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Ghosts Tours in Prague- tickets, prices, discounts, what to expect

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Lift the lid on Prague’s dark and eerie past on the Prague Ghost walking tour.

On this tour, you’ll learn about Prague’s violent history that has given rise to many ghost tales and folklore.

Consider joining the Ghost tours in Prague if you love ghost stories, tales of terror, and bloody tragedies. 

A weekend spent exploring the city’s dark past is difficult to beat!

This article shares everything you should know before booking Prague Ghost Tours tickets.

Ghosts Tours in Prague

What to expect on a Ghost Tour

On a Prague Ghost tour, you may get close and personal with some of Prague’s strangest and most amazing locations.

A ghost tour centered on paranormal activity will deliver a more immersive, hands-on experience.

From hearing deadly tales about Angry Turk from the Ungelt, the Greedy Merchant, the headless horseman, and the infamous Golem to walking down scary alleys, this tour has much to offer you! 

Ghosts and Legends Walking Tour€20 to €120
Ghosts and Legends of the Old Town Evening Tour€17 to €340
Ghosts, Medieval Underground & Dungeon Tour€19
Dark Shadows of the Old Town Prague Ghost Tour€22

Where to buy Ghost Tour tickets

We suggest you buy tickets for Prague Ghost Tours online, because they offer many benefits.

– You get a discount on booking tickets online and save money.

– You don’t have to stand in long queues at the ticket counter.

– You select a date, time, and language for the tour beforehand that works best for you. 

– Online tickets also help you avoid last-minute disappointment when tickets get sold out.

How online ticket works

On the booking page, select your preferred date, time slot, language, and the number of tickets and buy them right away. 

Tickets will be immediately emailed to your email address. No need to print them.

On the day of your visit, show your e-ticket to the tour guide and prepare for a spine-chilling evening. 

Cost of Ghost Tour tickets

The Ghosts and Legends walking tour tickets cost €20 for visitors aged 19 years and above.

Visitors aged 12 to 18 years get a discount of €2 and pay only €18 for entry.

Kids aged 3 to 11 years also get a whopping discount of €5 and pay just €15 to participate in Prague Ghost Tours. 

Infants up to two years can join the group tour for free.

You can also take a private tour (maximum 4 participants) with tickets priced at €132.

Ghosts, Legends, Medieval Underground & Dungeon Tour is priced at €19 for visitors aged 18 to 64 years. 

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Tickets for Ghosts Tours in Prague

On the Ghosts and Legends Walking Tour, you will learn about the myths and folklore of Prague.

The Ghosts and Legends of the Old Town Evening Tour take you out of the city’s normal bustle into the spooky lanes where mysteries are hidden from the droopy eyelid.

Ghosts, Legends, Medieval Underground & Dungeon Tour will take you down to cobblestone streets and dark alleys of Prague Oldtown and the old Jewish quarter. 

Dark Shadows of the Old Town Prague Ghost Tour introduces you to the dark side of the Czech capital’s history. 

We explain all these ghost tours in more detail below –

Ghosts and Legends Walking Tour tickets

Learn about the city’s ghosts and goblins on this informative and intriguing Ghosts and Legends Walking tour of Prague’s Old Town.

On the 1.5-hour Walking Ghost Tour, hear tales of frightful warriors and headless ghosts and investigate some of Prague’s oldest, most enigmatic alleyways.

On this tour, you will also discover what the skeleton on the astronomical clock means.

The tour usually starts at 7 pm from Monday to Sunday. 

You can enjoy the live tour guide in Russian, English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian (select your preferred language on the booking page).

Itinerary for Ghosts and Legends Walking Tour Prague

– The Ghosts and Legends Walking Tour begins in front of Křižovnické náměstí, one of the smallest squares in Prague.  

– From Křižovnické náměstí, walk toward Charles Bridge, the most photographed monument of Prague. 

– The next stop for this Tour would be Clementinum, a historical complex in Prague that houses the National Library of the Czech Republic. 

– From Clementinum, the Ghosts and Legends Walking Tour operator will take you to the Mariánské nám, where you can see New City Hall. 

– Head towards Old Town Square, home to numerous Gothic structures.

– The Tour ends at the Prague Astronomical Clock, a medieval timepiece on the facade of city hall displaying the twelve apostles as the clock strikes. 

