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London Eye Tube Stations and how to reach them


In the heart of London’s bustling landscape, amidst the allure of the iconic London Eye, lies a network of Tube stations. 

These stations serve as vital gateways to the city’s treasures, offering convenient access to visitors eager to explore the surrounding area. 

Each stop is crucial in connecting travelers to London’s vibrant tapestry of experiences, from the bustling Waterloo Station to the historic Westminster Station.

Tube Stations near the London Eye

In the dynamic heart of London, adjacent to the iconic London Eye, various Tube stations serve as essential conduits for residents and visitors. 

These stations, strategically positioned near one of London’s most renowned landmarks, provide seamless access to the city’s bustling attractions, cultural sites, and scenic riverfront. 

Waterloo Station

Waterloo Tube Station, in downtown London, is a pivotal connection point in the city’s extensive underground network. 

Its bustling corridors and numerous platforms facilitate seamless travel for millions of commuters and visitors annually. 

Positioned close to the River Thames and iconic landmarks like the London Eye and the South Bank, Waterloo Tube Station is a gateway to the vibrant attractions that define the city. 

Its storied history, dating back to the inauguration of the first underground line in 1898, underscores its significance as a vital transportation hub. 

Over the years, the station has evolved through renovations and expansions to meet the growing demands of London’s bustling metropolis. 

Equipped with modern amenities, it caters to the diverse needs of passengers, ensuring efficient and comfortable journeys. 

Main stations like King’s Cross St Pancras, Paddington, Victoria, and Liverpool Street are connected to Waterloo Tube Station through various lines.

Westminster Station

Westminster Tube Station, centrally located in London, plays a crucial role in the city’s transportation network.

It is a crucial interchange hub for various underground lines, such as the Circle, District, and Jubilee lines, facilitating seamless travel for commuters and tourists. 

Positioned near historic landmarks like Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and the Houses of Parliament, the station offers convenient access to some of London’s most iconic attractions. 

Its prime location along the River Thames makes it an ideal starting point for exploring the city’s rich history and cultural heritage. 

With bustling platforms, modern amenities, and efficient services, Westminster Tube Station is an essential component of London’s urban infrastructure, embodying the city’s ethos of connectivity and accessibility. 

Embankment Station

Located along the banks of the River Thames in central London, Embankment Tube Station serves as a bustling transportation hub catering to commuters and tourists alike.

As a vital interchange station connecting the District, Circle, Northern, and Bakerloo lines, Embankment provides seamless access to various parts of the city. 

Its strategic location near iconic landmarks such as the London Eye, Trafalgar Square, and Covent Garden makes it an ideal starting point for exploring the capital’s cultural and historical riches. 

With its vibrant ambiance, active platforms, and modern amenities, Embankment Tube Station is an indispensable gateway to London’s dynamic urban landscape, embodying the city’s ethos of connectivity and accessibility. 

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How to reach the London Eye via Tube Stations

Waterloo Tube Station to London Eye

You can reach the London Eye from Waterloo Tube Station in two ways.

To reach the London Eye from Waterloo Station/York Road (Stop W), you can board subway train number 76 to County Hall (Stop G). It’s just a 5-minute walk from there to reach the attraction. 

Walk 5 minutes from Waterloo tube station to the Waterloo Station Tenison Way (Stop K). From there, board trains 188, 139, N1, N68, or N171 to reach Waterloo Bridge / South Bank (Stop P). Then, it’s an 8-minute walk to reach the London Eye.

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London Eye to Waterloo Tube Station

There are two ways to reach Waterloo Tube Station from the London Eye.

Walk 9 minutes from the London Eye to Waterloo Bridge/South Bank (Stop N). From there, board trains numbered 243 or 76 to reach Waterloo Station in just two minutes.

Otherwise, you can walk via Belvedere Road for 13 minutes to reach Waterloo Tube Station from London Eye.

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Westminster Tube Station to London Eye

It’s just an 8-minute walk from Westminster Tube Station to the London Eye. 

You can walk via Westminster Bridge and the Queen’s Walk. Get Directions.

Embankment Tube Station to London Eye

The distance between Embankment Tube Station and the London Eye is just 0.4 miles.

You can walk through Golden Jubilee Bridges and the Queen’s Walk to reach the attraction within 9 minutes. Get Directions.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tube Stations

Here are some frequently asked questions about the tube stations near the London Eye.

Is Waterloo Tube Station wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Waterloo station is wheelchair accessible, with step-free access available to all tube lines.

Which tube lines serve Westminster Station?

The Jubilee, District, and Circle lines serve Westminster station.

Are there any food and drink options available at the Embankment station?

The Embankment station has various food and drink outlets, including cafes, restaurants, and snack shops.

Is Waterloo station open 24 hours?

The station is closed to the public overnight with no waiting facilities available.

Is there a taxi rank or car park at Westminster Station?

A taxi rank is available at Westminster station for passenger convenience, but no car park exists.

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