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Valentine’s Day 2024 in Minneapolis – Romantic things to do


Minneapolis, known as the “City of Lakes” and nestled in the heart of Minnesota, boasts a variety of enchanting activities for couples in love to share.

Visitors to Minneapolis are enchanted by its picturesque landscapes, culturally rich architecture, lively arts scene, scenic cruises, delectable cuisine, and adventurous pursuits, making it an ideal destination for Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re seeking panoramic skyline views, a connection with nature, craft beer tastings, or thrilling games, Minneapolis caters to all tastes.

Couples of all ages cherish Valentine’s Day in Minneapolis, no matter if they are tourists or locals. If you adore your sweetheart (and we’re sure you do!), you’ll want to pamper them with all the romantic surprises Minneapolis offers.

Plan ahead to ensure an unforgettable experience, as many lovebirds will be coming to the city to celebrate the most romantic day of the year – 14 February 2024.

Explore our top choices for Minneapolis’s most romantic Valentine’s Day itinerary.

Things to do on Valentine’s Day in Minneapolis

Here are our 12 recommended romantic activities for Valentine’s Day week in Minneapolis.

You only need to bring your boyfriend or girlfriend along!

Go on a romantic walk in the Skyway tunnels

Romantic walk in the Skyway tunnels
Image: Mndaily.com

Strolling hand in hand with your loved one as you marvel at a beautiful city’s magnificent structures is undeniably enchanting.

We recommend embarking on a unique Skyway walking tour for your Valentine’s Day celebration in Minneapolis.

The Minneapolis Skyway system is one of the world’s largest, offering a cozy indoor environment for exploring the city, free from concerns about the outside temperature.

Explore a network of elevated walkways connecting various parts of the city, including shopping complexes, theaters, restaurants, and local shops, while enjoying breathtaking views.

Pause at your favorite cafes and bars for a drink while gazing down at the city below and cherishing these precious moments.

A knowledgeable guide will accompany you throughout your journey, sharing insights about iconic spots like the Mill City Ruins and the Guthrie Theater.

Get amazed by Minnehaha Falls

Minnehaha Falls
Image: Alileigh.com

Couples deeply in love often seek to venture into the wonders of nature while holding each other close.

If you’re such a couple, consider visiting Minnehaha Falls on a self-guided audio tour.

Walk through the scenic trails, cross charming bridges, and enjoy a romantic picnic by the cascading waters.

Use the smartphone to follow the instructions, discover Minnehaha Park, and locate your way to the waterfalls.

You will have offline access to audio, maps, and geodata for the park.

Many lovers embark on this adventure for Valentine’s Day in Minneapolis, creating lasting memories together.

Participate in a craft brewery tour

Craft brewery
Image: Rkh-images.com

If your boyfriend or girlfriend shows their fun, crazy side when they get high, a craft brewery tour is what you should do for this lover’s day.

Join a 3-hour craft brewery tour to explore the best three breweries, like Modist Brewing, Fair State Cooperative, Bauhaus Brew Labs, and more.

You can sample unique beers, find your flavors, and drink as much as you want since it will be included in the ticket price.

These tours provide an opportunity to connect over your mutual love of fine beer and usually include behind-the-scenes looks at the brewing process.

It’s a fantastic way to spend time with your significant other; hence, reserve your tickets now.

Rent a car for a private tour

Image: <a href=

On 14 February 2024, take your partner on a private tour to share intimate moments and collect lifetime memories.

Enjoy the luxury of an exclusive tour that takes you through the highlights of both Minneapolis and its twin city, St. Paul.

Your guide will lead you to 16 cultural districts and historical sites, such as Mill District, the Minnesota State Capitol, the University of Minnesota, the Sculpture Garden, and more.

Pause at your favorite spots for a quick selfie session and share your lovely moments to take social media by storm.

This personal experience allows you and your partner to immerse yourselves in the enchantment of both cities.

Go for a cruise on the Mississippi River

cruise on the Mississippi River
Image: Nerdwallet.com

The Mississippi River, a central feature of Minneapolis, offers an aesthetic setting for a romantic cruise.

Choose from various options, including daytime sightseeing or dinner cruises under the starry night sky.

Hold hands with your spouse while delighting in the incredible views of the Minneapolis skyline and the idyllic waters.

Enjoy the delectable cuisine of Minneapolis and sip on cocktails as you drift along the water.

