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Schonbrunn Palace Concerts – what to expect, duration, tickets

Schonbrunn Palace Concerts

Did you know the world-famous 1786 music contest between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri was held in the Orangery of Schönbrunn Palace? 

Want to know who was the winner?

Well, the answer can wait; however, what’s more important right now is to know about Schonbrunn Palace concerts!

We will guide you through what to expect from Schonbrunn Palace concerts, the dress code to be followed, the duration of the concert, and how to book tickets for an easy, peasy experience.

What to expect at Schonbrunn Concerts

Schloss Schönbrunn Konzerte ~ Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts (youtube.com)

Vienna is home to many of the world’s greatest composers, such as Beethoven, Mozart, and Strauss, so it’s no wonder Schonbrunn Palace concerts are popular among tourists!

The Orangery in Schonbrunn Palace has hosted several court festivities since it was built in 1754 and proudly hosts Schonbrunn Concerts daily! 

The Schonbrunn concerts feature music of the greatest composers, Mozart and Johann Strauss. Enjoy the operas of Mozart in the first half and the operas of Strauss in the second.

The contemporary opera singers, with international training and experience, do justice to the masterpieces of the legends. 

Overall, you will experience the Vienesse’s rich musical culture and heritage.

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Schonbrunn Concerts tickets

There are three ways to enjoy world-class music in Vienna. 

You can book just the concert, the concert along with a dinner, or all three experiences—palace tour, dinner, and concert.

Schonbrunn 90-minute concert 

Schonbrunn 90-minute concert
Image: NYTimes.com

With this Schonbrunn 90-minute Concert, you will listen to the music of Mozart and Strauss at the Orangery. 

You can choose your seats from four seating arrangements – Category A, B, C, and VIP. 

The entire concert venue is wheelchair accessible.

Concert prices

Category C: €55

Category B: €79

Category A: €89

VIP: €125

Even though they are allowed, it is not recommended to visit the concert with kids under eight.

Schönbrunn 3-course Dinner and Concert

Schönbrunn 3-course Dinner and Concert
Image: GetYourGuide.com

If you want a more relaxed way to spend your evening at Schonbrunn Palace, this 3-course Dinner and Concert is a perfect choice. 

This four-hour tour includes two experiences – tasting the delicious Vienesse food and listening to soulful music.

Out of categories A, B, C, and VIP, if you opt for the premium seats, you also get a complimentary drink (a glass of wine or orange juice) and access to the VIP lounge with a separate cloakroom. 

Vegetarian food is available on request (watch out for contact details on your ticket voucher).

Concert prices

Category C: €102

Category B: €124

Category A: €137

VIP: €170

Schonbrunn Concert with Evening Tour and Dinner

Schonbrunn Concert with Evening Tour and Dinner
Image: Facebook.com(DingBooography)

Now, this Schonbrunn Concert with Evening Tour and Dinner is fascinating! 

It’s just that you need a little bit of stamina to experience this six-hour tour. 

The tour begins at 5.30 pm at Schonbrunn Palace entrance.

After an hour’s visit, you will enjoy a Viennese dinner at 6.30 pm. 

The most awaited concert will start at 8.30 pm. 

Please note that the seating arrangements are first-come, first-served, within the category of your choice. We highly recommend arriving early to seats with the best view.

Concert prices

Category C: €137

Category B: €159

Category A: €172

VIP: €205

Schonbrunn concert seating

Schonbrunn concert seating

Visitors can choose from four types of seats at the theatre within the Orangery: Category C—Imperial, Category B—Grand, Category A—Deluxe, and VIP. 

The VIP category is closest to the concert stage, allowing you to witness the musical extravaganza from the best possible seats.

Deluxe comes next to VIP, followed by Grand and Imperial.

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Schonbrunn concert’s timings and duration

The concert at the Orangery starts at 8.30 pm every day throughout the year except during Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year.

The Orchestra starts on Christmas Eve at 3 pm and 7 pm on New Year’s Eve. 

On the New Year, the Schonbrunn Concert happens twice –  at 4 pm and 8.30 pm. 

The duration of the Orchestra is 90 to 110 minutes.

Schonbrunn Palace Concert dress code

Though there is no strict dress code for attending the Schonbrunn Orchestra, tourists and guests are expected to wear smart casual attire. 

Men can prefer button-down shirts with long trousers, and women can wear casual tops with pant suits, or skirts. They can opt for a blazer as an add-on. 

So, as we conclude, here is the answer to who won the 1798 music contest! 

It was Antonio Salieri!

However, the irony is that over the years, Mozart’s music has remained more popular than Salieri’s works, and the Schonbrunn Palace concerts continue to recreate his works even today.

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