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Valentine’s Day 2024 in Atlanta – Romantic things to do

Atlanta, the vibrant city adorned with its unique blend of modernity and historic charm, enfolds a wide range of romantic places and activities for you and your loved one to explore this Valentine’s Day.

Young and old couples, visitors, and locals enjoy Valentine’s Day in Atlanta.

If you adore your sweetheart (and we don’t doubt it!), you will want to spoil them with all the romantic surprises Atlanta offers.

Plan ahead of time, for many lovers will be flocking to Atlanta to celebrate the most romantic day of the year – 14 February 2024.

Check out our picks for the most romantic Valentine’s Day itinerary in Atlanta, known as ‘New York of the South.’

Things to do on Valentine’s Day in Atlanta

Here are our 17 recommended romantic activities for your Valentine’s Day week in Atlanta.

You need only bring your partner along!

Take a romantic ride on the Skyview Ferris Wheel

Romantic ride on the Skyview Ferris Wheel
Image: Res.cloudinary.com

What must be more romantic than surprising your loved one with your special Valentine’s Day gift on an enchanting Ferris wheel ride?

Hold hands together and enjoy the stunning beauty of downtown Atlanta, brimming with colorful lights after dusk.

Sit inside a climate-controlled private gondola and feel the adrenaline rush of steering up to 20 stories in the air.

Spend your Valentine’s Day on this ride and create a symphony of love in the air.

Savor the wine sips with your Valentine

Wine sips with your Valentine at atlanta
Image: Fox2now.com

Take your partner on a wine-tasting country tour for Valentine’s Day on 14 February 2024.

Savor each sip as you and your girlfriend or boyfriend embark on a journey of taste, discovering new favorites and relishing in shared experiences.

Celebrate your Valentine’s Day in Atlanta by indulging in the exquisite flavors of regionally produced wines crafted with passion and expertise in the famous local vineyards – Kaya Vineyard, The Cottage Vineyard, and CeNite Vineyards while being escorted in an air-conditioned bus.

The wine tour is ideal for Valentine’s Day, as it perfectly blends beauty, flavor, and romance.

Explore the city on a Trolley Tour

For this Valentine’s Day in Atlanta, celebrate your love while exploring the enchanting city of Atlanta on this romantic 90-minute Narrated Sightseeing Trolley Tour.

Share intimate moments with your partner as the expert guide leads you through Atlanta’s charming neighborhoods, revealing the city’s fascinating history and vibrant culture.

From the scenic beauty of the City’s Parks to the iconic landmarks in Downtown Atlanta, this tour offers a perfect blend of romance and adventure.

With fascinating stories and insights shared along the way, this tour offers an immersive experience perfect for visitors and local couples.

Don’t miss your chance to see Atlanta’s highlights and hidden gems in just 90 minutes.

If you don’t prefer traveling in a trolley, consider sightseeing alternatives in E-Car or MiniBus.

Connect with nature in Atlanta’s Botanical Garden

Atlanta's Botanical Garden
Image: Clairedianaphotography.com

Stroll in Atlanta’s Botanical Garden’s calm and serene atmosphere with your lover.

The 30-acre garden in the city’s heart encompasses lush greenery, beautiful flowers, spectacular displays, and tranquil pathways, offering the perfect setting for a romantic date.

Book a couple’s private tour and learn about the unique flora and fauna in the urban space, home to the Southeast’s largest biodiversity preservation nursery.

Remember to buy your girlfriend a rose and surprise her.

Spend your quality time inside a bubble tent

Lovers inside a bubble tent
Image: Nypost.com

Make this Valentine’s Day in Atlanta more special by standing out from the usual activities.

Experience a luxury picnic in a heated bubble tent at Piedmont Park.

Exchange flowers, chocolates, greeting cards, Valentine’s Day gifts, and smoochies with your sweetheart inside the private space and create many sweet memories.

Three-course meals, cooked by the best chef on the site, are provided, followed by a photography session to frame your favorite moments together.

This must be your pick if you are a couple looking for a private space in a popular city.

Explore the city with a bicycle tour

Explore the city with a bicycle
Image: Rentcafe.com

Riding bicycles side by side creates a sense of togetherness and intimacy.

Atlanta offers quiet and stunning scenic routes perfect for a romantic bike ride.

You can discover hidden gems, picturesque neighborhoods, and charming streets that you might not come across otherwise.

When renting a bicycle, the lovers will have amenities such as a helmet, water, and snacks.

Pedaling through Inman Park’s tree-lined lanes and past a graffiti hotspot, you’ll get an up-close look at Atlanta’s dynamic culture.

It is an ideal activity for young, middle-aged, and elderly couples.

Go for a romantic getaway at “The Gate City”

Romantic getaway at "The Gate City"
Image: Weddingwire.com

A romantic getaway allows you to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and spend great time with your beloved.

Many reputed hotels in Atlanta offer getaway packages that include luxurious accommodations, spa treatments, exquisite cuisine, and other special amenities. 

From candlelight dinners to private excursions, these packages are designed to create a romantic ambiance and make your Valentine’s Day weekend truly special.

Remember to research and book your getaway package to secure Atlanta’s best Valentine’s Day weekend options.

Learn about the City’s History

If you and your partner are history buffs, then this is what you should do on Valentine’s Day in Atlanta.

Experience the profound legacy of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. on the History Walking Tour.

This enlightening journey will take you through the heart of Atlanta, where you’ll trace the footsteps of Dr. King and gain a deep understanding of his pivotal role in the American civil rights movement.

As you explore historic landmarks such as the Ebenezer Baptist Church, the King Center, and the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr., the guide will share captivating stories and insights that illuminate his life and the struggle for equality.

It’s a fantastic way to spend your Lover’s Day.

