Golf holidays in Thailand

Golf Holidays in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for tourists looking to sample South East Asia. It is also a sought-after country for Golf breaks. Why? Firstly, because there is geographical diversity in its Golf courses. There are beach resorts, mountainous terrain and cosmopolitan urban life. And all of them can be included in your … Read more

Safe places in Asia for solo travelers on a budget

Solo Travel

Wherever you go, you will find welcoming and generous people who make traveling more fun for solo travelers. Asia is no exception. Traveling alone or solo is not a taboo anymore. Some of the best places to travel in the World are in Asia. Southeast Asia in particular. Don’t shy away. Don’t wait for company, … Read more

Cheap family holidays in Asia – budget vacations with kids

Cheap family holidays in Asia

Asia is deliciously diverse, naturally pristine, and almost unexplored, not to mention affordable. While traveling in Asia you have the choice of combining a beach destination with an exciting city for some shopping and finally checking out the most wondrous wildlife in another country. Or you can visit one pocket-friendly Asian country and explore it … Read more