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Outlander Film Locations – tickets, prices, timings, what to expect

With its captivating fusion of history, romance, and time travel, Outlander, the epic television series based on Diana Gabaldon’s bestselling novels, has captivated audiences worldwide. 

The show’s breathtaking filming locations, which contribute to the fascinating world-building for the protagonists’ time-traveling adventures, bring the show’s enchanting plot to life. 

A guided tour of Outlander Film Locations is a fantastic experience that lets you enter the show’s charming universe and learn about the treasure of stories, legends, and folklore woven into Scotland’s stunning landscapes.

These landscapes have been the setting for many high-profile productions, such as Monty Python and Game of Thrones!

Read on to learn everything you need to know before booking tickets for the Outlander Filming Locations tour.

What to expect at Outlander Film Locations

Here is what a tour of Outlander Film Locations Scotland looks like.

Journey to Doune Castle, located near Stirling. This magnificent fortress serves as the fictional Castle Leoch, the ancestral home of Clan MacKenzie. 

Walk through the atmospheric corridors and imagine yourself transported to the 18th century, where the castle’s towering stone walls witnessed many key moments from the show’s first season, such as when Claire first meets Jaimie Fraser in the Great Hall.

Venture to Midhope Castle, which you will recognize as “Lallybroch” from the show.

Nestled amidst the rugged beauty of West Lothian, this 16th-century tower house is a testament to Scotland’s rich architecture and was the cherished family home of Jamie Fraser. 

Explore the ancestral estate, wander through the courtyard, and let your imagination run wild!

Wander to the charming, quaint village of Culross, which you will recognize as Cranesmuir, where Claire was accused of witchcraft! This picturesque town, with its quaint cobbled streets and beautifully preserved buildings, is a beautiful blend of history and fiction.

Witness the foreboding Blackness Castle on the banks of the Firth of Forth; the imposing fortress provides the backdrop for Fort William, where Jamie faced imprisonment! 

You’ll gain a deeper appreciation for Jaimie’s misery as you explore the castle’s ramparts and dungeons!

Stroll through the picturesque village of Falkland, transformed into the fictional Inverness for the series. 

Visit the iconic Falkland Palace, which doubles as Mrs. Baird’s guesthouse, and relive the moments when Claire first encountered the mysterious Craigh na Dun.

Stop by the awe-inspiring Linlithgow Palace, the backdrop for the haunting Wentworth prison.

Have your experience enriched by an expert guide who is well-versed in the Outlander Filming Locations In Edinburgh.

The guide will fill you in on all the inside stories from the production times and the attraction’s history.

Tour Ticket Cost
Outlander Film Locations Day Trip from Edinburgh £54
The Outlander, Palaces & Jacobites Experience from Edinburgh £55
Private Outlander and Film Locations Luxury Day Tour £365

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Where to book tickets

Tickets for Edinburgh’s Outlander Filming Location tour are available online and at each attraction’s ticket counter. 

Quite a few attractions have been used for Outlander’s filming locations, and they are distributed over a considerably large area; not everything is within walking range.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended you plan your trip by booking a guided tour online.

Online ticket prices tend to be cheaper than tickets at the venue.

When you buy online, you can avoid the long queues at the attraction’s ticket counters.

Because the attraction sells a limited number of tickets, booking early helps avoid last-minute disappointment.

How do online tickets work

Go to the Outlander Film Locations booking page, select the number of tickets and preferred date, and buy the tickets immediately. 

After the purchase, you will receive the tickets through your email. 

There is no requirement to bring any printouts. 

On the day of your visit, you can walk in and show the ticket on your smartphone to the guide or staff involved. 

You will also be asked to mention the number of tour participants traveling with you. 

Outlander Film Locations ticket price

An adult ticket (17 to 59 years)  For Outlander Film Locations day trip from Edinburgh will cost you £69.

However, if you omit Doune Castle from your trip, the tickets cost you £54.

Children between the ages of five and 16 and seniors above 60 can gain access at £51 (without Doune Castle) and £66 (with Doune Castle), respectively.

Infants under the age of five are not allowed.

An adult ticket (17 to 59 years) for The Outlander, Palaces & Jacobites Experience from Edinburgh will cost you £55.

Children between four and 16 years and seniors above 60 can gain access at £53.

Infants under the age of five are not allowed for this tour.

You can buy the Private Outlander and Film Locations Luxury Day Tour at £365. 

Infants under six are allowed and are not charged anything for the private tour.

You can book a maximum of 10 travelers for the general tour and seven for the private one.

Outlander Film Locations tickets

A guided tour of the Outlander filming locations is a remarkable journey through time and an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the show’s beloved characters. 

Each site holds a piece of the Outlander story, from the imposing castles to the enchanting landscapes.

Immerse yourself in the magic of Scotland, where fantasy and reality intertwine, and let the captivating allure of these sites transport you to the beguiling world of Outlander.

The expert guides will add spice and comprehensive wisdom to your tour, making it all the more memorable!

Some Outlander filming locations have restrictions or limited access during certain times due to ongoing productions or other events, and the tour is made available only during the days when filming isn’t going on, so you do not have to worry about that. 

Outlander Film Locations day trip tickets from Edinburgh 

Outlander Film Locations day trip tickets from Edinburgh
Image: Tripadvisor.in

After picking you up from Elder Street in Edinburgh, this day trip will take you through Midhope Castle, followed by Doune Castle, the historic stronghold of Scotland.

