Halal holidays in Morocco – Muslim friendly holidays in Marrakesh

Holiday in Morocco

Halal holidays are a great opportunity for Muslim families to have a vacation which abides by Islamic Sharia laws. Turkey and Malaysia had been the frontrunners in halal travel. However, halal holidays in Morocco are also becoming increasingly popular. The North African country of Morocco (officially a kingdom) is ideal for Muslim travelers. Almost 99 … Read more

Golf holidays in Morocco

Golf holidays in Morocco

While planning a Golf break, Morocco might not be the destination that springs to mind immediately. However, this country situated in North Africa against a mountainous backdrop has developed considerably as a Golf destination. To begin with, Morocco enjoys warm and sunny days almost all throughout the year. This suitable weather makes it a favorite … Read more

Best African honeymoons – Top African safari and beach packages

Best honeymoons in Africa

A honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime thing – for most of us. A romantic honeymoon destination is important to have a great time with your partner. Did you know Africa offers some of the best honeymoon holidays? Some of the finest destinations for romantic safari honeymoons exist in Africa. This huge continent has amazing forests, wildlife … Read more