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Best Golf Holidays

Golf holidays are popular worldwide. Almost all inclusive Golf holiday packages include convenient flights, accommodation in excellent Golf resorts, food and drinks, and Golf courses where you can show off your Golf skill.

But where do you want to go on your all-inclusive Golf break? Do you enjoy a Golf holiday in Europe? A golf vacation in the USA, perhaps? Or maybe Africa? Asia?

If you are undecided, don’t worry. We have listed below 25 unique Golfing holiday destinations where you can plan your Golf break.

Your choice ranges from Belek in Turkey (also known as the home of all-inclusive Golf), Istria in Croatia, Algarve in Portugal, Marrakech in Morocco…and the list goes on.

These hand-picked Golf destinations have the best luxury Golf resorts, beautiful Golf courses, and glorious warm weather so that you can focus on your sport.

Some of the golf holiday destinations given below are popular, and some are just emerging as Golfing hotbeds.

Whichever city or country you decide for your Golf vacation, remember to go for an all-inclusive golf package. Most of these golf packages are customizable, as per your specification.

What are you waiting for? Where will your next Golf break be?

Best Golf Holidays

Golf in Istria

Golf holidays in Istria, Croatia
Image: Croatia.hr

Cherish the marvels of the sizzling Adriatic coasts by taking a Golf vacation in Istria, Croatia. The hospitable atmosphere and the delicious cuisine add to the fun.

Golf in Germany

Beckenbauer Golf Course, Germany
Image: Golfholidays.com

If you love to play golf and are a passionate traveler a golf holiday in Germany is a must. With over 700 golf clubs, there is plenty to choose from.

Golf in Bulgaria

Golf holidays in Bulgaria
Image: Altours-bg.com

Golf holidays in Bulgaria had started mostly because of Golf courses in Ihtiman, Ravno Pole and Sliven. The best Golf courses in Bulgaria have been created by Gary Player.

In Zimbabwe

Golf vacations in Zimbabwe
Image: Victoriafalls24.com

Golf has been played in Zimbabwe for more than 100 years. Zimbabwe is home to almost 50 golf courses and many golf tournaments because of which thousands of tourists plan their Golf holidays in Zimbabwe.

Golf in Portugal

Golf holiday in Portugal
Image: All-about-portugal.com

Golf holidays in Portugal are quite popular. In this exotic golf destination, you can pack in challenging rounds of golf, explore medieval history, and soak up the sun on beautiful sandy beaches.

Golf in Russia

Golf break in Russia
Image: Golfinrussia.info

Moscow Golf and Country Club remained the only 18-hole Golf course in the country for many years. Since then many more Golf courses have been added and today, Golf holidays in Russia is one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions.

Golf in Cyprus

Golfing vacation in Cyprus
Image: Cyprusparadise.com

In recent years a Golf break in Cyprus has become a must-do. Specifically, following the establishment of the internationally famous Aphrodite Hill Resort.

Golf in Italy

Golf holidays in Italy
Image: Golfholidayitaly.com

The cities of Florence and Milan are equally attractive golf holiday destinations in Italy. The two famous lakes of Italy, Garda, and Como also offer great games of golf.

Golf in Poland

Sandy Valley Golf Resort in Poland
Image: Sandvalley.pl

The most popular golfing destinations in Poland are Gdansk, Poznan and Krakow. There are many 18 hole golf courses to challenge the golfing beast in you.

Golf in Australia

Golf holiday in Australia
Image: iseekgolf.com

With stunning beaches and unique flora and fauna, Australia is an unforgettable vacation destination. While this fact is widely known, a lesser known fact is that Golf holidays in Australia are quite popular.

Golf in Dubai

Dubai Golf holidays
Image: Golfscape.com

When you think of Dubai, the first things that come to mind are shopping malls, towering skyscrapers and every luxury imaginable to man. In recent times, however, Golf holidays in Dubai have emerged as a travel trend.

Golf in Kiwiland

Golf holidays in New Zealand
Image: Golfrates.com.au

Golf holidays in New Zealand are popular all over the world because the beautiful country has some of the most breathtaking Golf courses on the planet. The blue ocean, the lofty mountains, and the green valleys make it worth it.

Golf in Spain

Golf holidays in Spain
Image: Son-gual.com

The European country enjoys pleasant sunshine almost all year round, so there is no fixed time for your Golf break in Spain. It also offers a vibrant culture, and tapestried history.

Golf in Turkey

Golfing vacations in Turkey
Image: Kingsmangolf.com

If you are as passionate about the sport of golf as you are about exploring a new place, you will love a relaxing golf holiday in Turkey. Try your swing at Belek in Antalya.

Golf in Vietnam

Golfing vacations in Vietnam
Image: Golfsavers.com

The South-East Asian country is more popular internationally for its culture and heritage. However, Golf holidays in Vietnam are quickly becoming a craze.

In Mauritius

Golf holiday in Mauritius
Image: Heritagegolfclub.mu

Surrounded by crystal clear, blue waters and beautiful beaches, this island nation is a firm favorite for tourists. However, in recent years Golf holidays in Mauritius have started gaining popularity.

Golf in Thailand

Holidays on Thailand Golf courses
Image: 4moles.com

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for tourists looking to sample South East Asia. And Golf in Thailand is more affordable than Golf breaks in other Asian destinations.

Golf in Morocco

Golf holidays in Morocco
Image: Marrakeshexpresstravel.com

Its excellent weather makes Morocco a perfect golf destination, especially among Europeans and Americans. And there is plenty to explore after all the hard work on the course is over.

Golf in S Africa

Golf vacations in South Africa
Image: Exclusivegetaways.co.za

As a vacation spot, it is almost impossible to look beyond South Africa. But did you know that it has some of the best golf courses and resorts in the world making South Africa a Golfing destination as well?

Golf in USA

USA Golf holidays
Image: Golfadvisor.com

Nearly half of the world’s Golf courses are located in the USA, which is a telling statistic. From Chicago to New York, from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, Golf breaks in the USA are the stuff dreams are made of.

Golf in Scotland

Golf holiday in Scotland
Image: Visitscotland.com

The history of golf states that the game was played for the first time ever in the Kingdom of Scotland, as early as the fifteenth century. If you are a true connoisseur, golf vacations in Scotland will be your pilgrimage.

Golf in France

Golf vacation in France
Image: Frenchlick.com

Art, culture, scenery, food, history— no matter how you look at it, France is an epic holiday destination. Not surprisingly, a Golfing holiday in France is also highly recommended.

Golf in Ireland

Golfing vacations in Ireland
Image: Ireland.com

Nature and human influence have together ensured that some of the best Golf courses in Europe are designed in Ireland. Fancy a game of Golf in Ireland?

Golf in UK

Golf vacations in United Kingdom
Image: Golfcare.co.uk

UK hosts golf tournaments like the Ryder Cup, the European Tour, Open Championship, etc. Book a golf holiday in United Kingdom and play on a truly professional course.

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