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Museum of Illusions Rome- tickets, prices, discounts, what to expect

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Experience the unbelievable as you explore the fascinating world of illusions at the Museum of Illusions in Rome.

Enter the fascinating realm of illusions, which will astonish you while deceiving your senses and thoroughly perplex you while simultaneously educating you.

The Museum of Illusions in Rome offers a setting appropriate for social and enjoyable excursions into the fascinating realm of illusions that has fascinated people of all ages.

Rome’s Museum of Illusions lives up to its name, with more than 70 mind-blowing visual, sensual, and educational experiences available to visitors through several rooms and exhibits.

This article shares everything you should know before booking tickets for the Museum of Illusions in Rome.

What to expect at Museum of Illusions

Museo delle illusioni Roma is ideal for having fun and learning new things with loved ones. 

It is a favorite destination for visitors of all ages.

The different optical illusions are available for guests to interact with, experiment with, and photograph for about an hour.

Museum of Illusions Rome exhibits

– Infinity Room, with its endless reflections

– Anti-Gravity Room, where it is uncertain if the floors are level or slanted

– Ames Room transforms visitors into little and gigantic replicas of themselves

– Vortex Tunnel promises to send visitors whirling

– The huge Kaleidoscope’s prism allows visitors to see themselves

– Smart Playroom with fun and instructive games and puzzles

– Smart Shop has a vast selection of conundrum games and other items

– Rotated Room, where you can completely alter how you see the world

– The Beuchet Chair Illusion allows you to experiment with perception laws and role and size ratios

– Head on the platter

Nothing is as it seems, especially not at the Museum of Illusions; therefore, we assure you that you will be delighted.

Where to buy Museum of Illusions tickets

Tickets for the Museum of Illusions in Rome are available online and at the attraction.

However, we strongly recommend that you book your tickets online because it provides you with several perks.

– You can save money by purchasing tickets online since you receive a discount.

– You don’t need to travel to the attraction to buy tickets or wait in long lines.

– You can purchase your tickets ahead of time and schedule your tour accordingly.

– Sometimes, the tickets get sold out quickly. But you can prevent last-minute disappointments by buying tickets online.

On FRIDAYS, WEEKENDS, and PUBLIC HOLIDAYS the entrance is reserved only for those who have already booked online.

How online ticket works

How online ticket works
Image: Moiroma.it

Go to the Museum of Illusions booking page, choose your preferred time and the number of tickets, and purchase them immediately.

The tickets will be emailed to you following your reservation.

Go straight to the entrance on the day of your visit, then scan your smartphone ticket’s barcode at the ticket counter.

You do not need to bring any printed tickets because the museum accepts smartphone tickets.

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Cost of Museum of Illusions tickets

The Museum of Illusions tickets cost €18 for all visitors aged 16 to 59 years.

Children aged 6 to 15 years get a €6 discount and pay only €12 for entry.

Seniors aged 60 years and above get a €3 discount and pay only €15 for entry.

Students with valid IDs also pay a discounted price of €15 for entry.

Families of 2 adults and 2 children or 2 adults and 1 child can buy the ticket for €45 only.

Guests with special needs carrying valid IDs will also pay a discounted price of €15.

Museum of Illusions tickets

Museum of Illusions tickets
Image: Moiroma.it

This ticket provides unrestricted access to the Museum of Illusions, Rome, home to a true collection of jaw-dropping showpieces.

Be thrilled and bewildered by exhibits that will blow your mind and teach you a few laws of physics too!

Buy this ticket as your lessons in psychology, mathematics, science, and biology await you!

Ticket price

Adult ticket (16 to 59 years): €18
Youth ticket (6 to 15 years): €12
Child ticket (up to 5 years): Free
Senior ticket (60+ years with valid ID): €15
Student ticket (with valid ID): €15
Family (2 adults+2 children or 2 adults+1 child: €45
Guests with special needs ticket (with valid ID): €15

– Youth and child tickets can be bought only in combination with Adult (16 to 59), Family, Student, Senior (60+), and Disabled tickets.

– For the family ticket, the child must be 6 to 15 years of age.

– An adult must accompany kids under 15.

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How to reach Museum of Illusions

How to reach Museum of Illusions
Image: Moiroma.it

The Museum of Illusions is located on Via Merulana and is a 1-min walk from Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore.

Address: Via Merulana 17, 00185 Roma RM. Get Directions.

The Museum of Illusions in Rome is accessible by public and private transport.

By Bus

The nearest bus stop is S. Maria Maggiore (available buses: 16, 75, 714, C3, F02). 

The bus stop is just 1 minute walk from the Rome Museum of Illusions.

Another bus stop is Carlo Alberto (available buses: 71, 360, 590, and 649). 

You may only need to walk for 2 minutes to get to the museum.

Napoleone III is another bus stop that is only 3 minute walk from the Museum (available buses: 50, 105, n5, n11, n543, and nMA).

By Tram

You can take tram lines 5 and 14 to reach Napoleone III, which is 3 minute walk from the Museum.

By Car

If you’re driving to the Museum, google maps can help you find your way. 

Car Parking

There are various parking stations around the Museum of Illusions. 

Click here to view the car parking lots.

Museum of Illusions timings

The Museum of Illusions in Rome is open from 10 am to 8.30 pm, Monday to Thursday. 

The last entry is at 7.30 pm.

However, from Friday to Sunday, the Rome Museum of Illusions is open from 10 am to 9 pm, with the last entry at 8 pm.

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How long does Museum of Illusions take?

How long does Museum of Illusions take
Image: Moiroma.it

The Museum of Illusions tour usually lasts about an hour.

You can, however, take as much time as you want to tour the Museum.

Best time to visit Museum of Illusions

When it opens at 10 am, the Museum of Illusions in Rome is at its finest and is the ideal time to visit.

The second-best time is 5 pm if you can’t make it in the morning. 

Avoid the crowds and have more than three hours before it shuts to explore.

What to see at Museum of Illusions

What to see at Museum of Illusions
Image: Moiroma.it

The Museum of Illusions in Rome is worth visiting if you want to experience something different from the Vortex Tunnel, Head on the Platter illusion, and Upside Down Room.

Here are the rooms and exhibits in Rome’s Museum of Illusions that you must visit.

Photo Illusions 

Photo illusions are clever techniques to trick your brain and give the impression that something is there that it isn’t.


The Museum of Illusions has an impressive collection of different holograms, such as pictures that emerge and disappear suddenly, alter their theme, or appear out of nowhere.

Optical illusions 

You are presented with perplexing pictures that deceive your eyes and brain. 

These optical illusions are a simple reminder that our senses are limited, and we frequently perceive the world incorrectly.

Rubin’s Vase 

The Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin created a renowned collection of ambiguous or bistable two-dimensional forms called Rubin’s vase. 

Find as many hidden faces as possible after becoming captivated by their potential.


When rotated on a record turntable, black and white patterns produce dynamic optical illusions.

Clone Table 

This delusion invites you to sit with yourself. 

You will be surrounded by five of your clones as you sit down.



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