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Warner brothers studio tour discount

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Since Warner Brothers studio tour tickets are costly, tourists and locals always look for ways to score a discount. 

The best, easiest, and fastest way to secure discounts on Studio Tour tickets is by booking online. Buy Now!

The tickets sold online are a few dollars cheaper than those sold at the venue.

The other way to explore Warner Brothers studio at a reduced price is by opting for Go City All-Inclusive Pass or the Explorer Pass.

Besides this, Warner Bros. also periodically provides specials or discounts for its studio tours. 

This article shares everything you must know about possible discounts before you book your Warner Brothers studio tour.

Warner brothers studio tour discount

Discounts on the tickets

When you get them online, Warner Brothers studio tour tickets for visitors aged 11 years and above cost $70 per person.

Children aged five to ten get a discount of $10 and pay only $70 for entry. 

Usually, tickets at the venue are costlier than online tickets.

All SoCal residents above five pay a reduced rate of $58 for joining the Studio Tour. 

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Discount via Go City All-Inclusive Pass

The Go City All-Inclusive Pass allows tourists to enjoy maximum savings and flexibility while exploring Los Angeles. 

When you get this discount pass, you save up to 50% on admission compared to buying individual tickets. 

This pass also includes access to the Warner Brothers studio tour and is one of the best ways to experience the costly attraction if you are on a budget holiday.

Cost of 2-day Pass

Adult Pass (13+ years): US$ 149
Child Pass (2 to 12 years): US$ 114

Cost of 3-day Pass

Adult Pass (13+ years): US$ 254
Child Pass (2 to 12 years): US$ 234

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Gilmore Girls & Central Perk Cafe are two of the most popular sets at Warner Bros Studios.

Discount via Go City Explorer Pass

Where can you get the discounts
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If you want to save on ticket prices while visiting Warner Brothers studios, opting for the Go City Explorer Pass is yet another option. 

It is the second discount pass offered by Go City, where instead of the number of days, you select the number of attractions you want to visit. 

Tourists can choose 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7 attractions or tours from over 30 top Los Angeles attractions, and the Warner Brothers studios tour is included in this list. 

Buy the Explorer Pass to save up to 45% on attraction ticket prices and pay nothing at the entrance. 

Cost of 2-day Pass

Adult Pass (13+ years): US$ 89
Child Pass (2 to 12 years): US$ 79

Cost of 3-day Pass

Adult Pass (13+ years): US$ 109
Child Pass (2 to 12 years): US$ 94

The Warner Bros VIP Studio Tour is appropriate for anyone interested in the history of films and television, the filmmaking process, or popular culture.

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