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Hadrian’s Wall – tickets, prices, what to expect, timings

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Hadrian’s Wall is a remarkable testament to the ingenuity and engineering prowess of the ancient Roman Empire. 

In the 2nd century AD, Emperor Hadrian ordered the construction of a wall that functioned as a strong barrier and a visible indicator of the northern boundary of the Roman Empire.

Hadrian’s Wall is approximately 73 miles (117 kilometers), and it runs through the countryside from the River Tyne in the east to the Solway Firth in the west.

Its construction, which began in 122 AD and took around six years to complete, required the efforts of thousands of Roman soldiers, auxiliary units, and local laborers. 

Hadrian’s Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, attracts visitors from all over the world. It provides an intriguing look into the history of the Roman Empire.

This article covers everything you should know before booking tickets for Hadrian’s Wall.

What to expect 

Hadrians Wall Documentary – History Channel

Hadrian’s Wall is located in the vibrant countryside of northern England. 

You can expect breathtaking views of rolling hills, open landscapes, and rugged terrain as you explore the wall.

Alongside, you’ll encounter various historical sites. 

These included forts, mile castles, and turrets that served as defensive positions and provided shelter for the Roman soldiers. 

Some sites have been partially reconstructed or restored, giving you a glimpse into the wall’s original appearance.

There are several visitor centers and museums situated along Hadrian’s Wall. 

They provide valuable information about the wall’s construction, Roman history, and the daily lives of the soldiers stationed there. 

While exploring the wall, you may find ongoing excavations or information about recent findings. These findings add to the intrigue and historical value of the site.

Throughout the wall’s length, sign language and information boards provide context and explanations about the wall’s various features and historic significance. 

The area around Hadrian’s Wall is known for its diverse wildlife and natural beauty. Watch for various bird species, mammals, and plant life as you explore the countryside. 

You’ll find visitor amenities like car parks, restrooms, cafes, and gift shops along the route. 

Such facilities ensure visitors have a comfortable and convenient experience while exploring Hadrian’s Wall.

Ticket Price
Hadrian’s Wall & Roman Britain 1-Day Tour from Edinburgh £77
Rosslyn Chapel and Hadrian’s Wall Small Group Day Tour £89
Hadrian’s Wall: 2-Hour Guided Tour £30
Hadrian’s Wall: 4-Hour Guided Tour £55

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Where to book tickets

The Hadrian’s Wall tickets can be purchased online or at the attraction.

To save time and money, we suggest buying your tickets online. 

Online ticket prices tend to be cheaper than tickets at the venue.

When you buy online, you can avoid the long queues at the attraction’s ticket counters.

Because the attraction sells a limited number of tickets, booking early helps avoid last-minute disappointment.

How do online tickets work? 

Visit the Hadrian’s Wall booking page, select the number of tickets, preferred date and buy the tickets immediately. 

After the purchase, you will receive the tickets in your email. 

There is no requirement to bring any printouts.

Meet your guide at Edinburgh Bus Station’s Gate J and Gate K and show the e-ticket on your smartphone.

Hadrian’s Wall ticket prices

Tickets for Hadrian’s Wall & Roman Britain 1-Day Tour from Edinburgh cost £77 for visitors above 16 years. 

For visitors aged 5 to 15 years, the tickets cost £63.

Infants up to four are not permitted.

Tickets for Rosslyn Chapel and Hadrian’s Wall Small Group Day Tour cost £89 for visitors aged 18 to 59.

For visitors aged between 5 to 17 years, the ticket costs £86.

For visitors above 60 years and students 18+ years with ID), the tour tickets cost £86. 

Tickets for Hadrian’s Wall: 2-Hour Guided Tour costs £30 for visitors older than 16.

For visitors aged 15 and younger, the ticket costs £15.

Tickets for Hadrian’s Wall: 4-Hour Guided Tour costs £55 per person.

Hadrian’s Wall tickets

Hadrian's Wall tickets
Image: Tiqets.com

This tour takes you on a journey south from Edinburgh, following the old Roman Dere Street, which connected the southern supply ports of England with the ancient city of York.

The tour starts in the border town of Jedburgh, located north of the Scotland-England border. 

Arriving at Hadrian’s Wall, you’ll follow the road along the south side of the wall. A stop is made at Steel Rigg, where you can see large sections of the wall’s remains.

This tour offers a mix of historic sites, scenic landscapes, and opportunities to explore Hadrian’s Wall and the Roman heritage of the region. 

It allows you to immerse yourself in history and experience remarkable landmarks.

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (16+ years): £77
Child Ticket (5 to 15 years): £63

Infants up to four are not permitted.

Rosslyn Chapel and Hadrian’s Wall Small Group Day Tour

Rosslyn Chapel and Hadrian's Wall Small Group Day Tour
Image: RosslynChapel.com

On this full-day excursion from Edinburgh, see the interesting Rosslyn Chapel, the town of Melrose, the Scottish Borders, and Hadrian’s Wall.

Rosslyn Chapel has always been mysterious and has gained international attention since the publication of The Da Vinci Code. 

This stunning and elaborate 15th-century chapel has long sparked curiosity regarding its origins and the significance of its famous stone sculptures.

After lunch in the lovely town of Melrose, cross the historic Scotland/England border at Carter Bar.

