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Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition tickets & prices, what to see, timings

Leonardo Da Vinci was a painter, carver, architect, engineer, mathematician, anatomist, musician, and inventor, possibly the most well-known.

An exhibition honoring Da Vinci’s global brilliance is on display in Rome.

At this exhibition, visitors get a unique experience that immerses their senses in history, art, and culture.

The simple machines in the museum were created using Da Vinci’s protocols. 

These machines, not simply “models,” are made of wood, using advanced technology and specialized human abilities.

The museum exhibits are meticulously planned and finished, focusing on machine interaction.

The Exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci won “Most Innovative Venue Italy 2021”.

This article covers everything you must know before booking tickets for Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition in Rome.

Tickets Cost
Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition €9
Treasure Hunt with Leonardo da Vinci €45

Things to know before booking tickets

You can buy Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition tickets online or at the attraction.

However, we recommend booking tickets online because it provides several benefits. 

– By booking tickets online, you can save money since you receive online discounts.

– You don’t have to travel to the attraction and line up in long queues to buy tickets. During peak times, these lines can get long, and you will waste your time.

– Tickets usually sell out quickly, but buying tickets online can prevent last-minute disappointments.

– Your online reservation will give you priority access to the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition.

To book tickets, go to the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition ticket booking page and choose your preferred date and the number of tickets.

You will receive an email with your tickets when you purchase them. 

There is no need for you to bring printouts.

On the day of your visit, show the e-ticket on your smartphone at the box office, and you’ll also receive the Rome City Map.

Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition tickets

Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition tickets
Image: Wikimedia.org

This ticket gives you priority entrance to the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition and provides a Rome City Map.

You get an English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish audio guide.

It is better to purchase your tour tickets online to immerse yourself in the works of the great Genius by going on an adventurous and enjoyable trip at the museum.

Visit the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition in Rome to LEARN, THINK, CALCULATE, INTERACT, STUDY, BUILD, CREATE, OBSERVE, LISTEN, and do much more.

Cost of tickets

The tickets for the Exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci cost €9 for all visitors aged 18 to 65 years. 

Kids aged 12 to 17 get a €2 discount and pay only €7.

Tickets for seniors aged 65 years and above are also discounted and priced at €7.

Children aged five to 11 get a €3 discount and pay only €6, while those below five can enter the museum for free.

EU citizens (18 to 25 years) are eligible for discounts upon presentation of a photo ID.

Ticket Prices

Adult (18 to 65 years): €9
Youth (12 to 17 years): €7
Child (5 to 11 years): €6
Senior (65+ years): €7
Infant (up to 5 years): Free

Treasure Hunt with Leonardo da Vinci

Treasure Hunt with Leonardo da Vinci
Image: Tiqets.com

Hunt for cultural clues in Rome and visit the Da Vinci exhibition.

Discover a brand-new way to view Rome by participating in an interactive treasure hunt around the city’s most significant landmarks.

You can select from a variety of pathways based on what you want to see, get points as you explore and study, and then, in the end, solve Da Vinci’s challenging mystery to win a gift.

This is a group activity limited to 20 participants. 

Depending on your selected ticket option, You will receive an interactive guide in English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, or Russian.

You can select your preferred language while booking tickets.

The treasure hunt begins at 11 am and 3 pm every day and lasts about three hours. 

You can reserve your time slot while purchasing your tickets online. 

Ticket Prices

Adult (18 to 64 years): €45
Youth (12 to 17 years): €30
Child (5 to 11 years): €25
Senior (65+ years): €30
Infant (up to 5 years): Free

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Combo tickets

Combo tickets are the best way to explore Rome as they let you discover two attractions quite close to each other on the same day.

You can book tickets for Bioparco + Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition or Pantheon: Audio Guide + Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition.

You can get up to a 5 to 10% discount on these tickets.

Bioparco + Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition

Bioparco + Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition
Image: Bioparco.it

Distance: 6.7 km (4.1 miles)
Time Taken: 23 minutes by car

You can visit the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition and Bioparco with this combo ticket.

At Bioparco, there lies an oasis of exotic animals, perfect for both adults and children. 

Discover various exotic animals, including grizzly bears, tigers, pythons, cheeky monkeys, huge apes, and even Komodo dragons.

Play the treasure hunt at the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition, take your kids to the Italian Renaissance displays, and experience Leonardo da Vinci’s ingenuity.

Ticket Cost: €26 

Pantheon: Audio Guide + Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition

Leonardo Exibition
Image: Pantheonroma.com

Distance: 3.4 km (2.1 miles)
Time Taken: 19 minutes by car

With this combo ticket, you may visit the Pantheon and Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition.

At Pantheon, you get a top-notch audio guide that includes storytelling and video.

This audio tour, offered in several languages, is the ideal history lesson for people of all ages and cultures.

Fans of engineering and history can enjoy the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition in Rome. 

The works of Leonardo da Vinci can be seen and used in life-size replicas. 

Watch animated holograms and visit an underground temple in the same structure after exploring the exhibition.

You get a discount of 5% on this ticket.

Ticket Cost: €25 

Buy Roma Pass and visit one or two of Rome’s top attractions with access to public transport. Pick either a 48-hour pass or a 72-hour pass and get direct entry into the famous gems of Rome. 

