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Gilmore Girls set at Warner brothers studios

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Have you always wished to sit down with your mother at Luke’s Diner, have a cup of coffee, and share those meaningful moments? 

Even though the show is set in Connecticut, you won’t truly discover Stars Hollow there because it feels too far away. 

Instead, the whole set, including the town plaza, is situated on the Warner Brothers Studios Lot in Los Angeles. 

True fans might want more, but the standard studio tour tram will take you directly through the area and even lets you get out to take pictures.

The television series Gilmore Girls, which ran from 2000 to 2007, was primarily filmed on the Warner Bros. Studios property in Burbank, California.

Gilmore Girls, set at Warner Brothers studios, is a special tour introduced by Warner Brothers during the holiday season of 2022.

Gilmore Girls set at Warner brothers studios

What can you see at Gilmore Girls set at Warner brothers studios

The show was shot on the lot’s many soundstages and outdoor sets.

The fictional village of Stars Hollow, constructed on a backlot set known as “Midwest Street,” was one of the most well-known sets on the set. 

The Music Man and The Waltons were two more productions that utilized this set.

The inside of the Dragonfly Inn was filmed in a studio, but Lorelai and Rory’s home was on a realistic-looking street constructed for Gilmore Girls.

Numerous television and movie productions frequently use the Warner Bros. Studios lot, which is also available for public tours. 

As part of the studio tour, Gilmore Girls fans can view the locations and sets featured in the show.

The Warner Bros VIP Studio Tour is appropriate for anyone interested in the history of films and television, the filmmaking process, or popular culture.

Additional attractions at Warner Brothers Studio

There are many things you can discover inside Warner Bros. Studio; here are just a handful of them. 

At Warner Brothers Studio, you may explore the many sets in addition to the Gilmore Girl set. 

You’ll have the chance to go around Hogwarts’ Great Hall and see actual sets, costumes and other movie memorabilia.

The Big Bang Theory Set is another popular attraction at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood! 

You can see the apartments of Sheldon and Penny and even look at the damaged elevator that was so iconic to the show! 

The renowned 1966 Batmobile and the Tumbler from The Dark Knight trilogy are iconic Batmobiles from several Batman movies in the Warner Bros. Studios collection.

You can even dine at the infamous Central Perk Cafe at Warner brothers studios and get your pictures clicked at the famous orange sofa, Monica’s apartment, and Chandler’s apartment. 

The sets, items, and special effects from some of your favorite films and TV shows will be on display for you to see.

Whatever your passions, you’re sure to discover something that piques your interest and makes your visit to the studio memorable. 

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