From the kingdom of Fife, you will then move on to the charming village of Culross, a beautiful example of a 17th-century burgh of Scotland.

The journey will continue to the village of Falkland before ending at the haunting Blackness Castle.

An expert guide will accompany you on your tour.

Ticket Prices

Outlander Film Locations day trip from Edinburgh (With Doune Castle)

Adult Ticket (17 to 59 years): £69
Child Ticket (5 to 16 years): £66
Senior Ticket (60+ years): £66

Outlander Film Locations day trip from Edinburgh (Without Doune Castle)

Adult Ticket (17 to 59 years): £54
Child Ticket (5 to 16 years): £51
Senior Ticket (60+ years): £51

Tickets: Outlander, Palaces & Jacobites Experience from Edinburgh

Outlander, Palaces & Jacobites Experience from Edinburgh
Image: Veltra.com

The meetup will take place at the lawn market in Edinburgh. 

This tour leans more towards the Jacobite experience, especially concerned with the locations integral to the Jacobite uprising.

From here, you will be shuttled to the Midhope Castle.

After your visit to the Midhope, you will be taken to the town of Linlithgow, where the imposing Linlithgow Palace is.

After an hour-long tour covering the Culross war memorial, you will visit the Falkland Village and see Outlander’s ‘Inverness’ come to life.

Your final stop will be at South Queensferry for a photo-op before being shuttled back to your meeting point in Edinburgh.

An expert guide will always be alongside you.

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (17 to 59 years): £55
Child Ticket (4 to 16 years): £53
Senior Ticket (60+ years): £53

Private Outlander and Film Locations Luxury Day Tour

Private Outlander and Film Locations Luxury Day Tour
Image: Visitscotland.com

This trip provided an intimate and personalized experience of Scotland’s most famous television locations. 

This private tour facilitates a pickup directly from your hotel in Edinburgh.

This comprehensive tour will first shuttle you to Hopeton House after pickup. Hopeton House (or Ellesmere!) is one of Scotland’s largest stately homes. 

It is worth noting that this attraction only takes visitors from April to September.

Before circling Doune Castle, this personalized tour will take you to Midhope Castle, Blackness Castle, and Linlithgow Palace.

After moving on to the Royal Burgh of Culross Museum in Culross Village, you will end your tour at the Falkland Palace and Garden in Falkland Village.

Ticket Price: £365

Save time and money! Experience the best of Edinburgh, from the majestic Edinburgh Castle to the delightful taste of whisky, with the Edinburgh Pass. This convenient pass includes three amazing attractions and a personal discount code that allows you to save 10% on selected activities in the city.

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How to reach 

There are so many filming locations that feature in the Outlander series.

The meeting point depends on the tour option you select; remember, it is subject to change.

So, you should always check the booking page to know the exact meeting location before arriving. 

The Outlander Film Locations are well connected with public transportation. 


The Doune Castle is open from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm (1 April to 30 September) and 10 am to 4 pm (1 October to 31 March).

The last entry is 45 minutes before the closing time.

Other attractions like Linlithgow Palace and Midhope Castle also host visitors similarly.

If you were to pick up a guided tour, the pickup spot and a meeting time will be sent to you.

The private tour operator will also pick you up from your hotel at a given time.

The assembly time is usually between 8.30 am and 9 am.

You must reach the meeting point ten minutes before the designated time.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Outlander Film locations is in the morning.

The rush is less, the air much sweeter, and by lunchtime, you can be at one of the food inns within the location.

Scotland’s weather can be unpredictable, but generally, the summer months (June to August) tend to have milder temperatures and longer daylight hours, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities and exploring film locations.

However, it can also be the busiest tourist season, with larger crowds and higher prices.

If you prefer to avoid large crowds and enjoy a more peaceful experience, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons of spring (April to May) and autumn (September to October). 

These months offer pleasant weather, beautiful scenery, and relatively fewer tourists.

Midhope Castle and Blackness Castle are closed on the 25 September and the 2 October.

How long does the tour take

How long does the Outlander Film Locations tour take
Image: Visitscotland.com

The Outlander Film Locations tour usually takes 9 to 10 hours from start to finish. 

Factors such as travel time, traffic conditions, and the distance between locations can also impact the overall duration of the tour. 

Weather conditions are also a factor the tour operators take into account.

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FAQs about Outlander Film Locations

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Outlander Film Locations.

Have the sites in Outlander film location tours also been used in other shows?

Yes, these sites have also been used in other filming schedules, such as Monty Python and the pilot episode of Game Of Thrones! 

 Is the Scotland Outlander filming locations tour suitable for non-Outlander fans as well?

The trip deeply delves into Scotland’s lush green landscapes, historic architecture, folklore, and legends. It is a grand time for fans and non-fans alike! 

Where can I book tickets for Outlander film locations in Edinburgh?

You can look up the itinerary and book a tour here. Private tours can be booked here.

Is there an additional cost for entry into any attraction or food?

Food is not included in the tour package. Doune Castle has an entry fee.

Can children participate in the tour, and is there a minimum age requirement?

While children can participate in the private tour, infants under five are prohibited on general tours.

Are there any specific dress code requirements for the tour?

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you will usually associate with a hike.

Is the tour wheelchair accessible?

While the private tour is wheelchair accessible, the general tour of the filming locations or Jacobite experience is not.

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