Prague Zoo – tickets, prices, discounts, hours, animals


Prague Zoo or Zoo Praha is one of the best zoos of the world.

Home to around 5000 animals, it is visited by more than 1.5 Million tourists every year.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know before you visit the Prague Zoo.

1. How to reach
2. Opening hours
3. Best time to visit
4. Is it worth it?
5. Tour duration
6. Ticket price
7. Ticket discounts
8. Prague Zoo tickets
9. Get Map
10. Tripadvisor reviews
11. Animals in the Zoo
12. Feeding time
13. Prague City Card
14. Zoo in winter

Where is Prague Zoo?

Prague Zoo is located about six kilometres outside the city centre.

The exact location is – U Trojskeho Zamku 120, Troja, Prague 7 in the Czech Republic.

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How to reach Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo can be reached both by public transport and private transport.

Prague Zoo Metro station

Most tourists prefer the Metro to reach Prague Zoo.

You must board Line C to the Nádraží Holešovice station.

Once you get down, walk out of the Metro station and get on to Bus No. 112 which will drop you near the Zoo entrance.

Over the water

If you happen to be holidaying in Prague between March and October, you can take a boat ride to the Zoo as well.

You can cruise along the Vltava river and in approximately 75 minutes reach the Zoo.

If you have the patience, a passenger ferry boat which goes between Podbaba and Podhoří can also be used to reach Prague Zoo.

After you get off the boat at Podhoří, you can either walk the remaining distance of approximately 1.5 Kms (.94 Miles) or take Bus No. 236 to reach the Zoo.

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Prague Zoo hours

The Prague Zoo is open daily but the opening hours vary –

January to February: 9 am to 4 pm

March: 9 am to 5 pm

April to May: 9 am to 6 pm

June to August: 9 am to 9 pm

September to October: 9 am to 6 pm

November to December: 9 am to 4 pm

The last entry is half an hour before the closing time of the Zoo.

The Ticket office at the main entrance is open daily. From June to August, the ticket office closes at 7 pm.

On weekends, public holidays and school holidays the ticket counters at the Southern and Northern gates of the Zoo open to handle the increase in visitors.

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Best time to visit Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo is vast and made up of 26 zones of different terrain and climate.

Since most of the animals are outdoor exhibits, you will see them enjoying the sun in the summer.

And since this weather is favorable for the visitors too, summers months are crowded.

If you plan to visit Prague Zoo in the summer, and want to avoid the crowd, you have only one option – to be there at 9 am.

Early in the morning the animals are also most active.

The best time to visit Prague Zoo is the moment they open.

Note: Make sure you stay hydrated. Pack sunscreen to avoid excessive tanning.

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Is Prague Zoo worth It?

If you love animals, a visit to the Prague Zoo is worth it.

It is a unique and enriching experience for children and an excellent opportunity to have a family trip.

The Zoo has picnic spots for spending leisure time with family and loved ones.

There are exciting playgrounds and activities for the children as well.

Prague Zoo is one of the best

Every year TripAdvisor reviews are used to rank all the Zoos in the World.

In the last ten years, Prague Zoo has made it to the top ten three times.

In 2017, it was ranked the fifth best zoo in the world.

If this doesn’t make Prague Zoo worth visiting, what will?

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How long does Prague Zoo take?

Prague Zoo is spread over 110-acre area with a wide variety of exhibits, both open air as well as indoors.

If you explore at a brisk pace, you should be able to cover most of the exhibits in four hours.

Families who want to explore as much of Prague Zoo as possible end up spending around 5-6 hours.

That’s because families with kids and elders tend to spend time at the feeding stations, picnic spots, restaurants etc.

Make sure you to have a map of the Zoo to help you move around faster.

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Prague Zoo ticket price

Adults (16 years and above) need to pay the admission price of 200 CZK to enter the Prague Zoo.

The ticket prices for children between 3 and 15 years and students with a valid Student ID is 150 CZK.

The seniors ticket price (70 years and above) is 150 CZK.

Children under the age of 3 years are allowed free entry.

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Prague Zoo ticket discount

Students with a valid ID, children between 3-15 years of age and senior citizens aged 70+ get a discount of 50 CZK on their ticket prices.

During the non-peak months, Prague Zoo offers further discounts to encourage visits.

For instance, in 2018 they introduced ‘Happy Mondays’ where every Monday (except during the peak season) children, students and seniors could enter Prague Zoo by just paying CZK 50.

These seasonal discounts on the tickets aren’t applicable in July, August, and on public holidays.

Groups of 10 and more people receive a 10 percent discount.

Tip: If you are a few people short of the magic number 10, you can always speak to the other visitors outside the Zoo and include them in your group for the discount.

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Prague Zoo tickets

It is better to buy your Prague Zoo tickets online, much in advance.

Within minutes of your purchase the tickets get emailed to you.

On the day of your visit, you can show your mobile at the e-ticket reader on the turnstiles and just walk in.

You don’t need to take any printouts.

Types of Prague Zoo experiences

When it comes to Prague Zoo, there are two kinds of experiences possible.

You can buy the regular Prague Zoo tickets, or you can up the ante and buy the Prague Zoo tickets with a boat ride.

We explain both of them below –

1. Regular Prague Zoo tickets

These tickets give you access to all the Zones of the Prague Zoo.

These are single entry tickets, and once you enter the Zoo, you can explore it for as long as you want.

You can also buy these tickets from the ticket office, right outside the Prague Zoo entrance.

The ticket office remains open till half an hour before the closing time of the Zoo.

