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Universal Studios Hollywood discount tickets

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Universal Studios Hollywood is a fantastic theme park, but like most of the attractions in Southern California, it is costly.

But don’t worry, we will share many tips and tricks on how you can buy Universal Studios Hollywood discount tickets from authorized sellers.

The methods we have recommended below for buying Universal Studios Hollywood discount tickets are genuine. 

And you won’t have to search for coupons, special offers, promo codes, freebies, etc., which usually don’t work.

Needless to say, whichever method of saving money you choose, you are guaranteed an exciting day at Universal Studios Hollywood.

This article shares how to Buy Universal Studios Hollywood Discount Tickets in 2023.

Discount on online tickets

Tourists and locals can choose from three types of Universal Studios Hollywood tickets – 1-DayGeneral Admission, Universal Express, and VIP Experience. 

1-Day General Admission ticket is the cheapest and the most popular ticket. 

The Universal Express ticket helps you skip the lines at all the rides at least once, while the VIP Experience ticket gets you a personalized experience at the theme park. 

Tourists who are visiting the theme park on peak days and are aware of the notoriously long wait times at Universal Hollywood opt for either the Universal Express Pass or the VIP Experience Ticket.

The 60-minute Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour is included with all three tickets.

Why online tickets are better

Before booking Universal Studios Hollywood’s tickets online, some tourists wonder if there is any difference between tickets bought at the venue and those purchased online.

The answer is, “No!”

There is no difference between tickets bought online and those purchased at the gate.

However, there are three massive advantages of buying Universal Studios tickets over the Internet –

  1. You don’t pay the ‘ticketing window surcharge’ on online tickets, so they are cheaper.
  2. You save time because you don’t stand in line at the ticketing window. During peak hours, this wait can even go up to 60 minutes.
  3. When you buy online, in advance, you can be inside the theme park as soon as they open and go on the popular rides before the crowd comes in. 

How online tickets work

As soon as you book your discounted Universal Studios Hollywood tickets online, they get emailed to you. 

You don’t need to take any printouts. 

Since these are not timed tickets, you can reach the attraction whenever you want (the sooner, the better).

Since you already have a ticket, you can skip the long queues at the ticket counter, show your ticket on your smartphone at the entrance, and enter. 

How much you save on online tickets

The price of Universal Studios Hollywood tickets fluctuates depending on the season and demand.

For instance, during weekends, public holidays, and school holidays, ticket prices surge up. 

If you’re traveling during peak season, it’s a good idea to get your tickets ahead of time to avoid paying higher prices.

Discount on 1-Day General Admission Ticket

The General Admission ticket price at the gate is US$ 159 for all visitors aged ten years and above and US$ 153 for visitors between three to nine years. 

The same tickets, when purchased online, are priced from US$ 106 and US$ 100, respectively, so you get a discount of up to US$ 53 per ticket on select dates. 

Buy General Admission tickets online to claim the reduced prices. 

Discount on Universal Express Ticket

Universal Studios Hollywood Express Pass costs US$ 399 for all visitors aged three years and above at the gate. 

But when you buy them online, on some days you pay a discounted rate of US$ 196 per person, thus saving US$ 203 per person on select days. 

When you buy an Express ticket online, you skip the queues at the rides and shows. 

Discount on VIP Experience ticket

Universal Studios Hollywood’s VIP ticket gets you unlimited priority access to all rides, attractions, shows, a continental breakfast, a gourmet lunch in the VIP dining room, and valet parking. 

The premium ticket costs US$ 519 for all visitors aged five years and above at the gates.

When you buy VIP tickets online, in advance, they are available at a much-lowered price from US$ 362, helping you save US$ 157 per person, on select days. 

If you are a family, that’s a massive saving that you can use for other expenses at the theme park.

Eat breakfast in advance
Eat breakfast before entering the theme park to maximize your time with the rides, attractions, and shows. You also save money because the food inside is costly.

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Height discount on the tickets at the gate

Universal Hollywood ride height requirements
Image: Universalstudioshollywood.com

Certain Universal Studios Hollywood rides and attractions have a minimum height restriction.