This is an ideal Valentine’s Day date for couples of all ages.

Watch an ice hockey game together

Watch an ice hockey game together
Image: Media.cnn.com

Taking the love of your life to their favorite sports stadium brings them closer to you.

So, attend a Minnesota Wild ice hockey game at the Xcel Energy Center, which is a great way for sports lovers to enjoy the thrill of an NHL game.

Experience the best date night in Minneapolis by presenting in the live sports atmosphere, cheering on your favorite teams, and exchanging kisses as they score.

Wear the supporting team’s color, grab your favorite drink, and indulge in the classic snacks of the stadium as you watch the world’s most-viewed ice hockey game.

Don’t miss this exciting and fun way of having your special day with your partner.

Get lovey-dovey on a riverwalk

lovey-dovey on a riverwalk in Minneapolis
Image: Squarespace.com

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Minneapolis with your partner by taking them for an evening walk by the river to gaze at the pretty sky and scenic water.

Explore the beauty of the Mississippi River on the Stone Arch Bridge with a self-guided audio visit.

Through an educational audio commentary, you will learn about the city’s fascinating history, such as the massive mill explosion of 1878, cougar attacks, an ugly mansion with 86 TVs, and the collapse of the 35W Bridge in 2007.

This relaxed and informative stroll provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and have heartfelt conversations while admiring the tranquil waters reflecting the light of the city’s lights.

You can secretly arrange the setting for a perfect proposal if you plan to do so.

Participate in a fun scavenger hunt

fun scavenger hunt in Minneapolis
Image: Az.allevents.in

Spice up your relationship with an exhilarating scavenger hunt adventure!

During this 3-hour experience, you and your date will explore significant Minneapolis landmarks such as St. Anthony Falls and Old Mill Works.

Guided by your smartphone, embark on this 2-mile scavenger hunt, solving puzzles, tackling riddles, and completing challenges together as you grow closer.

You can also discreetly hide your Valentine’s Day gifts at various stops for your girlfriend or boyfriend to discover, adding an extra element of surprise.

It’s one of the most enjoyable ways to spend quality time with your partner.

Experience the adventure of the escape room

Exciting escape room challenge in Minneapolis
Image: Minneapolis.org

Elevate your Valentine’s Day in Minneapolis with an exciting escape room challenge alongside your special someone.

Experience interactive puzzles and thrilling challenges as you collaborate to solve mysteries and make your way out of themed rooms, like superhero saves prison breaks, or treasure hunts.

Share romantic moments with hugs and kisses as you uncover clues and successfully escape within the 60-minute time limit.

Celebrate your accomplishment with a meal at the Mall of America, making it a perfect Valentine’s Day activity for adventurous young couples seeking something unique.

Engage in an adrenaline-rush indoor flying

Indoor skydiving in Minneapolis
Image: Indoorskydivingsource.com

Try indoor skydiving in Minneapolis and feel the excitement of skydiving without the need to leap from an airplane.

For Valentine’s Day 2024, we recommend that you and your partner enjoy the thrill of appearing to float through a vertical wind tunnel.

Licensed guides will ensure your adventure is both safe and unforgettable.

Don’t miss this opportunity; the adrenaline rush will undoubtedly strengthen your bond!

Get haunted on a ghost trolley tour

Spooky adventures bring couples in love closer to each other.

We recommend you take this Candlelight Ghost Trolley Tour with your partner, which is mysterious and romantic.

Explore the city’s haunted history and visit ghastly locations as your guide narrates eerie tales from the past.

On this night tour, you ride a trolley and look for paranormal activities in the candlelight.

It’s a mix of scary and fun, perfect for couples who want more than a typical dinner date.

It’s a unique way to share a strong bond with your partner while conquering a shared fear.

Learn about the marine world

Let your love bloom while surrounded by charming aquatic creatures.

Take in the vibrant coral reefs, observe the playful marine life, and stroll hand in hand through the underwater tunnels.

Watch in awe as majestic sharks glide overhead – a truly romantic and captivating experience.

Pose for photos with graceful sea turtles and stingrays as they come close to the glass, adding a lively and charming touch to your visit.

A trip to the aquarium makes for a memorable Valentine’s Day activity in Minneapolis.

So, how do you and your loved one plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2024 in Minneapolis?

Book ahead before your options run out; it is another way to show you care.

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