Ticket prices

Adult ticket: 200 CZK

Child ticket (3 to 15 years): 150 CZK

Student ticket (with valid ID): 150 CZK

Seniors ticket (70+ years): 150 CZK

You can buy these tickets online, here.

2. Boat ride to the Prague Zoo and entry tickets

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the questions below, this boat ride plus Prague Zoo ticket is perfect for you.

a) You are in Prague for the first time

b) You are traveling with your spouse

c) You are visiting the Zoo with kids

This combination tour starts at 11.15 am with a boat ride on the Vltava River.

Your expert guide narrates the city’s history as you cruise along.

During the cruise, you will witness the beautiful Prague Castle, the Dancing House, the National Theatre and Charles Bridge.

Once you reach the Prague Zoo, the guide will provide you with an admission ticket along with a map of the Zoo and a return bus ticket.

The duration of the tour is approximately 7 hours.

On the ticket booking page, you can decide the language in which you want the tour. Your options are: English, German or Russian.

Ticket prices

Adult Ticket (12+ years): 1,112 CZK

Children Ticket (4-11 years): 980 CZK

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Prague Zoo map

It is best to have a copy of the Prague Zoo map to navigate without any difficulties.

The various animal exhibits, the different Zones, refreshment stalls etc. are explicitly mentioned in the Zoo’s layout plan.

The map can help you save time and also ensure you don’t miss any exhibit.

We recommend you bookmark this page or keep a printed copy of the map while exploring the Zoo.

Map Courtesy: / Print Version of Prague Zoo’s Map

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Prague Zoo reviews

Prague Zoo is rated a high 4.5 on TripAdvisor.

In 2018, this Prague attraction has also won Tripadvisor’s Traveller Choice Award.

To give you a sense of what kind of reviews Prague Zoo gets, check out two of we have hand-picked –

One of the best zoo’s I’ve been to

My partner and I went to this zoo for the first time. We spent a full day here. This Zoo is one of the best I have been to and would recommend it to anyone who comes to Prague. – AmyBird14

It is a fantastic zoo!

The Zoo is huge. So many animals in proper sized enclosures, we were there from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm. You do need a good amount of time to see all of the animals. We ate in Gocarovy Domy which was a cute little building. Food was good. Would happily go back. Make sure you wear good shoes! – Kay8991

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Prague Zoo animals

Prague Zoo has 12 pavilions and 150 exhibits.

The animals live in different terrains divided into 26 zones to replicate the natural conditions of the animals as much as possible.

Prague Zoo is officially home to 681 different species including 132 reptiles, 293 birds and 167 varieties of mammals.

One of the biggest and expensive animal pavilions is the Indonesian Jungle which houses many exotic animals like Orangutans, birds like fruit bats and endangered species like the Binturong.

It is the only Zoo in Europe to house Asiatic Lions from their Indian homeland.

The Zoo also plays home to a few Malayan Tigers from Borneo.

Endangered species such as Red Pandas, Malayan Tapirs etc. also inhabit this Zoo.

If you are visiting with kids, don’t miss out on the Children’s Zoo, which houses domestic animals and is perfect for cuddling and petting.

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Prague Zoo feeding times

Visitors to Prague Zoo are allowed to feed giraffes and camels.

Prague Zoo entry tickets don’t cover the feeding activity.

Once you are in the Zoo, you can buy these feeding activity tickets.

Feeding the Giraffes

Visitors go up to the feeding platform to feed the Giraffes.

Feeding the Giraffes begins at 2.30 pm.

During this 30-minute activity, the visitors also get to know about their life in the zoo.

Children below six years are not allowed to join this feeding activity.

Ticket prices

Adult ticket (15+ years): 150 CZK

Child ticket (6-15 years): 100 CZK

Family tickets (2 adults and 2 children): 400 CZK

Group tickets (6 people): 750 CZK

Feeding the Camels

If you fancy Camels, you can go up real close to them and feed and stroke them as well.

Camel feeding activity begins at 1.30 pm.

During this 30-minute activity, the Zoo representative will take you through the life of a camel in the Zoo.

Children below six years are not allowed entry.

Ticket prices

Adult Ticket (15+ years): 150 CZK

Child Ticket (6 to15 years): 100 CZK

Family Tickets (2 adults and 2 children): 400 CZK

Group Tickets (6 people): 850 CZK

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Prague Zoo free with Prague City Card

Prague City Card is a great way to save both money and time while holidaying in the capital city of the Czech Republic.

The discounts, offers and free entries help you save money.

The skip the line access to numerous attractions help you save on the waiting time.

In fact, with the Prague City Card, you can explore Prague Zoo for free.

With this card, you also get to use the public transport system – bus, metro, tram, river ferries – for free.

Tourists 17 years and above must buy the adult card, and kids between the ages 6 and 16 need to buy the child card.

Student rates are available for tourists aged 16 to 26 with a valid ID.

2-Day Card

Adult Card: 1,536 CZK
Student Card: 1,139 CZK
Child Card: 1,139 CZK

3-Day Card

Adult Card: 1,801 CZK
Student Card: 1,324 CZK
Child Card: 1,324 CZK

4-Day Card

Adult Card: 2,066 CZK
Student Card: 1,510 CZK
Child Card: 1,510 CZK

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Prague Zoo in winter

If you are planning a trip to the Prague Zoo in the winter months, it is sure to be less crowded.

The snow makes the Zoo look beautiful, and with very few people around you can experience the Zoo at a much more leisurely pace.

Depending on the number of visitors, there might be a drop in the ticket prices during the winter months.

The Zoo has many internal exhibits which are not affected by the weather outside.

Some of the animals might be kept inside because of the cold, but you will still be able to view them.

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