As a result, guests under 48 inches (122 cm) qualify for a discounted admission price on the general admission tickets at the front gate.

This benefit applies to all qualified guests, irrespective of their age.

At the theme park’s entrance, many signs are available using which guests and park employees can determine if someone qualifies for the height discount or not. 

Since it is impossible to offer this height discount online, an age discount is provided, and visitors aged three to nine qualify for the reduced entry rates.

If your kids are ten years and above but still qualify for the height discount, you should buy your tickets at the Universal Studios Hollywood entrance. 

If you are NOT on a budget holiday, we don’t recommend this because you will end up wasting a lot of your time at the ticket counters. 

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Go City Los Angeles – All Inclusive Pass

The Go Los Angeles pass saves up to 55% off admission to over 40 top Los Angeles and other Southern California attractions.

If you are in Los Angeles and plan to visit two to three attractions, the Go City Los Angeles Pass is an excellent way to save money.

When you opt for the 3, 5, or 7-day Pass, you enjoy one-day free entry to Universal Studios Hollywood. 

Besides the Universal Studios, you can also visit other attractions such as Madame Tussauds Hollywood, LEGOLAND® California, Aquarium of the Pacific, San Diego Zoo, Warner Bros Studio Tour, etc.

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Combo tickets, including Universal Studios

Many tourists search for combo tickets that combine Universal Studios Hollywood with other nearby Southern California attractions.

Such combo tickets help you get a 10% to 15% rebate, and you can visit the attractions whenever you want – any day convenient for you.

We recommend the following two combos – 

Universal Studios + Madame Tussauds

When bought separately, these tickets cost US$ 152, but you get a 10% reduction and pay only US$ 137 per person when bought together.

Universal Studios + World of Illusions

Individually these tickets cost US$ 149, but you get a 10% reduction and pay only US$ 134 per person when you buy them together.

Those who love the adrenalin rush of roller coasters prefer to visit both Universal and Disneyland. But since they are competitors, they don’t sell their tickets as a combo. However, you can buy the tickets individually and visit them both. Find out how to go from Universal Studios Hollywood to Disneyland and vice versa.

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Military discounts at Universal

Universal Studios Hollywood offers discounted tickets to active and retired US Military, DOD personnel, National Guard, Reservists, and their dependents. 

They can show a valid military or US government ID at the gate and get up to US$ 3 off general admission tickets.

For more significant discounts, the uniformed services can purchase the tickets from participating MWR/ITT offices throughout the United States.

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Costco Discount Tickets

Some Costco stores in Southern California used to sell Universal Hollywood discount tickets.

However, they have now stopped the practice. 

In their help section, they mention that they are currently not selling tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Visit the Lower Lot first
As soon as the park opens, everybody rushes to the rides and attractions in the Upper Lot, and as a result, the Lower Lot is relatively free. If you reach early and head for the Lower Lot, you may not need to buy the costlier Express Tickets.

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AAA Discount Tickets

AAA members can save money on their General Admission and VIP tickets in three different ways. 

They can show their ID at the Universal gate and get US$ 3 off admission prices and a 10% discount on food and beverages.

For reductions of up to US$ 25 or more on ticket prices, AAA members must buy their tickets from AAA’s website or the branch.

Group Discounts

Universal Studios Hollywood discount tickets are available for groups of ten or more visitors.

You can only purchase these discounted tickets over the phone – please call 1-800-959-9688 (Monday – Friday, 9 am to 5 pm PT).

College Student Discounts

Universal Studios Hollywood partners with many colleges to provide cheap tickets for students. 

If your institution’s name is on the list, you can click through and purchase discounted General Admission, California Neighbor, and Universal Express tickets. 

Even faculties and other staff can avail of these reduced ticket prices. 

You must keep your official college email address handy for online orders.

Discount for Amex cards

American Express is an official partner of Universal Studios Hollywood, which means you can use your Amex Card to score a discount. 

American Express cardholders receive 10% off food and non-alcoholic beverage purchases of US$ 10 or more. 

You will also get a 10% reduction on photo packages if your order crosses US$ 25.

Save on drinks
Visitors can bring water bottles (up to 2 liters), baby food, fruits, and vegetables into the theme park. 


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