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Golf holidays in Poland


Golf vacations in Poland have gained popularity in the recent times.

Poland offers fascinating golf packages and golf tours for golf enthusiasts from around the world.

Golf-wise, your all inclusive golf holiday in Poland can be as easy or as challenging as you want it to be.

There are many 18 hole championship golf courses where you can challenge the golfing beast in you.

Or you can opt for the easier 9-hole golf courses spread across the beautiful landscape of the country.

The most popular golfing destinations in Poland are Gdansk, Poznan and Krakow.

Whichever city you choose, Poland offers exotic views and beautiful landscape to explore.

Poland has some of the best golf resorts in Eastern Europe. No wonder, it is one of the primary destinations for golfers from around the world.

Golf holidays in Poland

Best time for Golf holiday in Poland

It is hard to decide on the perfect time to visit Poland as the entire summer season is suited for a nice and long golf vacation.

But, if you want to best enjoy an all inclusive golfing holiday in Poland, we recommend September.

Poland in September blossoms like a wild-flower.

The temperature is down creating perfect harmony between the not-so-hot days and not-so-cold nights.

Isn’t that the weather we all golfers dream of?

As a bonus, the September weather offers the golf travelers with an opportunity for sightseeing and al fresco dining.

However, be aware that during this period the Polish golf resorts have too many golfers visiting from all over the World.

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Golfing vacation in Gdansk

Gdansk is home to the famous Postolowo Golf Club.

It is very well connected to the airport.

Golf Digest has recognized Postolowo Golf Club’s course as the best golf course in entire Poland.

German Golf Journal refers to this course as the ‘monster’.

The sandy soil of this monstrous golf course throws a challenge at all the visiting golfing tourists.

This massive 18-hole golf course is suited for both championship tournaments and amateur golfing.

This golf course stretches for around 7 kilometers (4.4 Miles) and the beach and oak woods surround it on all sides.

The views are amazing and you will enjoy hitting the ball around.

Golfing getaway in Poznan

Golf in Poznan
Image: Tourpoland.eu

Poznan has many golf hotels – so much so that choosing one becomes difficult.

These golfing hotels cater to all kind of ranges and you can choose from the most basic to extreme luxury.

During your golf holiday in Poznan, you will end up alternating between the fairways for your round of Golf and the golf hotel for some relaxation.

If your golf holiday is more than three days long and you need a break, we recommend a visit to Old Market Square, Croissant Museum, or Park Cytadela.

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Golfing holiday in Krakow

The original capital of Poland has a lot to offer to the golfing tourists from around the world.

The city is blessed with two wonderful golf courses – Krakow Valley Golf & Country Club and the Royal Krakow Golf & Country Club.

Krakow Valley Golf Course is an 18-hole championship course staging several golf tournaments during the year.

While the Royal Krakow Golf course is a 9-hole stretch of green for the golf enthusiasts visiting Poland.


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