Ticket Price

Group Tour

Adult Ticket (19+ years): €20
Youth Ticket (12 to 18 years): €18
Child Ticket (3 to 11 years): €15
Infant Ticket (up to 2 years): Free

Group Tour (Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague)

Adult Ticket (19+ years): €29
Youth Ticket (12 to 18 years): €24
Child Ticket (3 to 11 years): €19
Infant Ticket (up to 2 years): Free

Private Tour 

Ticket cost: €132 (Group of 4 people)

For the private tour, hotel pickup and drop-off facility is available.  

Ghosts and Legends of the Old Town Evening Tour

Ghosts and Legends of the Old Town Evening Tour
Image: Praguetourinfo.com

Learn more about Prague’s spooky past on this 1.5-hour Ghosts and Legends of the Old Town Evening Tour

With this ticket, you will come closer to the alleged restless ghosts of Old Town.

You will also find Prague’s dark, meandering lanes and learn all about the mysteries and supernatural tales of the city. 

The group tour and private tour start at 7.30 pm. 

Seniors must accompany minors as the tour is scary. 

Ticket Price

Group Tour

Adult Ticket (19 to 64 years): €17
Youth Ticket (7 to 18 years): €15
Senior Ticket (65+ years): €15
Child Ticket (up to 6 years): Free

Private Tour

Ticket Cost: €340 (Group of 4 people)

Ghosts, Legends, Medieval Underground & Dungeon Tour

Ghosts, Legends, Medieval Underground & Dungeon Tour
Image: Nationalgeographic.co.uk

Discover horrifying myths, and realities, travel through an underground medieval dungeon filled with torture devices and experience the unsettling atmosphere of the city at night. 

Participate in a 70-minute Ghosts, Legends, Medieval Underground & Dungeon Tour to visit Gothic churches, ancient cemeteries, and abandoned monasteries.

On this tour, hear exciting tales performed amusingly by costumed tour guides and meet Prague’s fabled headless horseman and Golem.

Ghosts, Legends, Medieval Underground & Dungeon Tour starts at 7.30 pm daily.

The tour is not recommended for children under 7 years, anyone with mobility impairments, wheelchair users, or baby strollers.

There are no tours on 24 and 25 December and the evening of 31 December. 

Ticket Price

Adult Ticket (18 to 64 years): €19
Youth Ticket (15 to 17 years): €13
Child Ticket (12 to 14 years): €10
Student Ticket (19 to 26 years with ID): €17
Senior Ticket (65+ years): €17
Infant Ticket (Up to 11 years): €2

Dark Shadows of the Old Town Ghost Tour

Dark Shadows of the Old Town Prague Ghost Tour tickets
Image: Mcgees-Ghost-Tours-Prague(FacBook)

Enter the eerie streets of Prague’s Old Town and hear about some ghosts who roam in the streets at night on this 2-hour Dark Shadows of the Old Town Prague Ghost Tour

Join the most realistic Ghosts tours of Prague, led by exquisite and enigmatic narrators, and investigate the Jewish Quarter’s legends.

Timings for English, German, and Italian guide tours are different, but all the tours start around 8 pm. 

Children should not take this tour.

Ticket Price

Adult Ticket (19+ years): €21
Youth Ticket (6 to 18 years): €18
Child Ticket (up to 5 years): Free

Save money & time: Discover Prague and its historical monuments, museums, and galleries with a 2, 3, or 4-Day Prague Card. Explore top attractions like Prague Castle, Prague Zoo, Lobkowicz Palace, and many more!

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Best time to go on a Ghost Tour

You must reach the meeting point of Ghost Tours in Prague at least 15 minutes before the start of your tour as the tour guides will be sharing a lot of info about the walking tour.

Usually, the tour starts at 7 pm and lasts one to two hours. 

As the sky turns darker and darker, you will love the eerie stories of Prague even more.

Halloween is another best time to experience Prague’s Ghost Tour.

You can explore the city while dressed in a Halloween costume, enhancing your experience.

Is the Prague Ghost Tour worth it?

Ghost Tour Prague is totally worth it as it takes you through bone-chilling sites with tour guides entertaining you with horrific stories. 

You will hear the most unsettling lore and tales about uncanny disappearances from the narrators of Prague Ghost Tours.

If you are going out for this tour with your friends or family, trust us it can be a lot more fun!

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes since you’ll be walking for long hours. 


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