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Valentine’s Day 2024 in Detroit – Romantic things to do


You might consider celebrating Valentine’s Day 2024 in Detroit if you love romantic ambiance, cultural attractions, music, and adventure.

Detroit offers a blend of unique attributes that can transform it into a delightful romantic destination for most couples.

The city’s revival, blending modern amenities with classic charm, renders it an unexpected yet enchanting choice for a dreamy  Valentine’s Day celebration.

Couples of all ages, whether visitors or locals, truly relish Valentine’s Day in Detroit.

If your love for your sweetheart is boundless (and we have no doubt it is), you’ll want to pamper them with all the passionate surprises that Detroit has in store.

Plan ahead of time, for many lovers will be flocking to this group of islands to celebrate the most romantic day of the year – 14 February 2024.

Explore our top recommendation for a captivating Valentine’s Day itinerary in Detroit, known as ‘Motor City’ or ‘Tiger Town.’

Things to do on Valentine’s Day in Detroit

Here are our 13 recommended romantic activities for your Valentine’s Day week in Detroit.

You need only bring your partner along!

Go on a romantic walking tour

Romantic walking tour in Detroit
Image: Myguidefrenchriviera.com

Every couple wants to hold hands and walk around romantic places.

So, this Valentine’s Day 2024, embark on a romantic journey through the heart of Detroit’s architectural wonders.

Enjoy the beauty of historic sites like the Motown Museum, Fisher Building, Super Bowl, and Fox Theater.

Capture photos of your favorite landmarks while your guide shares their stories.

Learn about the city’s contribution to music genres such as hip-hop, punk, Motown, techno, and rock.

Discover Detroit’s musical legacy. It’s the perfect date.

Watch an ice hockey game together

Watching your favorite sport is always a joy, especially when you watch it with your special someone.

Celebrate your Valentine’s week by attending a Detroit Red Wings game at Little Caesars Arena and enjoy the thrill of a live sporting event together.

And hey, if you’re feeling bold, proposing to your loved one in a sports stadium is a timeless idea (but no pressure if you’re not ready).

This is the perfect destination for you and your sports-loving partner.

Get adventurous with a scavenger hunt

Playful couples create more fun moments and lifetime memories.

Explore the city’s major sites, hidden gems, and off-the-beaten-path locations with your partner on this exciting scavenger hunt.

Engage in friendly competition as you and your boyfriend or girlfriend work together to solve puzzles and then complete the scavenger hunt with the clues sent to your phone.

Get additional challenges as you score your way up to the leaderboard.

Seal each successful clue with a sweet Valentine’s Day kiss.

Learn about Detroit’s history

Detroit's history
Image: Nps.gov

Couples in love connect more as they study together.

To enhance your bond, we recommend strolling through historically significant areas while listening to fascinating tales about Detroit’s past.

Rekindle your shared passion for history while exploring historic locations of the city, such as the Penobscot Building, the Guardian Building, and Campus Martius Park, all expertly guided by an audio tour.

Transport yourselves to different eras and relive romantic historical moments while standing in front of monuments like Kern’s Clock, Parker’s Alley, and the Louis Statue.

And don’t forget to explore Detroit’s historic and charming restaurants, which can infuse a touch of old-world romance into your evening.

Watch the sunset at the RiverWalk

Sunset at the RiverWalk
Image: Mixbook.com

Watching the sun go down, creating vibrant hues in the sky, will always bring couples in love closer.

Stroll along the Detroit RiverWalk at sunset, basking in the glow of love, and pause to witness the sunset over the water while sharing sweet kisses.

Relish the picturesque river views and click your Valentine’s Day selfies bathed in the natural filter of the setting sun.

Share your heartfelt poetry with your girlfriend or boyfriend during the golden hour in this historically charming location.

Don’t miss this Valentine’s Day evening’s romantic moment in Detroit.

Engage in a private fishing activity

Private fishing activity
Image: Michigan.org

Escape the city’s hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in a peaceful setting for quality time with your partner through a fun activity.

Consider booking a private boat tour with your loved one and go fishing in the beautiful Detroit River and Lake Saint Clair.

Relish the tranquility of an intimate fishing adventure while exploring new fishing techniques like fly fishing, vertical jigging walleye, and casting hardware.

