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Valentine’s Day 2024 in Austin – romantic things to do


Visitors to Austin love its fun-filled environment, delicious cuisine, great live music venues, and nightlife, which is why it is an ideal Valentine’s Day destination.

Young and old couples, visitors, and locals love spending Valentine’s Day in the Live Music Capital. 

If you adore your Sweetheart (and we don’t doubt it!), you will want to spoil them with all the romantic surprises Austin has to offer.

Plan ahead of time, for many lovers will be flocking to this city to celebrate the most romantic day of the year – 14 February 2024.

Check out our pick for the most romantic Valentine’s Day itinerary in Austin.

Things to do on Valentine’s Day in Austin 

Here are our recommended 12 romantic things to do during your Valentine’s Day week in Austin.

You only need to bring your partner along.

Go around Austin as a couple

Austin as a couple
Image: LifeHack.org

Stroll around Austin with your sweetheart and enjoy exploring the sights, shopping, dining, etc.

Roaming the city is a perfect Valentine’s Day activity for young couples.

Best of Austin Driving Tour with Local Guide

See iconic landmarks, hidden gems, local neighborhoods, and food trucks on this complete tour of Austin. Find Out More

Austin and Hill Country Sightseeing Tour

Skip searching for the best things to do in Austin, get on this tour with your sweetheart, and explore the city’s rich culture and history. You also get a little bit of that famous Central Texas Hill Country. Find Out More

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Get drunk as a couple

Get drunk as a couple
Image: Maxim.com

People in love prefer to get drunk together. 

You can select from two ways to sightsee and get high this Valentine’s Day simultaneously.

Brewery Tour by Pedicab

Enjoy Austin’s craft brewery tour by riding a fun, eco-friendly pedicab with your partner. Visit three fantastic breweries for beer tasting. Find Out More

Hill Country BBQ & Wine Shuttle

Leave crowded Austin and take a private barbecue and wine tour with your spouse in the Texas Hill Country. Visit three distinct venues on the outskirts of Austin and enjoy Texas Hill Country wine. Find Out More

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Go in search of Austin’s best food

Austin's best food
Image: RestaurantClicks.com

On a food tour with your boyfriend or girlfriend, eat around downtown Austin’s ever-changing dining scene.

It is an ideal Valentine’s Day activity for couples in love.

These are two famous food tours –

Secret Food Tour of Downtown Austin

On an urban gastronomy tour, stroll through the streets of downtown Austin. Sample dishes from BBQ brisket to banana leaf-wrapped tamales while exploring the city’s center and historical places. Find Out More

Food Tour by Bus with Live Band On Board

A brunch tour of three local eateries will give you a flavor of Austin. Enjoy live music from local performers while traveling and sample local delicacies like breakfast tacos, Czech kolaches, and chicken and waffles. Find Out More

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Go for a romantic morning walk

This Valentine’s Day, have a special morning with the Austin Small Group Morning Walk led by a renowned storyteller.

Take a relaxing stroll through Austin and discover its romantic side.

Your guide will share local tips and stories about the city’s history.

They’ll also recommend charming coffee shops, cozy restaurants, and intimate live music spots, making it a perfect choice for a romantic outing.

This will be a warm start to your special day with your lover.

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Enjoy your Favorite Music Together

Let love and music intertwine on Austin’s Live Music Crawl Tour this Valentine’s Day, 2024.

Explore the heart of the “Live Music Capital of the World” as you and your special someone are guided through three well-known music venues.

Listen to talented local bands and musicians and gain insight into Austin’s rich musical history.

If music doesn’t bring you closer, then what will?

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Experience the creepy side of Austin

Experience the creepy side of Austin
Image: Robaugust.com

Try discovering Austin’s creepy side if you and your partner prefer twilight romance amid the glittering lights.

This activity is ideal if you already have a romantic date planned for the day and are searching for a wild adventure for the night.

Haunted Austin Walking History Tour

Join a walking tour of Austin’s ghostly nooks and crannies, including a visit to the famed Driskill Hotel, and hear about the historical tales of murder and mayhem that added to Austin’s strangeness. Find Out More

Austin Murder Walk

On this evening walking tour, learn about the “Midnight Assassin” while exploring historical Austin and stop for a drink at the Driskill Hotel. Find Out More

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Go on a bike ride with your partner

bike ride with your partner
Image: GetYourGuide.com

Riding is fun, especially when you cycle with your partner; it becomes even more memorable.

This bike ride is ideal for couples who need something extraordinary to make Valentine’s Day 2024 memorable.

E-Bike Adventure Around Austin

Become a part of an e-bike biker gang and enjoy the fun and ease of e-bikes. Explore the sites and have a dynamic experience in Austin, where there is much to see. Find Out More

Bike Tour with a Local Guide

Set out with your Sweetheart and a guide to see the best of Austin after getting your bike and helmet. As you ride downtown on the hike-and-bike trail, you’ll learn about the city’s history. Find Out More

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Tour the city together on a Segway

couple together on a Segway
Image: GetYourGuide.com

Go on a one-and-a-half-hour Segway tour of Austin on Valentine’s Day 2024 and admire sights with your lover.

As you pass by the Texas State Capitol Building, Congress Avenue, Warehouse Entertainment District, Lady Bird Lake, the historic Driskill Hotel, and other monuments, get a view of downtown Austin and take numerous photos with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

It is an ideal Valentine’s Day activity for young couples looking for something different.

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Hold hands on a boat cruise

couples on boat cruise
Image: CruiseHive.com

On this private pontoon boat ride, you and your significant other will discover the grandeur of Lake Austin.

The tour departs from a location near the Pennybacker Bridge, and besides the other landmarks, you also enjoy views of waterfront residences.

This serene and romantic cruise is one of Austin’s most romantic couple activities.

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Take an evening kayak tour

evening kayak tour
Image: Tripadvisor.com

Without kayaking, no list of the most romantic things to do in Austin would be complete.

On an evening kayak tour of Austin, catch the stunning natural show of over a million bats flying out of the Congress Avenue Bridge.

For an added dose of romance, couples get into double kayaks.

This tour is a fantastic way to spend time with your loved one.

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Get Closer in a Scavenger Hunt

Add some adventure to your Valentine’s Day 2024 in Downtown Austin with this exciting 3-Hour Smartphone Scavenger Hunt.

Explore Austin’s downtown with your husband or wife as you solve clues, uncover hidden treasures, and enjoy the city’s history and culture.

With just your smartphone, it’s a fun way to celebrate love and discovery.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this unique experience promises hours of enjoyment.

This is an ideal way to celebrate Valentine’s Day for young and old couples.

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Visit the City Center

Explore Austin’s highlights on Valentine’s Day with the Panoramic City Center Tour.

It’s a romantic way to discover the city’s culture and history.

Enjoy 360-degree views of Austin’s renowned landmarks, gaining insights into the city, perfect for a day filled with love and exploration.

Knowledgeable guides make it enjoyable for everyone, whether you’re a visitor or a local.

GPS audio commentary enhances your tour with informative details about the sights you pass.

Create cherished memories together as you explore Austin’s beauty and charm, making this Valentine’s Day special.

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