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St Pauli Tours in Hamburg – tickets, prices, timings, what to expect

Situated in the center of Hamburg, Germany, St. Pauli is well-known for its distinctive fusion of culture, history, nightlife, and entertainment. 

With a colorful and complex history extending many years, St. Pauli is well-known for its world-famous Reeperbahn and unique red-light district.

A St. Pauli tour offers tourists an in-depth exploration of the neighborhood’s various aspects, including its history, architecture, and social dynamics.

This article covers everything you must know before booking Hamburg’s St Pauli Tour tickets.

What to expect at St. Pauli Tours in Hamburg

Tours of St Pauli are given by competent and experienced experts who share insights about the history, notable sites, and distinctive customs.

The place has a fascinating story, including its maritime past, music scene, and transformation. 

Your tour guide will share stories about the neighborhood’s evolution, from its humble origins to its modern-day reputation.

Some tours will also focus on St. Pauli’s famous nightlife. You get to visit bars, clubs, and entertainment venues, learning about the role of the district in Hamburg’s party scene.

The locality has a strong community spirit. Tours will include interactions with locals, providing insights into their daily lives and experiences.

Tickets Cost
Sex and Crime in St. Pauli Public Tour €23
Night Watchman’s Tour €20
Lust, Luden & Die Grobe Freiheit Tour €19
Insider Tour of the Reeperbahn & St. Pauli €24
Adults-only Reeperbahn Tour €260
Olivia Jones Tour with iconic Barker Fabian €36
Red Light District Tour €260
Reeperbahn Quickie, The Short & Sexy St. Pauli tour €20
Drag Attack with Barbie Stupid & Lee Jackson €35
St. Pauli highlights guided tour with beer €260

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Where to book tickets

St. Pauli Tours Hamburg tickets can be purchased online or offline.

Online ticket prices tend to be cheaper than tickets at the counters.

When you buy online, you can avoid the long queues at the ticket counters.

When you book early, you also get your preferred time slot.

Because some tours sell limited tickets, they may sell out during peak days. Booking early helps avoid last-minute disappointments.

How do online tickets work

Visit the St. Pauli Tours booking page, select your preferred language, date, timeslot, and the number of tickets, and immediately buy the tickets.

Once you purchase the tickets, they get delivered to your email address.

There is no need to get printouts of the ticket.

You can show the e-ticket on your smartphone when you visit the attraction.

St Pauli Tours in Hamburg ticket price

The tickets for the Hamburg Sex and Crime tour cost €260 for adults above 18 years of age for a private tour.

Public tours, available in German, cost €23 for adults above 18 years.

The Night Watchman’s tour cost €20 for all.

Hamburg St Pauli Tours tickets

You can choose between the following tickets to experience the multiple attractions in St. Pauli in Hamburg.

Hamburg Sex and Crime in St. Pauli Tours

Hamburg Sex and Crime in St. Pauli Tours
Image: GetYourGuide.com

The fascinating two-hour tour of Hamburg’s red light district covers sex and criminality in St. Pauli.

Discover the neighborhood through anecdotes and details, and check out the boxing club in the basement of the “Zur Ritze” bar.

A walking tour of the neighborhood, bilingual tour guides in English and German, admission to the Zur Ritze boxing club, and optional discounts to several bars and clubs following the trip are all included in this tour ticket.

The public tour is only available in German, while the private tour can be booked in English and German.

Cancellation of the ticket is possible before 24 hours of the tour.

Ticket Prices

Private Tour (English and German): €260
Public Tour (German only): €23

Night Watchman’s Tour

Night Watchman’s Tour
Image: GetYourGuide.com

A night watchman will guide you around the renowned Reeperbahn, Europe’s largest entertainment and red-light district. 

Your guide will dress up as the original night watchman, and together, you will discover the Große Freiheit, or “The Great Freedom.”

Learn about the inner workings of the Davidwache Police Department, the history of the Reeperbahn, Joe Cocker’s incident, the enigmatic Herbertstraße, and some famous Paul McCartney tales.

Cancellation of the ticket is possible 24 hours before your tour. 

This tour is not suitable for kids below ten years old.

Ticket Price

Adult Ticket (18+ years): €20

Olivia Jones Tour with Iconic Barker Fabian

Olivia Jones Tour with Iconic Barker Fabian
Image: GetYourGuide.com

Explore the red light district of Hamburg with Fabian, a member of the Olivia Jones family. 

Meet an original St. Pauli insider, hear stories of his time as a pimp, and go behind the scenes of an S&M club.

With this ticket, you will get an incredible insight into the world of pimps and barkers and see the Olivia Jones Bar and party with the drag queen’s family.

This tour is not suitable for people with mobility impairments. 

Children under 17 years of age aren’t allowed on this tour.

Cancellation of the ticket is possible before 24 hours of the tour.

