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Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum – tickets, prices, what to expect

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Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is an interactive, high-tech, floating museum. 

This tourist attraction is docked on the water to allow visitors to relive the moment which led to the American revolution. 

The tour of the restored ships and interactive and informative documentary on the American Revolution helps you revisit colonial history. 

The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum tour is an educational, entertaining, and enlightening adventure you can’t miss while holidaying in Boston.

This article shares everything you must know before booking your Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum tickets.

Top Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum Tickets

# Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum tickets

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

What to expect at the Museum

Boston Tea Party played a very significant role in the history of America. 

The act of dumping crates of tea from ships into the water signified an act of protest, an act of resistance, and an act of freedom. 

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum was established to preserve the political event and cultural objects that sparked American Revolution. 

At this Museum, you get to touch, feel, see and hear how the Sons of Liberty disguised themselves as American Indians and ravaged the ships of the East India Company.

On the floating ships, you experience the wave of patriotism and freedom that instilled confidence in the patriots to challenge the colonial regime.

Highlights of the experience

While the whole Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum Tour is memorable, here are some of the tour’s highlights. 

  • Start your journey at “The Meeting House” and travel back to rebellious 1773 Boston.
  • Explore Griffin’s Wharf on either of the Eleanor and the Beaver ships.
  • Participate in the “Destruction of Tea” activity.
  • Interact with 3D holographic characters that talk before you. 
  • View the Robinson Tea Chest, the only known surviving tea chest from the Boston Tea Party. 
  • Step into “Minuteman Theater” and dive into the history via documentaries: Let It Begin Here, Midnight Ride, and The Outbreak Of The War of Independence.
  • Visit Abigail’s Tea Room, and learn and taste the brewing teas of America.
  • Walk into the Gift Shop and bring home some history (teas, gifts, and other collectibles).

The multi-sensory experience that includes exhibits, dramatic reenactments by actors, and replicas of 18th-century ships helps you en route to the history of the Boston Tea Party.

The tour allows you to participate, explore, and learn about the patriots and events that triggered the great war of independence. 

Opening hours

The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is open from 10 am to 5 pm, Thursdays to Mondays.

The popular attraction remains closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

Abigail’s Tea Room and Gift Shop remain open throughout the week.

The Abigail’s Tea Room and Gift Shop operate from 9.30 am to 6 pm from Thursday to Monday, and 9.30 am to 4 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

How to reach the Museum

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is located on Congress Street Bridge. 

Address: 306 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02210. Get Directions

If you’re traveling via subway, bus, or commuter rail, get down at the South Station

The Museum is a 7-minute walk from the South station. 

Plan your trip by visiting the MBTA’s website.  


If traveling by car, turn on your google maps and get started.

You can reserve your parking spot by visiting Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum SpotHero Parking Page.

How long does Boston Tea Party Ship take?

The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum tour lasts about 60 minutes and may extend to 75 minutes during peak season. 

The door for the tour opens 15 minutes before, which is why it is better to arrive early.

During summers and weekends, the Museum gets crowded, which may affect the normal tour timing. 

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum tickets

Tourists at Boston Tea Party Ships Museum
Image: Bostonteapartyship.com

You can purchase the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum tickets offline and online. 

When you buy your tickets at the venue, you pay more and have to stand in the long queues in front of the ticket counter. 

When you book your tickets online, you pay less, save time and also avoid last-moment disappointment. 

You must check in with the ticket booth to receive a tour time. Early check-in is recommended to reserve a tour time. 

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (13+ years): US$ 31.95
Child Ticket (up to 12 years): US$ 23.95

The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum experience is in English and led by knowledgeable guides and actors. When you book your Boston Tea Party Ships tour tickets, they are good for six months from the date of purchase.

Is the Tea Party Ships and Musem tour worth It?

The ancient Chinese philosopher, Confucius, said, “I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand.”

In short, it means the best learning comes through experiences. 

The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum let you experience the historical events that changed American history.

Sailing on 18th-century replica ships, watching theatre acts and documentaries, throwing the tea crates into the water, and walking to Abigail’s Tea Room, take you back to old Boston.

The backward time travel lets you taste the bitter colonial history of America. 

The Boston Tea Party Ships and Musem tour is no less than an adventure. 

The Boston Tea Party Ships And Musem Tour guarantees you fun, entertainment, and lifelong memories – making it totally worth it!


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