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Exhibition timings

Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition in Rome opens daily from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm.

The last entry to the museum is an hour before the closing time. 

How long does the tour take

It takes about two hours to explore the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition. 

If you admire Leonardo’s work, your visit can take longer than two hours.

Arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time for a hassle-free experience.

Best time to visit 

Best time to visit Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition
Image: Wlos.com

The best time to visit the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition is as soon as it opens at 9.30 am.

You can experience and enjoy your tour at your own pace as a small group of people are around in the morning.

Since the Museo Leonardo Da Vinci Experience can get busy on weekends, weekdays are better for visiting. 

What to expect

Leonardo Da Vinci is regarded as the prototype of the Renaissance Man due to his insatiable curiosity and mastery of a wide range of subjects. 

A multi-faceted individual with considerable interests had a unique perspective on the world compared to those around him.

We may describe him as a dreamer today!

Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition Rome is where you can view some of his magnificent art and inventions.

The entire exhibition is devoted to Da Vinci’s brilliance and focuses on the sensory experience of his creations. 

What to do at the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition

Here is a list of what is included in the Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition.

– View and use Leonardo’s machines

Some of Leonardo’s most spectacular drawings inspired the museum’s wooden prototypes, which visitors can use. 

People of all ages will find handling these “tough” devices a unique experience because many of them are the first iterations of modern technologies we now take for granted.

Engaging with these entertaining prototypes makes it the ideal outing for families with young children or those who still have a child at heart.

– Enter the 360° mirror room

The 360-degree mirror chamber is a must-see attraction when you visit this museum.

This room has a typical wooden door through which you enter, and once inside, you are in an area entirely encircled by mirrors.

Walking in and seeing yourself in your totality is a tremendous joy for all ages, especially children. 

You cannot get enough of this room; when you return, it will be a big hit.

– Make Leonardo’s suspended bridge by yourself

One of Leonardo’s amazing creations is his suspended bridge, which defies gravity.

The exhibition includes a specific area devoted to this bridge with a table for youngsters inviting them to try building it themselves. 

All the materials are provided, and there are pictures of the actual bridge and the routes needed, so it’s a lot of fun to try! 

It’s like putting together a huge puzzle, but harder than it looks!

– Admire Leonardo’s sketches and the holograms of his creations

The exhibition includes holograms, a novel technique to display Leonardo’s ideas, and many of his fascinating drawings are for inquiring adults and older children. 

The holograms are nine three-dimensional replicas of Leonardo’s inventions that were generated using a technique that gives them the appearance of being made of light and floating in space. 

This is a unique and potent approach to demonstrate how the machines work in a way that appears magical to young viewers.

– Visit the most unexpected room in the museum

You unexpectedly find yourself in one of the rooms in front of a body of water that conceals the old underground grave of Aulus Irtius, one of Julius Caesar’s lieutenants.

The sudden emergence of the water will cause you to stop in your tracks. 

Although the body of water is modest, you can walk around it on metal joists, which gives you an amazing view.

You can see some of the ancient tombs and Leonardo’s device for floating.

– Go on a treasure hunt with your family

Families with children can participate in a treasure hunt at the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition in Rome, taking them to places besides the museum.

You receive an iPad and instructions at the main ticket counter, where the treasure hunt begins.

You will be led on a treasure hunt using the clues around the piazzas and streets close to the museum before returning to the exhibition to complete your tour.

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How to reach

The Leonardo da Vinci Museum is in Palazzo della Cancelleria.

Address: P.za della Cancelleria, 1, 00186 Roma RM, Italy. Get Directions.

You can take public transport or a personal vehicle to the Exhibition.

By Bus

The nearest bus stop is C.So Vittorio Emanuele/Navona (available buses: 46, 62, 64, 916, 916F, n46, n98, and n904). 

Take a 2-minute walk from the bus stop to reach the museum.

Another bus stop is Chiesa Nuova (available buses: 40, 46, 62, 64, 190F, 916, 916F, n46, n98, and n904). 

Take a 4-minute walk from the bus stop to reach the museum. 

By Car

If you’re traveling by car, open Google Maps and proceed to your destination.

There are parking lots near the attraction.

FAQs about the Da Vinci Exhibition

Here are a few frequently asked questions about the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition in Rome:

How can I purchase tickets for the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition exhibition?

You can purchase tickets for the exhibition in Rome online or at the venue’s box office. We recommend online ticket purchases to avoid last-minute disappointment, and online ticket sales are available 24/7 for your convenience.

Do I need to purchase tickets in advance, or can I buy them on my visit?

While you can purchase tickets for the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition at the venue, we recommend buying them in advance, especially during peak times, to secure your entry and avoid long lines. Exhibition tickets may also sell out, so booking ahead is a good idea.

Can I use my ticket on any exhibition day, or is it date-specific?

Tickets for the exhibition are date-specific. Please check and book your ticket for the exact date and time that you prefer. Make sure to plan your visit accordingly.

Is the exhibition accessible for individuals with disabilities or mobility challenges?

Yes, the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition is accessible for wheelchair users and people with mobility challenges.

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