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Dress Code and Manners at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – abaya and kandura

While visiting the Grand Mosque, women must cover their hair with a scarf and their bodies with lengthy, loose-fitting clothing.

Their clothing should reach to their wrist and anklets. It should not be too tight or transparent. 

Men should wear long pants and shirts. Sleeveless clothing is not allowed. If they have tattoos, they should cover it up to get an entry. Shorts and shirts with slogans are not allowed.

This article covers everything you must know about the dress code and manners before you visit the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

What to wear to the Grand Mosque

Visitors to the Zayed Grand Mosque must follow a strict dress code out of respect for the Mosque. 

The most recommended dress for men is a Kandura, and for women, an Abaya. Both are lengthy and loose-fitting.

There is no need to worry if you do not have one. The Mosque provides Abaya clothing for women and Kandura for men for free to ensure everyone meets the dress code requirements to get entry.

After visiting the courtyard, columns, domes, prayer halls, and the premises, you can return it to the designated place at the entrance. 

We recommend that you bring the required dress to avoid waiting for it at the entrance, especially during peak times.

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Manners to follow at the Mosque

  • Remove your shoes and footwear before entering the Mosque.
  • Since this is a mosque, you are expected to talk softly without raising your voice.
  • Either put your mobile phone in silent mode, or you can switch it off.
  • You can take photographs while giving respect to the Mosque.
  • Do not take photos of others unless you get permission.
  • Mosques are sacred places, so you should watch out for your children behaving inappropriately, like playing, running, and jumping.
  • You should not eat or drink at the Mosque, as there is a chance to spill it on the floor.
  • Men and women should not walk too closely inside the Grand Mosque.
  • Avoid kissing, hugging, or shaking hands with the opposite gender.
  • Even though it is not mandatory, washing your hands, face, and feet before entering the Mosque is better. This is known as Wudu in Arabic (Ablution). 
  • If you are coming along with your children, you need to be responsible for them.
  • Please be quiet if Azan (call for prayer) is reciting the prayer.

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FAQs on Grand Mosque dress code

Here are few frequently asked questions about the dress code of the Grand Mosque:

Is a visit to the Mosque free of charge?

Yes, visiting the mosque is entirely free, but we suggest you go on a guided tour to fully explore and understand the Mosque. This tour includes your pick up from and drop off at Dubai.

Can non-Muslims enter the Mosque?

Yes, all visitors can enter the Grand Mosque regardless of their gender and faith.

What happens if I do not dress appropriately to the Mosque?

It would be a disappointment for you, as you won’t get admission to the Grand Mosque.

What footwear to wear at the Mosque?

You can wear any footwear at the mosque’s premises but you need to remove them before you enter the mosque. Socks are allowed, even recommended, but they must be clean.

Can children wear shorts?

Since this is a mosque, children should not wear shorts.

Can I borrow Abaya or Kandura at the Mosque’s entrance?

Yes, the mosque provides free Abaya and Kandura for both men and women. You just need to return it while leaving, that’s all.

What is not allowed inside the mosque?

No sacred or blessed food will be provided, and visitors are not expected to show any physical gestures toward the holy objects.

Can infants enter the Mosque?

Yes, but they should always be accompanied by parents or any adults.

Can I visit the Mosque during prayer time?

It is better for non-Muslim visitors to avoid visiting the Mosque during prayer times.

Can women wear pants to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque?

Yes, women are allowed to wear pants as long as they fit loosely and are covered by an Abaya if they don’t reach the ankle.

Is taking Ablution mandatory to enter the mosque for non-muslims?

No, but we should ensure our bodies and dresses are clean.

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