Ticket Price

Adult Ticket (18+ years): €36

Reeperbahn Quickie, The Short and Sexy Tour

Reeperbahn Quickie, The Short & Sexy Tour
Image: GetYourGuide.com

Discover Reeperbahn on this titillating tour of Hamburg’s red light district. 

Visit St. Pauli’s Davidwache, Herbertstrasse, Grosse Freiheit, Hans Albers Platz, Ritze, and other attractions.

Explore everything there is to know about the Reeperbahn nightlife, from the legendary Ritze with its boxing gym to the former StarClub. 

Adults aged 18 and above are only allowed for this tour. Students must carry valid IDs.

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (18+ years): €20
Student Ticket (18 to 60 years): €19 

Drag-Attack with Barbie Stupid and Lee Jackson

Drag-Attack with Barbie Stupid & Lee Jackson
Image: Facebook.com(ANSPressSocietyNews)

Together with the well-known drag duo of Olivia Jones, Barbie Stupid and Lee Jackson, explore Hamburg’s red-light area. 

This is Germany’s most well-liked wacky tourist show, along the renowned Reeperbahn.

This tour ticket includes a peek into a sex shop, mid-tour refreshments, a shot of liquor, interaction with real St. Pauli experts, real entertainers as tour guides, authentic drag humor, and a perfect mix of information and entertainment.

This tour is not recommended for people with mobility impairments.

Cancellation of the ticket is possible before 24 hours of the tour.

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (18+ years): €35

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St. Pauli Tours in Hamburg meeting point

If you opt for the Sex and Crime tour, the meeting point is St. Pauli Station. You take bus lines 36, 37, and 112 to reach the meeting point.

Meet your guide on the pedestrian bridge near Landungsbrücken S-bahn and U-Bahn station for the Night watchman’s tour.

The Olivia Tour with iconic Barker Fabian and the Drag Attack tour start at the Olivia Jones Bar. You can board bus number 16, 112, or 115 to reach the meeting point.

Meet your guide for Reeperbahn Quickie, the Short & Sexy tour, at the Davidwache, and you can take train number RB41 to reach Davidwache.

St Pauli Tours in Hamburg timings

The timings of St. Pauli Tours vary according to the tour you book.

Most of the tours start after 2 pm and last till 10 pm. You should be at the meeting point at least 15 minutes before the start time.

St. Pauli tours take approximately 90 to 120 minutes. 

Best time to go on St Pauli Tours

Best time to go on St Pauli Tours
Image: Tripadvisor.com

The best time to go on the St. Pauli streets is in the late evenings after 6 pm.

The streets come alive during the night, offering unlimited entertainment.

Reviews of St. Pauli tours

St. Pauli tour in Hamburg is a highly-rated tourist attraction.

Check out two reviews we selected from Tripadvisor, which give you an idea of what to expect at this attraction.

A place of warmth

We visited this characteristic neighborhood, particularly the square where an evening party is held after 4 pm, and we found ourselves in an area reminiscent of a village. We were welcomed as part of the ‘village’ and had a group evening amongst families with children. We were amazed by the warmth of Hamburg and its people.

Gabriele, Tripadvisor

Worth visiting

Walking along St Pauli pier was pleasant, with many boat tours and restaurants available. Nightlife is very popular there.

CubaqueenOntario, Tripadvisor

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FAQs about St. Pauli Tours

Here are some frequently asked questions about St. Pauli Tours in Hamburg.

Are food and drinks included in the St. Pauli tours?

Food and drinks are available in most venues. However, they are not included in most of the tickets. The Olivia Jones tour with Iconic Barker Fabian and the Reeperbahn Quickie tour include free drinks in their tickets.

What types of tours are available in St. Pauli?

St. Pauli offers a variety of tours, including walking tours, pub crawls, historical tours, and themed ones focused on topics like music, nightlife, and local culture. The Sex and Crime tour gives insights into Hamburg’s trade and criminal history. The Night Watchman’s tour uncovers the street’s secrets and also helps you learn about the history of Reeperbahn.

What are the typical tour durations?

St. Pauli tour durations vary significantly, ranging from 90 to 100 minutes for short walking tours like Olivia Jones tour with Iconic Barker Fabian, Reeperbahn Quickie tour and 120 minutes for long walking tours like Sex and Crime tour

Are St. Pauli tours suitable for all ages?

The suitability of tours for different age groups can vary. Some tours may be more family-friendly, while others are better suited for adults due to the content discussed, especially in the tours focused on the nightlife. For example, tours like Drag Attack and Sex and Crime don’t allow children below 18 years to enter the tour.

What are the popular landmarks and attractions covered in St. Pauli tours?

Popular stops often include the Reeperbahn, the St. Pauli theater, Beatles-Platz, the fish market, and various historical sites and landmarks.

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