Golf holidays in Ireland

Golfing vacations in Ireland

Seas, cliffs, foliage, valleys— Ireland is undoubtedly a country of unsurpassed scenic beauty. Every which way you turn, chances are that there is some natural wonder waiting to take your breath away. Now imagine playing a round of Golf amidst such awe-inspiring natural sights and sounds. This is reasoning enough for you to book yourself … Read more

Jameson Distillery or Teeling Distillery – which is a better whiskey tour?

Jameson Distillery vs Teeling Distillery

More than a million tourists reach Dublin annually to experience the city’s whiskey distilleries, which continue to be one of the fastest-growing tourist attractions locally.  Three whiskey experiences attract most of these visitors – Jameson Distillery, Irish Whiskey Museum, and Teeling Distillery.  Some of these tourists are split between Jameson Distillery and Irish Whiskey Museum, while … Read more

Which Jameson Distillery is better – Dublin or Midleton?

Jameson Dublin or Midleton

There are two Jameson Distilleries in Ireland – one in Dublin and another in Midleton, Cork County.  Together both these Jameson Distilleries help half a million visitors enjoy the real Irish Whiskey Experience every year.  More than half of these visitors are from North America, especially the USA.  Tourists from European countries such as Germany, … Read more