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Before electronic gadgets, cinemas, shopping malls, and cafes invaded our lives, the Zoo was the most preferred destination for family outings. 

The Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Massachusetts, is home to more than 200 species worldwide, including lions, tigers, giraffes, gorillas, and many more.

In 1997, it was renamed the New England Zoo, but most locals still call it the Franklin Park Zoo.

It is one of the most popular destinations in the area and boasts nature and wildlife in their finest and fresh form. 

This article covers everything you must know before booking tickets for the Franklin Park Zoo.

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What to expect

Explore 72 acres of property at Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo and discover hundreds of remarkable species from around the world.

Stand face-to-face with western lowland gorillas at one of the five glass viewing stations or marvel at remarkable species like lions, kangaroos, and giraffes.

Experience exhibits organized by biome and animal type, with naturalistic designs that simulate their natural habitat and allow animals to move freely.

Visitors will also come across ring-tailed lemurs, pygmy hippos, a giant anteater, Grevy’s zebras, cute red pandas, prairie dogs, and emus.

The opportunity to watch animals and have hands-on interactions with them makes Franklin Park Zoo an exciting and entertaining visit for children. 

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Where to book tickets

Tickets for the Franklin Park Zoo are available to be purchased at the attraction or online in advance.

Online ticket prices tend to be cheaper than tickets at the attraction.

When you buy online, you can avoid the long queues at the ticket counters.

When you book early, you also get your preferred time slot.

Because some attractions sell a limited number of tickets, they may sell out during peak days. Booking online also helps avoid last-minute disappointment and delays.

How do online tickets work

Go to the Franklin Park Zoo booking page, select your preferred date and the number of tickets, and buy the tickets right away.

After the purchase, you will receive the tickets via email.

You don’t need to carry printouts.

Show the smartphone tickets at the gate on the day of your visit and get started.

Franklin Park Zoo ticket prices

Adult tickets for the Franklin Park Zoo can be purchased for US$20 for visitors aged between 13 and 61 years.

Tickets for children between two and 12 years are available for US$14.

Senior citizens aged 61 and above can get the tickets for US$18.

Infants up to one year of age do not need a ticket.

Franklin Park Zoo tickets

Experience an unforgettable adventure by booking your entry ticket to the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston.

Get up close with hundreds of remarkable species from around the world and witness an expansive range of animals.

Explore fascinating exhibitions such as the Kalahari Kingdom, Giraffe Savannah, Nature’s Neighborhoods, and the Outback Trail.

Get a chance to witness daily feedings, talks, and hands-on encounters with the animals.

You can even enjoy free parking at the zoo when you book this ticket.

Ticket Prices

Adult ticket (13 to 61 years): $20 
Child ticket (2 to 12 years): $14
Senior ticket (62+ years): $18
Infant ticket (up to 1 year): Free

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How to reach

Franklin Park Zoo is located four miles from downtown Boston in the northeast part of Franklin Park.

Address: 1 Franklin Park Rd, Boston, MA 02121, USA. Get Directions

You can reach the Franklin Park Zoo by both public and private transportation.

By Bus

Get down at the Franklin Park Zoo @ Entrance to reach the attraction.

Take Bus 16, 32, 34, 36, 38, or 45.

By Subway

The nearest subway station to the zoo is Green Street.

Take the orange line.

By Train

Four Corners/Geneva is the closest train station to the Franklin Park Zoo.

Take the Fairmount, Franklin/Foxboro, or Providence/​Stoughton line.

By Car

If you are driving by car, turn on Google Maps and get started!

Car parking is free and offered at all three entrances to the zoo.

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Franklin Park Zoo is open all year round. 

From 1 April to 30 September, the Zoo operates from 9 am to 5 pm on all days.

Meanwhile, from 1 October to March 31, the Zoo is operational between 9 am and 4 pm daily.

Entry to the zoo is allowed up to one hour before the closing time. 

