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Aquafelix Water Park Tickets & Tours


Aquafelix is one of the best water parks in Italy and is just an hour’s drive from Rome.

The water park offers every family member the right mix of pools, water slides, water rides, music, and sun, making it popular with locals, tourists, and cruise passengers.

This water theme park in Civitavecchia is massive and open only during the summer months yearly. 

Whether you are a water park fan or just looking for a fun day out with the family, this attraction is guaranteed to make a splash. So pack your swimsuit, grab sunscreen, and prepare for the aquatic adventure of a lifetime!

This article shares everything you must know before buying Aquafelix tickets.

Top Aquafelix Water Park Tickets

# Aquafelix tickets

Things to know before booking tickets

Tickets for Aquafelix Waterpark are available online and at the ticket counter.

Online ticket prices tend to be cheaper than tickets at the venue.

When you buy online, you can avoid the long queues at the attraction’s ticket counters.

Because the attraction sells limited tickets, they may sell out during peak days. Booking early helps avoid last-minute disappointments.

Once you purchase Aquafelix tickets, they get delivered to your email address.

There is no need to get printouts of the ticket.

You can show the e-ticket on your smartphone at the entrance when you visit the attraction.

Aquafelix tickets

This ticket includes access to all the attractions in the water park.

Buy this popular ticket to enjoy one of the best water parks in Italy and have family fun in sunny Civitavecchia, just an hour from Rome!

Take the plunge down four thrilling water slides, including an exciting pitch-black flume ride.

Cruise down the lazy river to the tune of a live DJ and re-energize at a selection of pizzerias, restaurants, and bars.

You will find everything you’d expect from a modern water park here.

Cost of tickets

The regular ticket for Aquafelix Waterpark is priced at €14 for adults and children taller than 1 meter (3.2 feet).

Kids under 1 meter (3.2 feet) can get in for free; no ticket is required.

Note: Visitors in wheelchairs don’t need to pay for entry. Other disabled visitors can buy the tickets directly at the cash desk at the cost of € 13. 

Ticket Price: €14 per person taller than 1 meter (3.2 feet)

Frequently asked questions about tickets

Here are some questions tourists ask before purchasing their tickets for Aquafelix in Rome.

Does the water park offer free tickets?

Entry to the attraction is free for children under 1 meter get in for free.

Can I buy tickets at the venue?

Yes, the water park’s tickets are available at the venue’s ticket office. However, the popular timeslots may sell out due to high demand, so getting them online in advance is better.

Do we need to print online tickets?

Visitors can present their tickets on mobile devices, but printed tickets are also accepted at the Aquafelix. You can show the ticket on your mobile at the entrance.

What is the water park’s arrival time?

While the venue times are 10 am to 6 pm, the last admission will be no later than 5 pm.

What is attraction’s late arrival policy?

You can enter the water park anytime between 10 am and 5 pm at your convenience.

Does the Aquafelix offer discounts for locals?

The attraction does not offer discounted admission to locals.

Does the water park offer a student discount?

Unfortunately, the attraction does not offer a dedicated student discount on their admission tickets.

Does the water park offer a military discount?

The attraction does not offer a military discount on its admission tickets.

Does Roma Pass include access to Aquafelix?

The Roma Pass has not yet included the attraction in its go-to sightseeing list.

What is the water park’s refund policy?

This attraction of Rome has a flexible cancellation policy. You can cancel your ticket until 11:59 pm on the day before your visit for a full refund.

How to reschedule the ticket?

The attraction has a flexible rescheduling policy. You can change the time and date of your visit until 11.59 pm the day before your scheduled visit.

What is the water park’s rain policy?

The attraction is an all-weather experience, so all tickets are final.

Is Aquafelix Waterpark suitable for all ages?

The Waterpark offers attractions and activities suitable for guests of all ages, from toddlers to seniors. Whether you’re seeking thrilling slides or a relaxing day by the pool, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

Are pets allowed at Aquafelix Waterpark?

Animals are not allowed at the water park.

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Opening hours

Aquafelix Waterpark is open from 10 am to 6.30 pm every day of the week.

The ticket office closes at 4 pm.

The water park in Civitavecchia is open to the public only during summer – from June to the first week of September. 

How long does the park take

Most visitors spend 3 to 4 hours splashing around in the pool, trying out the rides, or sunbathing at Aquafelix in Civitavecchia.

Best time to visit

If you are an early bird, you can be at the water park when they open at 10 am, have fun for 3 to 4 hours, have lunch, and head back. 

The next best option is to reach there by 2.30 pm and enjoy their rides and pool till 6.30 pm when the water park closes. 

If you plan to take a train to Civitavecchia station, it is best to be there by 10.15 am and 11.15 am to catch the shuttle and reach the water park in ten minutes. 

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What to expect

Aquafelix is home to many thrilling rides that will get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping.

From steep drops to wild twists and turns, the slides are designed to thrill even the most adventurous souls.

Whether you are a daredevil seeking the ultimate rush or a first-timer dipping your toes, the waterpark has something for everyone.

