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Inside the Schonbrunn Palace – attractions, gallery, things to do

The majestic Schonbrunn Palace has lots for visitors to see and experience, from private imperial apartments to the oldest zoo in the world. 

A visit to the palace’s attractions is a breeze with a little preparation, as it will help you easily navigate the popular tourist spot and make the most of your time. 

We will take you through the details of what’s inside Schonbrunn Palace and how to have a better experience in Vienna’s premier tourist attraction.

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Inside Schonbrunn Palace

What’s inside the Schonbrunn Palace

Schonbrunn Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is more than a majestic former imperial residence.

It has museums, gardens, galleries, and a zoo, providing a complete and enjoyable experience.

State and Private Apartments

Built-in a classic Rococo style, the Imperial Apartments is now known for its architecture. Out of 1441 rooms, 40 are open to the public. 

You will witness around 40 types of rooms and structures, and some of the popular ones are:

1. Guards Room

2. Billiard Room 

3. Audience Chamber

4. Emperor Franz – Joseph’s Study

5. Ketterl Room

6. Franz Joseph’s Room

7. Stairs Cabinet

8. Dressing Room 

9. Imperial Couple’s Bedroom

10. Salon of Empress Elisabeth

11. Hall of Mirrors

12. Great Gallery

13. Round Chinese Cabinet 

14. Blue Chinese Salon

15. Millions Room 

16. Rich Room 

17. Hunting Room

Apart from these rooms and structures, 

You can visit the Bergl rooms, where Empress Maria Theresa used the suite to protect herself from heat during the summer season, the Palace Chapel, and the Crown Prince Apartment.

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Carriage Museum & Children’s Museum

The Schonbrunn Palace houses the imperial collections of Austria. 

The Carriage Museum, as the name suggested, displays the carriages used by the Imperial family.

As you roam around the museum, you will discover the artistic nature of ancient Europeans through the fine-tuned craftsmanship in carriages. 

If you visit the palace with your family or want to satisfy your inner child, the children’s museum is a must-try.

This museum, with its precious collections, answers all these questions about how the children of the Imperial family grew up, about their day-to-day lives, and about what it takes to be a prince or princess. 

Try the Imperial costumes, which are on display and free for visitors to use, and feel like a prince or princess!

Gardens in Schonbrunn

The Great Parterre, with its widespread open space in Schonbrunn Palace, features symmetrical patterns and flower beds. 

When you visit this main garden, you will be standing exactly between the main palace building and the famous Neptune Fountain. 

Privy Garden, Orangery Garden, Maze, and Palm House are other major gardens you should visit. 

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Statues and sculptures in Schonbrunn

More than 70 statues and sculptures surround Schonbrunn Palace. Created between 1773 and 1780, they represent the monarchs or historical events in the Habsburg legacy. 

From Hercules to Joseph II, there are lined up statues with the expertise of artistic representations.


There are several fountains around the Schonbrunn Palace, the most famous of which are the Neptune Fountain, Obelisk Fountain, Roman Ruin Fountain, and Great Parterre Fountains.

Standing in front of these fountains, you can feel the soothing sensation of the misting waters – a truly refreshing experience. 

Please note the fountains are inactive from November to March due to cold weather. Plan your visit accordingly.

Vienna Zoo 

Established in 1752, Schonbrunn Zoo is the oldest operating zoo in the world. Home to more than 700 species, it is home to Austrian species such as Siberian Tigers, Koalas, Orangutans, and Panda Bears. 

It’s a must-visit if you are traveling with your kids.  

This Schonbrunn skip-the-line zoo ticket allows you to visit the zoo. In case of bad weather, you can even find shelter in a rainforest house.

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Things to do in Schonbrunn Palace

  • Many photographic spots exist in Schonbrunn Palace, including the Neptune Fountain Gloriette, Orangery, and Zoo. 
  • If you are interested in photography, visit the Schonbrunn Palace after sunset. The spectacular lighting decorated all over the palace will give you a memorable experience.
  • Have fun spotting animals and species from 700 species in the Vienna Zoo.
  • Take a walk across the gardens in the Schonbrunn Palace; don’t miss to visit Privy Garden!
  • Visit the Gloriette for an amazing view of Schonbrunn Palace and Vienna as you sip Vienesse coffee at the cafe.
  • Enjoy the Vienesse music concerts at the Orangery Garden of the Palace. 
  • Take the Schonbrunn Panoramic train ride and avoid walking for long hours. It also helps you to have a great palace-viewing experience. 
  • You can even celebrate your child’s birthday at the children’s museum in the palace. 

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