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Golf holidays in Bulgaria


The Balkan nation of Bulgaria is quite an attractive tourist destination.

With a coastline bordering the Black Sea, mountains, rivers and diverse cultural heritage, Bulgaria is a veritable cornucopia for the senses.

Golf holidays in Bulgaria had started mostly because of Golf courses in Ihtiman, Ravno Pole and Sliven.

However, quite a few world-class Golf courses have since been created in and around the town of Balchik.

This town is situated on the Black Sea coast, a few kilometers north of Varna.

The best Golf courses in Bulgaria have been created by the celebrated Golf architect Gary Player.

Golf holidays in Bulgaria

Best Golf courses in Bulgaria

Air Sofia in Ihtiman was the first golf course in Bulgaria.

Since then many Golf courses have been built in this small country.

Since the Bulgarian Government is also promoting Golf tourism, the Golfing infrastructure is improving with each day.

Check out the best Golf courses in Bulgaria –

1. Black Sea Rama Golf Course

The Black Sea Rama Golf Club has become almost synonymous with Golf in Bulgaria.

Situated in the town of Balchik, it boasts of a world-class 18-hole Black Sea Rama Golf course.

Here, your game of Golf will end with a stunning surprise, as the eighteenth hole is almost in the Black Sea!

This is the first Golf course that Gary Player completed in Eastern Europe.

It is also the premier championship level signature Golf course of Bulgaria.

The flatlands of the cliff-top provide a beautiful setting for this course, with two bays vying for the Golfer’s attention— Cape Kaliakra and Cape Galata.

However, don’t get too distracted by the beauty all around, as the omnipresent sea-wind can get the better of you if you let your guard down.

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2. Thracian Cliffs Golf course

Near the Black Sea Rama is another popular destination for Golf holidays in Bulgaria— the Thracian Cliffs Golf and Beach Resort.

The Thracian Cliffs Golf course also bears the mark of Gary Player.

In fact, he had also gone so far as to state that there is no course like the Thracian Golf course, anywhere on the planet!

Jagged coastal cliffs and the aquamarine Black Sea contribute to the overall drama of this 18-hole Golf course, ensuring the fact that a game of Golf here will be remembered forever.

From every hole you can see the cliffs and the sea as you immerse yourself in the challenges of Golf.

Many consider Thracian Cliffs Golf course to be the best in the World.

3. Lighthouse Golf Course

Along with the Black Sea Rama and the Thracian, the Lighthouse Golf and Spa Resort makes up the Golf coast on Cape Kaliakra.

The best thing about these three Golf courses is that they are situated close to each other, making it easy to include all in your Bulgarian Golf holiday.

Coming back to the Lighthouse Golf course, it is an 18-hole Golf course designed by ex Ryder Cup captain Ian Woosnam.

Beautiful natural landscapes form the base of this championship Golf course built on a links design.

There are also five lakes, adding to the water hazard quotient of your game of Golf.

4. Pravets Golf course

If your Golf holiday is centered in and around the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, include the Pravets Golf and Spa Resort in your itinerary.

Located just under an hour’s drive from Sofia, the Pravet Golf course is a 18-hole green built on championship standards.

Other top Golf courses in Bulgaria are in the Pirin Golf and Country Club, St Sofia Golf Club and Spa and Sliven Golf Club.

Best Golf resorts in Bulgaria

The above-mentioned Golf coast in Cape Kaliakra has the three best Golf resorts of Bulgaria— the Black Sea Rama Golf resort, the Lighthouse Golf and Spa Resort and the Thracian Cliffs Golf and Beach Resort.

1. Black Sea Rama Golf Resort

Black Sea Rama Golf Resort, Bulgaria
Image: Noyangolf.com

The Black Sea Rama is arguably the most famous and most popular destination for Golf vacations in Bulgaria.

The Gary Player designed Golf course is matched, if not surpassed, by its luxurious hospitality and accommodation.

There are four types of accommodation provided by all inclusive Golf packages— individual villas, bell tower villas, club residence and green villas.

Golf packages include accommodation in your preferred lodgings and green fees for the Golf course.

The resort also has a Golf Academy, and welcomes membership. Long stays can avail good discounts.

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2. Thracian Cliffs Golf Resort

Thracian Cliffs Golf Resort, Bulgaria
Image: Youtube.com

The Thracian Cliffs Golf Resort has an unbelievably beautiful setting.

The villas are divided into two villages divided by a lake, with the sea and cliffs surrounding the calm diorama.

In addition to a world-class Golf course, the resort also offers an excellently stocked pro shop and a clubhouse for Golfers to relax in.

The Golf resort boasts of an acclaimed restaurant, which adds to the overall experience.

They arrange for Golf holidays including flights, given advance notice.

3. Lighthouse Golf and Spa Resort

The Lighthouse Golf and Spa Resort makes up the third point of the Golf Coast triumvirate.

This Golf resort is perched on a high cliff that commands spectacular views of the deep blue waters of the Black Sea.

It is less than an hour away from the Varna International Airport.

Golf packages offered by the resort include accommodation, green fees for the Lighthouse Golf course as well as the other two Golf courses nearby.

4. Riu Pravets Golf Resort

In Sofia, the top pick for Golf breaks is the Riu Pravets Resort. This luxury Golf resort houses a parkland style Golf course and has attractive Golf packages.

Best time for Golf holiday in Bulgaria

The best time to plan a Golf vacation in Bulgaria is in summer, which lasts from June to August.

During this period Bulgaria enjoys pleasant temperature, sun-soaked days and balmy evenings.

Sounds like the perfect weather for some Golf, doesn’t it?

However, keep in mind that this is the busiest season for tourism in Bulgaria, hence the Golf resorts will be crowded.

It is best to book your Golf holiday with plenty of time to spare.

Spring and Autumn (April, May, September, October) also enjoy good weather.

Winters (November-March) see snow in most parts and are best avoided.

Green fees in Bulgarian Golf courses

Among the three Golf courses on the Golf Coast of Bulgaria, the Thracian Cliffs and Beach Resort charges the highest green fees.

The highest green fees for weekends and weekdays both can go up to almost 150 Euro.

The other two Golf courses, the Lighthouse and the Black Sea Rama charge green fees ranging from 75 Euro to 90 Euro.

However, these Golf resorts charge more on weekends.

The Pirin Golf and Country Club has one of the lowest green fees among all the Golf courses in Bulgaria.

It charges around 46 Euro on weekdays and 60 Euro on weekends.


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