guide for it helps provide a context. What’s the point in seeing something if you don’t get its significance?

After the two hours guided tour you are free to roam around the rest of the Palace and the Versailles Palace Gardens by yourself.

You can enjoy the Fountain Show or Musical Gardens, whichever is applicable for the day.

The whole bus tour to Versailles lasts eight hours and you will be back at the departure point by 4.45 pm.

This bus tour from Paris to Versailles is available on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Cost of bus tour to Versailles

Kids five years and below can join this bus tour from Paris to Versailles for free.

Children aged six to seventeen get a discounted price of 74 Euros for this bus tour ticket.

Adults aged eighteen and above pay the full price of 98 Euros for this bus tour.

Our recommendation: We highly recommend this bus tour for multiple reasons.

1. You don’t have to worry about transportation to Versailles and back.
2. You will travel in luxury and comfort.
3. You won’t have to queue up for hours to get into the Palace of Versailles.
4. You will have a human guide you will make your trip memorable.


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If you can manage your own transport from Paris to Versailles and back, check out the below given Versailles ticket options.

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