Then, visit Hadrian’s Wall, one of the world’s most important Roman monuments.

Enjoy a free nature walk along one of the wall’s most photographed portions. 

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (18 to 59 years): £89
Child Ticket (5 to 17 years): £86
Senior Ticket (60+ years): £86
Student Ticket (18+ years with ID): £86

Infants up to four are not permitted.

Hadrian’s Wall: 2-Hour Guided Tour

Hadrian's Wall 2-Hour Guided Tour
Image: Tripadvisor.co.uk

On this 2-hour tour of Hadrian’s Wall, feel Roman history come to life as you explore what Britain was like under the Caesars. 

Hear your guide craft a narrative from both sides of the wall — native histories and occupying soldiers — as you walk along the magnificent core portion of Hadrian’s Wall. 

A mile castle (rectangular fortification) and one of the most excellent pieces of the Vallum defensive ditch may be seen.

Admire the spectacular backdrop of Northumberland National Park throughout your tour, and take in some of the best views across the rugged moorland landscapes.

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (16+ years): £30
Child Ticket (up to 15 years): £15

Hadrian’s Wall: 4-Hour Guided Tour

Hadrian's Wall 4-Hour Guided Tour
Image: FaceBook.com(VisitHadriansWall)

A walk along Hadrian’s Wall’s famed center portion is followed by a visit to one of Britain’s best-preserved Roman Forts. 

On this 4-hour walking tour, learn about the unique stories of Northumberland’s Roman museums and archaeological sites.

Your guide will embed the significance of the surrounding scenery as they describe the history of each landmark to reveal what makes each place so special. 

Soak in the atmosphere and take in the breathtaking views of Northumberland National Park and Hadrian’s Wall.

Ticket Price: £55 per person

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How to reach Hadrian’s Wall

The Hadrian’s Wall is located near the border between modern-day Scotland and England.

Address: Gilsland, Brampton CA8 7DD, United Kingdom. Get Directions.

You can reach the attraction car or public transportation.

By Bus 

The Hadrian’s Wall is only two minutes from Birdoswald Car Park bus stop.

Buses: 681 Tynedale Link, BR3

By Car

If you’re traveling by car, turn on Google Maps and begin your journey.

There are numerous parking garages near the Hadrian’s Wall.

Hadrian’s Wall timings

Hadrian’s Wall opening hours are from 10 am to 4 pm daily.

The attraction remains open all year round. 

How long does the tour take

The tour duration at Hadrian’s Wall can vary depending on several factors, including the specific sites you plan to visit and the amount of exploration.

The duration of guided tours ranges from 11 to 15 hours per day.

You can also book a 2-hour guided tour or 4-hour guided tour.

Best time to visit

Spring is a beautiful time to visit this attraction as the countryside comes alive with blooming flowers and fresh greenery. 

The best time to visit Hadrian’s Wall is at 10 am, as soon as it opens.

You may consider going early in the day when the visitors are minimum. 

For a more peaceful and leisurely experience, visit this location during weekdays, as there will be fewer crowds.


Hadrian's Wall FAQs
Image: FaceBook.com(VisitHadriansWall)

Here are some frequently asked questions about Hadrian’s Wall in England.

What is Hadrian’s Wall?

Hadrian’s Wall is a Roman fortification built in the 2nd century AD. 

It covers the northern portion of England, stretching across the eastern shores of the River Tyne through the Solway Firth in the west.

The fortification was built under the supervision of Roman Emperor Hadrian as a defense construction to define the Roman Empire’s northern limit.

Can I purchase a single ticket that covers multiple attractions along Hadrian’s Wall?

You are offered combination tickets that access multiple attractions along Hadrian’s Wall. Here are some ticket options you can choose from – Hadrian’s Wall & Roman Britain 1-Day Tour from Edinburgh, Rosslyn Chapel and Hadrian’s Wall Small Group Day Tour, Hadrian’s Wall: 2-Hour Guided Tour, and Hadrian’s Wall: 4-Hour Guided Tour.

What was the purpose of Hadrian’s Wall?

Hadrian’s Wall was primarily built as a defensive fortification to protect the Roman Empire’s territory in Britain from incursions by hostile tribes, particularly the Picts from the north. 

The wall also acted as a boundary marker and controlled the empire’s movement of people, goods, and taxation.

What materials were used to build Hadrian’s Wall?

The wall was constructed using a variety of materials. The foundation consisted of a broad trench filled with stones and rubble. 

On top of the foundation, a core of turf and clay was laid, which was then faced with large stone blocks. 

How tall and wide is Hadrian’s Wall?

The height of Hadrian’s Wall varied along its length, but it was generally around 15 to 20 feet (4.5 to 6 meters) tall. The width of the wall was approximately 10 Roman feet (3 meters).

Can you visit Hadrian’s Wall?

Yes, Hadrian’s Wall is a popular tourist destination, and many sections are open to the public. 

Several visitor centers, museums, and archaeological sites along the length of the wall provide information about its history and significance. 

The wall is also a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Who built Hadrian’s Wall?

Hadrian’s Wall was built by the Roman army under the orders of Emperor Hadrian. Legions of soldiers, along with auxiliary units and local laborers, were involved in the construction process. 

It was a massive undertaking that required a significant workforce and resources.

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