The Zoo remains closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

How long does the tour take

If you plan to take your toddlers to Franklin Park Zoo, you will need at least four hours to explore the entire Zoo, covering all the exhibits and attractions. 

Kids love animals and are curious to see how animals feed their babies, where they sleep, and how they walk. 

You can, however, explore the attraction in 90 minutes or so if you are a bunch of adults. 

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Best time to visit

The best time to visit Franklin Park Zoo is when they open at 9 am.

Visiting the zoo early in the morning is better because the animals are most active, the temperature is moderate, and the crowd has yet to get in.

When you start early, you get more time to explore the Zoo. In between, you can have lunch at one of the restaurants and start exploring the Zoo again.

Avoid visiting the Zoo when the weather is too hot as animals would seek shelter in the shade and won’t be easily visible.

Weekends and public holidays tend to be the busiest at the attraction, so its best to plan your trip on a weekday.

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Map of Franklin Park Zoo

Map and Visitor Guide of Franklin Park Zoo
Image: Zoonewengland.org

Franklin Park Zoo is spread across 72 acres of land. 

Keeping a copy of the Zoo’s map is better for navigating and exploring the attraction, especially if you visit with kids.

With a map, you can easily locate the exhibits, playgrounds, medical rooms, restrooms, gift shops, etc. 

You can download and save the Zoo map.

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Major exhibits at Franklin Park Zoo

Guests spend up to three hours exploring the 1000-plus animals on display. 

We list some of the highlights of the wildlife attraction in Boston. 

Children’s Zoo

The first thing you encounter when entering the Franklin Park Zoo is the Children’s Zoo. 

It represents three unique geographical regions: Wetlands, Woodlands, and Grasslands.

You can spot Red Pandas, Prairie Dogs, White-Naped Cranes, and many other species here. 

It has amazing exhibits that ensure kids are involved and inspired by the wildlife, some of which are:

Grass Maze– This exhibit offers kids fun activities, like finding sculpted animals in the grassland.

Prairie Dogs Window Display– Kids can interact with Prairie Dogs, which are nothing but squirrels. 

Eagle Nest– You get a birds-eye view of the Zoo from Eagle Nest.

Franklin Farm

Adjacent to the children’s Zoo is the Franklin Farm, where you see animals chewing food, playing, and resting. 

Watch Ponies, Guinea Hogs, Goats, Sheep, and Donkeys lounging in barns and Chickens hiding in coops.

Tropical Forest

Tropical Forest transports you into the jungle, where you hear the pleasant sound of cascading waterfalls on one side and birds chirping on tropical trees on the other side. 

Here, you can spot Giant 350 lb Gorillas, Pygmy Hippos, Lemurs, and an Anaconda. 

Giraffe Savannah

At Giraffe Savannah, you’ll find beautiful Masai Giraffes, the tallest land mammal in the world.

You also see a herd of Grevy’s Zebras, the largest member of the wild horse family, moving alongside giraffes.

Bird’s World Exhibit

Bird’s World Exhibit is home to many species of birds from all around the globe. 

Kea, Black Crake, Great Indian Hornbill, Gouldian Finch, Green Aracari, Marbled Teal Duck, Eastern River Cooter, etc., are birds you hear hooting, cooing, and whistling. 

Butterfly Hollow

Walk into the greenhouse, and hundreds of colorful butterflies welcome you.

At Butterfly Hollow, you will catch magical glimpses of butterflies sucking nectar and flying with their colorful wings open. 

Play statue and see if you can get one land on you. 

This exhibit is open only during the summer, so check the official website before you visit this exhibit. 

Serengeti Crossing

At Serengeti Crossing, visitors can see Ostrich, Grant’s Zebras, Hartmann’s Mountain Zebras, White-Bearded Wildebeests, and Warthogs roaming and rolling in the grassland. 

Outback Trail

Outback Trail introduces you to the wildlife of Australia that will mesmerize you.