Visit Stone Mountain for sightseeing

Stone Mountain for sightseeing
Image: Blueridgemountainstravelguide.com

If you are both into geology, sightseeing in Atlanta’s large granite mountains is your perfect Valentine’s Day date.

Learn about the historical facts of Stone Mountain as nature unfolds its beauty through breathtaking views, scenic trails, and a serene lake while taking a ride through the cable car with a small group of people.

This thrilling ride takes you to the top of the mountain, where you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama of the valley below.

You can also see an unforgettable sunset from the summit of Stone Mountain if you visit at the right moment in the evening.

Holding hands together and admiring this city’s pristine beauty is something every couple should experience.

Head to the aquarium to share your love under the sea

aquarium to share your love under the sea
Image: Browndanielgroup.com

Make your time with your lover more memorable by taking them to the aquarium on 14 February 2024.

The trip to the aquarium will allow you to explore the world’s coldest oceans and the incredible sea creatures ranging from beluga whales, giant Pacific octopuses, and weedy seadragons to giant groupers and stingrays.

The interactive experiences with animals and fascinating shows of bottlenose dolphins and sea lions are the highlights of the aquarium, which will amaze you and your lover.

Both young and old couples love spending time in aquariums and witnessing the marine world.

Book a table for two at a romantic restaurant

Table for two at a romantic restaurant
Image: Couples.com

Do you know which one never goes out of style? Take your lover to a romantic restaurant for dinner on Valentine’s Day.

Indulge in Atlanta’s impeccable and diverse cuisine, ranging from succulent steaks and seafood to exotic flavors and innovative dishes exclusively served on 14 February 2024.

Sipping together the flavorful mocktails of Atlanta and engaging in heartfelt conversations is a secure way to impress your dear one.

If you and your date are food lovers, this is an ideal way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Get adventurous with a mystery escape room

Indulge in the fun and thrilling experience of solving puzzles, uncovering clues, and escaping within a set time limit.

There are various themes for escape rooms, such as ‘Gold Rush,’ Prison Break,’ ‘The Heist,’ and more, from which you can choose the best that suits your interests and play for an hour as a couple or bring your friends for a double date.

Cherish your witty skills and win the puzzle, after which you and your date can grab a bite at the nearest restaurant.

Escape rooms are a great place to hang out on Valentine’s Day in Atlanta.

Take your love to the next level with indoor skydiving

Take your love to the next level with indoor skydiving
Image: Paracletexp.com

Indoor skydiving is a unique and intriguing experience you and your partner can enjoy this Valentine’s Day at iFly Atlanta.

Instead of going for the traditional dinner and a movie, why not take your relationship to new heights with this exciting activity?

With certified instructors, one-on-one training, equipment, and a customized flight certificate, this activity is perfect for couples looking for an exciting and adrenaline-filled adventure.

Indoor skydiving offers a safe and regulated environment while stimulating the sensation of freefall inside a cylindrical air tunnel at a speed of up to 175 mph (282 kph)

This activity is ideal for young couples.

Take a romantic Segway tour across the city

Romantic Segway tour across the atlanta city
Image: Tripadvisor.com

Couples can have a great time connecting and exploring more of the city with a Segway tour of central Atlanta.

The guided Segway tour with a handful of people allows you to visit many historic landmarks, marvelous architecture, and the delightful wilderness of the city.

Visiting your favorite places in a loop and clicking the pictures of your special moments together will be undeniably amazing.

Take your social media by storm by posting the couples vlog or Valentine’s Day vlog with the lovely memories that you collect from here.

Enjoy a sensory play at Sloomoo Institute

Sensory play at Sloomoo Institute
Image: Macaronikid.com

A place dedicated to kindling the joy of sensory play via tactile materials, vibrant colors, an assortment of aromas, appealing sound, and images, it is a must-see date venue for couples who would love an interactive experience.

See, touch, hear, and feel the aesthetic vibe with your girlfriend or boyfriend with artisanal slime, kaleidoscopic glow-in-the-dark moments, kinetic sand, and unparalleled CGI videos.

You will also have 150 feet of DIY material for your slime designs.

It is a fantastic activity for both young, middle-aged and old couples.

Savour the Best Bites on a Food Tour

Elevate your romantic experience with the Midtown Atlanta Food & Cocktail Tour for this Valentine’s Day in Atlanta.

The expert guide will lead you to the area’s finest restaurants and bars, where you’ll indulge in a carefully curated menu of exquisite dishes and artisanal cocktails.

Savor a delectable 4-course meal with your husband or wife, showcasing diverse cuisines while enjoying thoughtfully crafted alcohol pairings throughout the tour.

Escape the typical tourist spots and indulge in authentic local flavors at well-known dining establishments and hidden culinary treasures.

This is an ideal Lover’s Day activity for young and old couples.

Step into the world of Marvel Superheroes

World of Marvel Superheroes
Image: Npr.org

If you are a couple of MCU fans, you are in for a treat.

Book a private 3-hour tour with a partner for this Valentine’s Day and explore the film locations of movies such as The Avengers, Black Panther, Falcon, Captain America, Loki, Spider-Man, and Winter Soldier.

Holding hands together while narrating a comic story of your own and imagining yourselves as superheroes on these significant sites couldn’t be more romantic.

Young couples would love to explore these sites.

Explore more with Atlanta CityPass

What can be more romantic and relaxing than not worrying about the cost and roaming around Atlanta freely?

Imaginative romantic couples go for a discount pass, which helps them get more out of less during Valentine’s Day week, making it much more special.

With Atlanta Pass, you can visit many attractions and save money.

So, what will your Valentine’s Day plan be?

Book tickets to your favorite destinations soon to ensure you get everything on your plan.

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