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Best Places for Valentine’s Day 2018 in USA


Are you wondering what could be the best places for Valentine’s Day 2018 in USA? If yes then you are a good lover because just after a month its Valentine’s Day and it is the right time to start planning for Valentine’s Day. We are giving you the list of Best places for Valentine’s Day 2018 in USA.

#1 Valentine’s Day 2018 in New York:

Whether your idea of celebrating love is as simple as strolling through central park or having a classy dinner at one of the top notch restaurants of the city or anything you name, the Big Apple is the one who fits the bill for years now and 2018 is no exception. This Valentine’s Day add some more colors in your already colorful life…parks, shopping, restaurants, museums or some literary action you will get everything that will make your Valentine’s Day of 2018 one of the best till date.

#2 Valentine’s Day 2018 in Honolulu:

If you are looking for an escape from the crowded world to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2018 then Honolulu is the best place for you. Breathtaking sunsets, crazy surfing, and cozy sand all these things make Honolulu one of the most romantic and chilled out places of USA. One more thing that makes Honolulu one of the top destinations for any occasion is farm-to-table cuisine. So, this time go to Honolulu and relax like a monk…dig your toes in sand or try some water sports with your partner and watch sunset with your partner while having rounds of mai tais.

#3 Valentine’s Day 2018 in Miami:

Whether you are in love or looking for the cupid to hit you on this Valentine’s Day, Miami has a lot to offer to everyone. One of the most attractive and stylish cities of USA, Miami could be one of the best places for Valentine’s Day 2018 in USA. A stroll on the beach with your partner, a cruise party, a swim with the dolphin, Miami lights and evening tours or attending an Andrea Bocelli’s Valentine’s Day concert choose whatever feel right to do.

#4 Valentine’s Day 2018 in San Francisco:

One of the most romantic places in the US, San Francisco will never disappoint you on Valentine’s Day! There are a lot of romantic getaways in SF that will take your breath away. The valentine special bay cruises are meant for beautifying your day and you will get to spend cozy times with your partner on the cruise with special drinks. These cruises are listed as morning cruise, dinner cruise with dancing, sunset time cruise, adventure cruise and many other romantic cruises. There are romantic bars like Biron Wine Bar, The Hidden Vine, Two Sisters Bar, are the best places to hit on with your valentine. San Francisco is indeed one of the Best places for Valentine’s Day 2018 in USA.

#5 Valentine’s Day 2018 in Savannah, Georgia:

The biggest port in Georgia, Savannah is popular among the romantic couples and it is one of the best places for Valentine’s Day 2018 in USA. There are plenty of things to do in Savannah if you want to make your valentine’s day more special. The oak lined Chippewa Sqaure is perfect for a romantic stroll. You can spend an afternoon in the famous 30 acre Forsyth Park. To add on more charm get couple massage at Sweet Sea water spa. The oldest restaurant of Savannah, The Olde Pink House, offers an amazing underground bar that is perfect to lighten up your evening.

#6 Valentine’s Day 2018 in New Orleans:

Hometown of jazz and home to some of the best restaurants of USA, New Orleans is one of the most romantic cities of the world. And this fact alone makes New Orleans one of the best destinations for Valentine’s Day 2018.

People of New Orleans actually know how to live life and how to celebrate love. They have the best of food, best of music and best of celebration. Love is what people breathe here and without any doubt it is one of the best places for Valentine’s Day 2018 in USA.

#7 Valentine’s Day 2018 in Seattle:

Seattle is one of the most beautiful destinations of USA. If you are planning to celebrate your time with your partner, Seattle has kept so much to offer. You can treat your valentine with the best of exotic foods in romantic, luxurious restaurants in the town.
There are so much art and cultural shows that are organized specially for couples from across the globe.
Events like Seattle Boat Show, Seattle Music Show, Wine and chocolate Show in the streets of Seattle and plenty of such majestic shows are worth seeing. You can add more of fun to your trip by visiting the Art Museums, Spa at Willows lodge, 5th Avenue theatre, Lake washington Cruise, where your partner will feel privileged to be by your side. Hit on this town and You’ll definitely fall in love with Seattle.

#8 Valentine’s Day 2018 in Las Vegas:

Las Vegas is paradise for lovers because of the sexy shows, luxurious hotels, nightclubs and bars! You can start off your day with the magical sight of Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden where you can take a lot of pictures with dolphins and scenic views to keep the memories of Valentine’s Day. Couples can enjoy quality time at Spa Aquae in the steam room and sauna. This is another way of spending a great time together! The most romantic attraction of Las Vegas should never be missed! And it is The Fountain of Bellagio. You can enjoy over 1200 dancing fountains on romantic tracks. Las Vegas is equally romantic as Paris and there is a replica to Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas that’s popular among lovers. You can enjoy sizzling dances at lively nightclubs like Zumanity. Your partner will never miss this valentine!

#9 Valentine’s Day 2018 in Memphis, Tennessee:

It is not necessarily to be a valentine’s day, you can enjoy anytime at Memphis. There are great number of activities to do in Memphis. Carriage tours of Memphis are extremely romantic as the couples get a chance of horse riding on sideways to Missisippi river. Other than carriage tours, American Queen Steamboat voyage of 9 days is really interesting and cozy thing for couples. You can visist Memphis Brook Museum. If your partner is a sporty one, Fedex forum is highly suggested. For playful and lively couples, Midtown Bike Company offers bikes on rent. There are music museums like Rock n Soul, and Stax museum, that are best suited for your audiophile partner.

#10 Valentine’s Day 2018 in Portland, ME:

What could be better than a historic city with full of gorgeous buildings as a timeless backdrop for Valentine’s Day 2018. Once was small fishing village and now a beautiful city which is full of art and culture and history. Take a stroll in cobblestoned port area which is filled with fine dine and wine spots for strollers like you. Nearby Congress Street you will find some very cool shops and art galleries which you should not miss. Portland has become one of the prominent destinations for awesome food, scenic beauty and many more and it could be one of the best places for Valentine’s Day 2018 in USA.

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