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Chicago’s Crime and Mob Bus Tour – tickets, prices, what to expect, timings

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One can’t visit Chicago and not be lured by its history of crime and mobs.

The city arose as a hotbed of organized crime during the country’s Prohibition Era (1920-1933).

The stories of Chicago’s organized crime years have earned a near-mythical stature in pop culture due to movies such as The Untouchables, Road to Perdition, Public Enemy, Paul Muni’s Scarface, and many more.

That’s why tens of thousands of tourists go on the Chicago Crime and Mob Bus Tour every year.

Of all the crime tours, the best is offered by Chicago Crime Tours and Experiences LLC. 

A knowledgeable tour guide takes you through some of Chicago’s most infamous criminal haunts, including Holy Name Cathedral, Biography Theatre, and the site of the brutal St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

This article covers everything you must know before booking tickets to Chicago’s Crime and Mob Bus Tour.

Top Chicago’s Crime and Mob Bus Tour Tickets

# Crime and Mob Bus Tour tickets

# Chicago Gangsters and Ghosts Tour

What to Expect

Hop on a comfortable air-conditioned coach for a 90-minute to two-hour mafia tour, where you learn about Chicago’s gangster background.

Drive around Chicago to see where thugs like Al Capone, The Untouchables, Hymie Weiss, and John Dillinger hung out.

Witness the Chicago downtown area famously known as ‘The Loop,’ where Al Capone’s Chicago outfit arose and operated.

Discover the most infamous crime-ridden neighborhoods in Chicago, including the Magnificent Mile, Lincoln Park, Old Town, Gold Coast, and the Loop, and see the spots that were once hotbeds of mob activity.

Pass by the Holy Name Cathedral and see the site of the horrific St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, where seven members of the Bugs Marone gang were lined against a wall and gunned down by rival mobsters.

You’ll be able to go out and take photos in front of a historic courthouse where some of the most well-known Chicago criminals were tried, as well as engage in many other fun photo ops.

See the various speakeasies (illegal bars) operating during the time, and relive the times with the help of video footage on the bus.

An expert guide will constantly add context to the sites and fill you in with the stories as your bus proceeds through many iconic sites of Chicago.

Where to book tickets

Tickets for Chicago Crime and Mob Boss Tours are available online and at the office of the touring agency.

Online ticket prices tend to be cheaper than tickets at the attraction.

When you buy online, you can avoid the long queues at the ticket counters. 

Because the Mob Boss tour can only sell limited tickets due to seating limits, they may sell out during peak days.

Booking early helps avoid last-minute disappointments.

How do online tickets work

Visit the ticket booking page for the Chicago crime and mob boss tour, select the preferred date and number of tickets, and buy the tickets immediately.

Once you purchase tickets, they get delivered to your email address.

There is no need to get printouts of the ticket. 

Show the e-ticket on your smartphone at the entrance and walk in.

Please carry a valid ID with you.

Crime and Mob Boss Tour Ticket Price

For Chicago Crime and Mob Bus Tour, the general ticket for all ages three years and above costs US$46

Infants under three are not charged anything.

Alternatively, if you prefer the slow and steady appeal of walking, you can opt for a Gangsters and Ghosts Walking Tour in Chicago

The adult ticket for all ages between 18 and 64 years for this tour costs US$35.

Youths between seven and 17 years old can gain access at US$17

Seniors above 64 can participate at US$25, while kids under seven are not charged anything.

Crime and Mob Bus Tour tickets

This Chicago’s Crime Tour ticket includes transport in a luxury temperature-controlled coach bus. 

A professional tour guide and chauffeur offers live commentary on board the bus. 

The bus stops at crucial photo opportunities and infamous crime scenes.

You will also pass by many Chicago landmarks besides the crime tour attractions.

This Mob and Crime Bus Tour ticket includes a crime quiz and Historic video footage.

You can cancel this ticket up to 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund.

Ticket Price

Adult ticket (3+ years): US $46

Infants under 3 are not charged anything

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Chicago Gangsters and Ghosts Tour

Chicago Gangsters and Ghosts Tour
Getty Images

This ticket provides you an alternative where you can take a two-hour walking tour of Chicago’s storied underbelly if you do not wish to take a bus tour.

Gangsters and Ghosts Tour in Chicago is a two-in-one tour where you learn the city’s dark history and also about its spooky takes.

It is a history-based guided tour of Chicago’s gangsters and ghost stories right in the famous Chicago Loop Vice District.

A historian takes you around the city’s important landmarks and helps you travel back in time to the Roaring Twenties when the Chicago Loop was a hotbed for bootleggers, speakeasies, and gangsters like Al Capone.

As part of the Ghosts and Gangsters tour of Chicago, you will also visit the Palmer House, Congress Hotel, and Death Alley, which were all once gangster hangouts.

Ticket Price

Adult tickets (18 to 64 years): US$35

Youth Ticket (7 to 17 years): US$17

Seniors (65+ years): US$25

Kids (up to 6 years): Free

Where the Crime Tour Starts

The coach tour starts from OUTSIDE 163 E. Pearson (SE side of Pearson St and Michigan Ave). Get Directions

The bus is red and yellow, and you must arrive at the pickup spot at least ten minutes early for check-in. The bus leaves on time.

How to reach the starting point by Bus

Michigan and Chicago bus stops are just a two-minute walk away from the pickup spot.

The Superior/Michigan bus stop is just a three-minute walk away

The Pearson and Dewitt bus stop is just a four-minute walk away.

CTA bus lines 22, 36, 146, 147, and 151 stop near the tour starting point.

By Train

The Red Line “Chicago Avenue” stop is the closest “EL” train stop, just a six-minute walk away from the pickup spot.

By Car

Cars for Rent and Taxis for hire are easily available in Chicago.

Put on Google Maps and navigate to the starting point.

Onsite parking is unavailable, but you can find several parking spots nearby.

Crime and Mob Bus Tour’s timings

Chicago’s Crime and Mob Bus Tour starts four times every day – 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, and 4 pm. 

It makes sense to book the tour in advance to get your preferred time slot. 

How long does the Tour Take

The Chicago Crime and Mob Boss tour usually takes 90 to 120 minutes to finish.

If you opt for the Chicago Gangsters and Ghosts Walking tour, it will take you two hours.

Best time to visit

The best time to reach the pickup point is at least 15-20 minutes before departure.

If you are late, the tour bus is likely to leave you behind, rather than wasting the time of other passengers.

FAQs about Chicago Mob Boss Tour

Here are a few FAQs about Chicago’s Crime and Mob boss tours:

Where can I book a bus tour of Chicago Crimes and Mob Bosses?

You can book your tour online or at the Chicago LLC touring agency offices. However, the most convenient way is to buy your tickets online, as it saves you from the hassle of queues.

What if I do not prefer to travel on a bus?

If you do not fancy a two-hour bus ride and still want to delve deep into the world of Chicago Gangsters, you can book a Gangsters and Ghosts 2-hour Walking Tour led by an expert guide.

Is the Chicago Crime and Mob Boss Tour wheelchair friendly?

Unfortunately, the tour involves ascending and descending bus stairs and cannot claim to be wheelchair friendly.

Will there be restroom breaks during the tour?

The bus tour will not stop for any restroom breaks.

Can I eat and drink on the bus during Chicago’s Crime and Mob Boss Tour?

Food and beverages are not allowed on the bus.

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