Aquafelix is a place where families can come together and create unforgettable memories.

With designated areas for little ones, including splash pads and gentle slides, parents can rest easy knowing their kids are having a blast in a safe environment.

The family-friendly attractions mean the whole gang can join in on the fun, from grandparents to toddlers and everyone in between.

When hunger strikes, the onsite eateries offer a variety of tasty treats to keep you fueled up for more aquatic adventures.

The team of trained lifeguards monitors the water, ensuring you can relax and enjoy your day without worry.

Whether you conquer your fears on a thrilling slide, share laughs with friends and family in the wave pool, or simply soak in the sunshine, every moment spent here is one you will treasure for years to come.

What to do at Aquafelix

If you have the energy and the willingness, you can spend the whole day at the Waterpark. 

The attraction has seven major highlights, where visitors spend most of their time.  


Aquafelix Maremotum
Image: Aquafelix.it

Maremotum is the main pool, the perfect place to dance, have fun, and ride the waves.

The wave pool has DJ music, lots of water splashes, waterfalls, and waves.

The pool and the day-long entertainment are ideal for all age groups.

Multi Splash

Aquafelix Multisplash
Image: Aquafelix.it

Multi Splash has four parallel slides running down a steep hill.

It is ideal for family races. 

Visitors of all age groups keep trying it repeatedly – going up and sliding down the whole day. 


Aqufelix Vortex
Image: Aquafelix.it

Vortex is a semi-closed, all-curved slide where you can whiz with friends and family.

While it is suitable for all age groups, kids should use it at the parents’ discretion.

Mozza Fiatum

Aqufelix Mozza Fiatum
Image: Aquafelix.it

With their bumps and fascinating slopes, these adrenaline-pumping slides are the perfect place to challenge your friends and family. 

Mozza Fiatum’s two parallel slides are ideal for all ages. 

Bahia Felix

Bahia Felix
Image: Aquafelix.it

Bahia Felix is an isolated area for relaxation and where children can have fun in their world. 

It is divided into two parts and offers slides, hydromassage, whirlpool, swimming pools, and waterfalls. 

This part of the water park also has entertainers. 


Flentum Aquafelix
Image: Aquafelix.it

Flentum is a slow river on which you can travel while you sit and relax on comfortable donuts.

This engaging but pleasant experience is ideal for visitors of all ages because the water pushes the donut slowly.

Getting on the Flentum before or after trying the adrenaline-pumping slides is best. 


Aquafelix Katakumba
Image: Aquafelix.it

Katakumba is an indoor slide, and visitors experience unparalleled emotions aboard an inflatable raft between curves, splashes, and hair-raising descents. 

Only guests taller than 120 cms (47.25 inches) are allowed to try Katakumba. 


The largest cone in Italy has 300 meters (984 feet) of open and closed sensory water slides.

Attraction with descent as a couple for a blast of fun!

The ride is not recommended for children under one meter in height.

Additional Services
Hot showers are free for ticket holders and available up to 30 minutes before the water park closes. Visitors can use the sun loungers and umbrellas for free. However, seats are limited. 

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Map of Aquafelix

It is better to spend time with a Map of Aquafelix and plan your time at the water park before your visit.

You don’t want to overstay at one attraction and get tired before trying the other highlights.

Awareness of the layout is even more necessary if you visit with kids.

Besides the rides and pools, a map will also help you identify restaurants, washrooms, lockers, showers, hammocks, etc. 

Download Aquafelix Map (560 Kb)

Restaurants at Aquafelix

Golosarium is the restaurant at Aquafelix water park.

Visitors can order sandwiches, drinks, ice cream, etc., to re-energize between attractions. 

Magnafelix is the Aquafelix bar, restaurant, and pizzeria where visitors love to relax on its massive terrace.

How to reach

Aquafelix is in Civitavecchia, around 70 km (43 miles) from Rome, and it usually takes an hour to get to the water park.

Address: Casale Altavilla, Via Terme di Traiano, 00053 Civitavecchia (RM). Get Directions.

You can reach the water park by using public transport or car.


The water park also offers a shuttle service, which starts from Civitavecchia train station at 10.15 am and 11.15 am. 

You can take one of the morning trains from any stations in Rome or nearby cities and be at the Civitavecchia train station to catch the shuttle. 

The shuttle bus follows this route – FF.SS. Station. – V.le Garibaldi – P.za V. Emanuele – C.so Marconi Via XVI Settembre – Via B. Claudia – Via Pecorelli – Via T. Traiano – Aquafelix Park.

The shuttle bus starts at 6.40 pm from the water park for the return journey to the station.

By Car 

If you are driving, take the A12 Rome – Civitavecchia motorway and exit at Civitavecchia Nord. 

Take the provincial road (Via Terme di Traiano) towards Allumiere – Tolfa, and follow the signs to reach the destination. 

The best thing to do is to fire up your Google Maps and follow directions

The attraction has around 1500 parking spaces in large parking lots adjacent to the park entrance.

Visitors with Aquafelix tickets can park here for free. 

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