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Best guided tours of Milan Cathedral


The Milan Cathedral is Italy’s biggest Church and the world’s fifth-biggest Church.

It took almost six centuries, thousands of laborers, and approximately 78 designers to finish.

Famous personalities like Leonardo Da Vinci and Napoleon Bonaparte were also behind the completion of the Church.

The Duomo is renowned for its huge size,  intricate design, and Gothic architecture.

If you are planning to visit Milan Cathedral, first find out what is inside the Cathedral.

To enter the Cathedral, visitors must purchase a ticket.

You can explore the Cathedral or book a guided tour, where a local expert takes you around.

Why book a guided tour of Milan Cathedral

Milan Cathedral has so much to see that it is best explored with someone who understands the attraction.

We list all the reasons you must book a guided tour of Duomo Di Milano.

Best guided tours Cost
Fast-Track Milan Cathedral and Terraces Guided Tour €68
Guided Tour of Duomo, Rooftops & Archaeological Area €35
Best of Milan Guided Tour
(Duomo, The Last Supper & Teatro alla Scala)
Private tour of Duomo, Rooftops & Archaeological Area €68

In-Depth Knowledge: Local expert guides have in-depth knowledge about the history, art, architecture, and cultural significance of the cathedral. That’s why when you book a guided tour, you get rich, detailed insights you might not get alone.

Skip-the-line Access: Many guided tours offer skip-the-line access, saving you time and hassle, especially during peak tourist seasons when the Milan Cathedral can be crowded.

Personalized Experience: Professional guides often customize the tour to your interests. If you’re interested in a particular aspect of the cathedral— the stunning stained glass windows, the rich history, or the Gothic architecture—a guide can tailor your visit accordingly.

Hidden Gems: When you book time with a person who is an expert on Milan Cathedral, they will show you both well-known highlights and lesser-known spots and details. Usually, when tourists explore on their own, they end up missing the hidden gems. 

Practical Assistance: Besides providing information, Duomo Di Milano’s guide can assist with practical matters such as navigation, timing your visit for the best light or least crowds, suggesting other activities in the area, and more.

Roof Access: Access to the roof, where you can walk among the spires and get stunning views of Milan, may be included in some guided tours of the Milan Cathedral. Your guide can point out landmarks in the cityscape and give you a unique perspective.

The stained glass windows of Milan Cathedral are some of the most impressive in the world and are large, colorful, and highly detailed.

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Guided tours to nearby attractions

Sforza Castle, The Last Supper, and La Scala Theatre are some attractions near Milan Cathedral.

That’s why guided tours to the Cathedral sometimes come with visits to other attractions.

Tour Description Duration Cost
Cathedral, Sforza Castle + Michelangelo’s Pietà Tour 4 Hours €114
Duomo + The Last Supper Guided Tour 3 Hours €119
Milan Cathedral, + La Scala Theater Tour 3 Hours €49

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Best self-guided tours

Guided tours are not for you if you are on a budget holiday, in a large group, or in a family with younger kids.

In such cases, we recommend the below given self-guided tours.

Best tour tickets Cost
Duomo di Milano rooftop tickets €17
Duomo di Milano, Rooftops & Museum €20
Fast Track: Duomo di Milano, Rooftops & Museum €35
Duomo di Milano & Duomo Museum €11

Surprisingly the most visited and liked area of the Duomo is its rooftop terrace, as the entire city and the Italian Alps can be seen clearly from it, and it is open to tourists. 

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Recommendations for a smooth experience

Duomo Milan is open from 9 am to 6 pm. 

The Cathedral gets thousands of visitors daily, so it is best to go as early as possible. This is exactly why you must book your guided tour much in advance.

Avoid long lines and physical interaction by purchasing tickets online.

On Thursday, the Duomo roofs are open until 7 pm, and from Friday through Sunday, they are open until 8 pm. Many tourists visit the rooftop at night to take pictures. 

We advise avoiding weekends because many tourists and worshippers visit the cathedral on weekends.

The spring season is the ideal time of year to visit Duomo Milan.

In the spring months of April and May, the weather in Milan cools down, and the crowd disperses.

The city is flooded with thousands of tourists visiting locations like the Duomo Milan throughout June, July, and August.

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