Savor a romantic picnic on the boat, exchanging kisses and affection as you enjoy each other’s company.

It’s one of the most romantic ways to spend Valentine’s Day in Detroit.

Get spooky with your partner

Draw closer and hold hands as you explore Detroit’s mysterious and spooky side.

Share in the thrill of a ghost tour with your partner as you enter the grand mansion, The Whitney.

Cling to one another as you listen to spine-tingling stories about past residents like David Whitney, Jr., Flora Whitney, and her sister, who used to live there.

Wrap up the tour by giving a warm hug and reminiscing the haunted tales.

Young couples from Detroit or other places tend to engage in this activity on 14 February 2024.

Visit the aquarium together

Sea Life Michigan Aquarium
Image: Visitsealife.com

Couples of all ages enjoy spending time together in a serene aquatic ambiance.

You should take your sweetheart to the Sea Life Michigan Aquarium.

Take a 30-minute drive from Detroit to Auburn Hills and dive into a sea of love as you explore the aquarium’s depths, home to more than 250 marine creatures.

Share quality time with your date by appreciating the beauty of the ocean world as you stroll through the aquarium’s tunnels.

 A day at the aquarium is a perfect romantic activity for Valentine’s Day in Detroit.

Unveil the child in you at Legoland

Unveil the child in you at Legoland
Image: Gottagoorlando.com

On 14 February 2024, visit Legoland Discovery Center to relive childhood memories with your beloved.

First, create a love fortress using the renowned Danish LEGO bricks, thus symbolizing your connection as you relish the childlike joy of shared creativity and imagination.

Later, explore the imaginative displays, innovative workshops, exciting rides, and interactive attractions.

It is a perfect Valentine’s Day activity for young couples.

Take a cooking class together

Cooking together sure does bring couples together; now imagine it is done in a charming traditional building. It couldn’t be more romantic!

Treat your girlfriend or boyfriend to this Mediterranean-inspired private cooking class and spend your day cooking authentic Detroit dishes under the guidance of a home chef instructor.

You can also enjoy a glass of wine on Valentine’s Day as you work together to create your favorite dishes, from appetizers to main courses and desserts.

This romantic indulgence is ideal for both young and old couples.

Visit the Detroit Institute of Arts

Detroit Institute of Arts
Image: Brianweitzelphotography.com

Detroit’s unique artistic contributions are a source of wonder for both local couples revisiting and international couples seeing them for the first time.

Explore the museum’s art collections, discuss your favorite pieces, and admire the beauty and creativity of the 65,000 artworks as you wander through the galleries.

The art pieces in the Detroit Institute of Arts range from the earliest civilizations to the present period, which can give you different perspectives in brief.

If you and your sweetheart share an interest in the arts, then this is the perfect spot for your Valentine’s Day date.

Capture an everlasting memory by gifting your girlfriend a bouquet amidst a backdrop of art, like an indelible painting in your mind.

Get drunk Together

On 14 February 2024, spice up your celebration with a unique and exciting twist by embarking on Detroit’s Bar Hunt.

Discover the heart of the city’s nightlife scene in the lively Greektown district as you and your loved one explore a variety of bars and entertainment venues.

This adventure combines the thrill of a bar crawl with fun challenges, providing an interactive and memorable way to celebrate together.

Whether you’re a long-time couple looking for a spark or a new pair eager to create lasting memories, this bar hunt offers a fantastic opportunity to bond over drinks, dance, and exploration.

Go shopping on the Eastern Market

Shopping on the Eastern Market
Image: Wanderwithwonder.com

Lovers tend to shop together; if you are such a couple, then Eastern Market is where you and your partner should go!

Check out the bustling bazaar as you sample local foods and treats along with fresh, farm-grown fruits and vegetables (why not bring some back for a romantic dinner for two back home?).

Look into the small crafts and flower shops at the site where you can buy your lover beautiful gifts to light up your romance.

Saturdays are the best day of the week to visit this market, making it a fantastic way to enjoy quality time with your significant other.

Select your favorite romantic experience from the curated list above that is designed just for you and your beloved.

Secure your tour or tickets in advance to avoid any last-minute letdowns.

In advance, Happy Valentine’s Day to all the wonderful couples out there!

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