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Tilt at 360 Chicago – tickets, prices, FAQs

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TILT is an enclosed glass and steel platform that tilts out of the 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck, giving tourists an adrenaline rush like never before. 

Positioned on the 94th floor of the former John Hancock Center, TILT presents awe-inspiring panoramas of Chicago’s skyline and the lakeshore and even extends sights to four nearby states. 

The glass platform tilts 30 degrees for 2-3 minutes, and up to eight visitors can experience the thrill ride at a time.

If you’re visiting Chicago and enjoy panoramic views and a dash of excitement, 360  CHICAGO TILT is undeniably an experience worth trying.

Tickets for 360 Chicago’s TILT

TILT is an optional add-on to the 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck experience. 

You can purchase skip-the-line entry tickets to the 360 Chicago Observatory online to beat the long queues at the venue. 

Once you are at the observation deck, you can upgrade your ticket to include the TILT for an additional fee of US$9-10.

If you prefer a fancy drink at the CloudBar, we suggest you opt for the Sip and View ticket

With this ticket as well, you can upgrade to the Tilt experience. 

Is TILT worth it?

TILT is recognized as Chicago’s highest thrill ride, enabling guests to lean forward and survey the city below. 

The stimulating TILT experience adds extra excitement to the observation deck visit. 

TILT can be worth the additional cost if you enjoy gripping experiences and stunning skylines.

Best time to visit TILT

The sunset hours are the best time to experience TILT because you can see nature’s colorful visual treat. 

It is also the busiest time at the tower, so try to be at the gates at least 45 minutes before sunset timing. You can look up the sunset timings prior to your visit.

Checking the weather forecast before planning your visit is advisable, as clear skies provide better visibility and photo opportunities, while cloudy or foggy days may obscure the views.

TILT is available to visitors throughout 360 CHICAGO’s operating hours, from 9 am to 11 pm daily.

With such extensive operating hours, you have flexibility in booking your tickets at a time that best suits your schedule. 

360 CHICAGO TILT can be popular, especially during peak tourist seasons and weekends. Consider visiting during weekdays or early morning to avoid long lines and crowds.

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Safety Measures for TILT 

Safety measures include sturdy glass panels and secure harnesses or railings to tilt visitors safely outside overlooking the city. 

Trained staff members supervise the experience to ensure visitor safety. 

The Tilt attraction uses hydraulic systems that gradually tilt the enclosed platform to an adventurous angle.

TILT is regularly inspected to meet safety standards and has never been a safety issue.

Which is best to visit – 360 CHICAGO or Skydeck Chicago?

How is 360 Chicago TILT different from Skydeck’s Ledge

TILT Chicago 360
Image: 360chicago.com

TILT at 360 CHICAGO offers views from 1,030 feet (314 meters) above Michigan Avenue, while the Ledge at Skydeck at the Willis Tower provides aerial views from a slightly higher elevation of 1,353 feet (412 meters) above ground level.

360 CHICAGO TILT moves outward and tilts, allowing guests to lean over the cityscape, offering a novel outlook of Chicago. 

Skydeck’s Ledge is a glass box extending from the Willis Tower, providing a stationary platform for visitors to step onto and experience the view below. 

While both attractions offer riveting experiences and dazzling scenes, TILT’s dynamic movement adds excitement.

FAQs about 360 Chicago TILT

Here are a few questions tourists ask before trying out the TILT at 360 CHICAGO.

How tall is TILT? 

TILT CHICAGO 360 stands 1,000 feet (305 meters) above ground level.

How long does TILT last?

360 Chicago’s TILT thrill ride lasts for about two to three minutes. 

Is there a height requirement for TILT?

Yes, visitors must be 3.5 feet (42 inches) taller or more to experience TILT.

Is there any weight restriction for the TILT ride?

No, there is no weight restriction to experience TILT.

Are there any restrictions for wheelchair users?

No, wheelchairs are allowed in the TILT 360 CHICAGO area. However, guests must stand to be on the moving end of the platform.


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