Red Kangaroo, Brown Kiwi, Citron-Crested Cockatoo, Emu, Kookaburra, Palm Cockatoo, and Tawny Frogmouth are animals you can see at this exhibit. 

Kalahari Kingdom

The Kalahari Kingdom is home to the wildest beast and the jungle king, the lion. 

Even before you reach this exhibit, you can hear lions roaring. 

Let your kids climb into a “crashed” Land Rover against the exhibit, making them feel like they’ve come for an African safari.

Get nose-to-nose with lions through the glass and watch them bathing in the sun. 

Tiger Tales

Tiger Tales opened in 2006, i.e., much after the Zoo existed.

It features tigers and tells the heart-wrenching tale of Anala, the first tiger brought to the Zoo after being rescued from her owners, who kept her illegally. 

It also educates visitors about illegal wildlife trafficking. 

Gorilla Grove

At Gorilla Grove, guests meet with gorillas around the viewing stations and see their behavior and social dynamics. 

This immersive space is spread across 360,000 cubic feet of land with built-in vines, trees for climbing, and forage opportunities for gorillas. 

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Food at Franklin Park Zoo

No excursion is complete without good food; when you’ve kids along, you cannot leave the Franklin Park Zoo without a meal.

The Boston Zoo has amazing dining options that follow a sustainable approach to reducing the wastage of food. 

Giddy-Up Grill

The grill serves a selection of wraps, burgers (including veggie options), fries, sandwiches, salads, pizza, and many other foods kids crave.

Kalahari Outpost

This outpost is seasonal and offers delicious quick-bite options like hamburgers and hotdogs.

Picnic Area

The Zoo also offers a BYO meal option.

Visitors can bring their food along and enjoy meals with their friends and family in the laps of nature. 

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Know before you go

  • Franklin Park Zoo is part of the greater Zoos in New England, including the Stone Zoo.
  • The Zoo is open year-round for visits.
  • During winter, you may encounter fewer animals. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the excursion. It helps to carry your sunglasses, hats, and binoculars.
  • Check out the zoo calendar before planning your visit, as they often offer special kids programs and host special annual events. 
  • Reap the benefits of zoo membership, like priority tickets for special events and express entry on busy days if you plan to visit the Zoo multiple times a year. 
  • If you don’t want membership, check out a Go Boston Pass for discounted tickets to the Zoo and other attractions in the area. 

FAQs about the Franklin Park Zoo

Here are some questions visitors usually ask before visiting the Franklin Park Zoo.

What animals can I see at the Franklin Park Zoo?

The zoo is home to a wide variety of animals, including lions, tigers, gorillas, zebras, giraffes, kangaroos, and many more.

Should I pre-book tickets for the Franklin Park Zoo?

Yes, it is best to buy tickets in advance to ensure availability and have a hassle-free experience.

Are there any special exhibits at the Franklin Park Zoo?

Yes, the zoo often has several exhibits, such as the Kalahari Kingdom, Giraffe Savannah, and Nature’s Neighborhoods.

Is there a children’s section at the Franklin Park Zoo?

Yes, the “Children’s Zoo” at the Franklin Park Zoo features a petting zoo, a playground, and interactive exhibits for kids.

Are there any food options at the Franklin Park Zoo?

Yes, the zoo has several dining options, including a cafeteria, snack stands, and a restaurant.

Is the Franklin Park Zoo accessible to visitors requiring a wheelchair?

Yes, the zoo is fully accessible to visitors with disabilities.

Is there a gift shop at the Franklin Park Zoo?

Yes, there is a gift shop located near the main entrance of the zoo.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to the Franklin Park Zoo?

Yes, visitors are allowed to bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverages into the zoo.

Is there parking available at the Franklin Park Zoo?

Yes, visitors can park for free at the zoo.

Is photography allowed at the Franklin Park Zoo?

Yes, visitors are not only allowed but encouraged to take photographs at the zoo.


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