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13 stunning photographs of wildlife projected on Empire State Building


Empire State Building in New York usually lights up to honor different occasions, events and people.

For instance, the building

  • Lit up green for the festival of Eid
  • Lit up pink to show solidarity with women’s causes
  • Lit up in blue for Autism awareness 

However, the best use of the Empire State Building’s facade was during the light show, titled “Projecting Change: The Empire State Building.”

It was the first time moving images got projected on the southern face of the Empire State Building – into a space 114 meters (375 feet) tall and 57 meters (186 feet) wide covering 33 floors.

As part of this light show, 40 projectors were shining striking images of 160 different endangered species on the building. Jump to the wildlife photos

‘Projecting Change’ got put together by the Discovery Channel to promote their documentary, Racing Extinction

The whole light show on the Empire State Building lasted three hours and cost around $1 million.

The residents of New York who were lucky stood on the streets and watched the show, while many others watched it live on Youtube

Star of the ‘Projecting Change’ show

Among the 160 different endangered species projected on the building was Cecil, the lion. 

Cecil is the 13-year-old male African lion who lived in the Hwange National Park in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe, and was hunted down by a big-game hunter called Walter Palmer. 

This “Projecting Change: The Empire State Building” light show resulted in some of the most beautiful wildlife photographs, and we share them below.

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Wildlife photos projected on Empire State Building

Animal on Empire State Building
Image: Maria Celeste

The wildlife projection show ended with the image of Kali, the Goddess of darkness, imploring people to fight the darkness and to take up conservation.

New Yorkers and tourists visiting the city enjoyed the show from wherever they were – streets, terraces, or other buildings.

People watching wildlife projection
Image: Wild New York

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Video of ‘Projecting Change’

To get to the endangered wildlife projection on Empire State, jump straight to 32 minutes and 40 seconds of the video.

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